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101Investing Review – Spend Your Time Trading with Peace of Mind

101Investing Broker Rating
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Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use the trading platform without any compatibility issues. To make things even easier for its traders, 101Investing has provided videos on the website that specifically teach the trading platform. If you wish to trade on MetaTrader 4 trading platform, you should learn it from the videos from the broker.

101Investing Review

101Investing logoHow important is it for you to trade safely and with peace of mind? It is not an easy step to enter the trading world and put your money in the hands of a broker, and then risk your earnings through trading. For you to be able to trade confidently, you have to have the much-needed peace of mind. That peace comes from the sense of security. In short, you need to sign up with a broker that not only provides you with some great trading opportunities, but also gives you peace of mind with its security policies and features. You might find just that broker in the shape of 101Investing.

101Investing Review

This broker has shown some great results in recent years because it understands what matters to its traders. It has provided some great features on its trading platform and offered its traders the peace of mind they are always looking for. However, do not let that make you think that the trading experience with this broker will be subpar. 101Investing is just as good with its trading features as it is with security features. Let’s get into this detailed review of the broker and find out the reasons you or any other broker from around the world should sign up with it.

The Overall Trading Experience

First of all, you have to look at the overall trading experience with the broker. Will you feel great while trading with the broker or regretful that you joined it in the first place? You will know how good or bad your broker is soon after joining the platform. So, let’s look at everything that matters in the trading experience for the trader.

·         Spreads and Commissions

When the spreads are too loose, you will not feel like trading at all. You know that your broker is keeping the money that you lose in the form of the spread. You want to find a broker that has tight spreads. In fact, that’s the point that distinguishes many brokers from other brokers on the market and makes them better. You want to lose as little money as possible in the form of spreads so you can earn some big profits. However, some brokers do not let you do that. You will not feel that way when you trade with this broker though.

You will be surprised to know that some assets can be traded on the platform with a spread of just 0.03pips. That’s something you will hardly find with any other broker online. Yes, it is true that you will not get that sort of spreads on every asset, but the fact that you have some assets with such tight spreads is great.

You will also like the fact that you can have access some great leverages when you sign up with 101Investing. How much leverage you can get on your trades depends on how experience you are as at trader. For example, if you are a new trader and you go with the basic account, you will have access to leverages of up to 1:50. On the other hand, your leverages can be as big as 1:500 if you go with the platinum or gold account.

And when it comes to commissions, you will love this broker for its policies. There are no unnecessary commissions for you to pay. The policies from this broker are pretty clear. You will not pay any commissions on your trades despite the fact that there are some brokers that not only charge you with commissions but also have spreads in place to take as much money from your profits as possible.

·         The Assets

So, how many different assets can you trade with this broker? You will hardly find a broker on the internet that provides you with these many options. You will be able to trade in thousands of markets from around the world through a variety of assets. Keep in mind that you will trade CFDs with this broker. You will not own the asset that you are trading but you can trade the value of that asset through the derivative contract. The best part about trading this way is that you can trade a variety of assets from the same trading platform.

When you sign up with this broker, you will have access to precious metals, soft commodities, energies, stocks from the major companies of the world, forex currency pairs, and even cryptocurrencies. Yes, cryptocurrencies are something for which you have to find special brokers on the internet. This market is so volatile because of its newness that most online brokers are not willing to introduce it on their platforms right now. However, once you sign up with this broker, you will have access to all the traditional stock markets as well as the new cryptocurrency market.

What makes 101Investing different from most other online brokers is that it provides you with a lot of options in terms of assets. If you are thinking about trading cryptocurrencies only, you will still have nearly 50 different options to trade. In a similar way, you have hundreds of companies who stocks are at your disposal for you to trade. You can trade the most exotic currency pairs along with the most stable ones, such as USD, GBP, EUR, etc. What makes things even better with 101Investing is that you can enjoy trading CFDs all of these assets with your desired leverage levels as well.

·         Trading Strategies

Will you be able to trade the way you want when you are with this broker. Will the broker become a hurdle for you if you are thinking about minimizing your losses? Unfortunately, many online brokers become a hindrance in your way when you want to make money through safe ways. You pay attention to potential losses before you enter trades and want to do something about them. Some brokers do not want you to do that. They just want you to hand over the money you have to them.

However, you will feel the difference if you sign up with this broker. When you explore the website, you will realize that it allows hedging to all of its traders. In other cases, brokers usually allow only their professional traders to use this strategy because it allows them to minimize their losses. On the other hand, 101Investing has allows its new and experienced traders to take advantage of this amazing strategy when they are trading.

The Sense of Safety

The sense of safety comes from the safety features, which are provided by some brokers but not all. You will see that there are many online brokers that are operating with a very basic setup. They do not have any security policies in place. When they have security policies in place, they can’t back them up with a system. If you do not have a system to protect the interests of your traders, you cannot grow as a broker. Being a serious and responsible broker, 101Investing has all the policies as well as a complete security system in place for its traders. Let’s talk about it.

·         Protecting Your Information

The first thing you provide to an online broker is your information, not your money. And you will be wrong to think that your money is more important than your information. You could have said that in the past, but not anymore in the modern world where your information can be stolen and used for all sorts of illegal purposes without you ever knowing. Next thing you know, you have police knocking on your door for being involved in a crime that you have never even heard of. So, you have to be sure that the broker you are signing up with is going to protect your information.

When you sign up with this broker and provide your information on the website, the first thing happens is that it gets encrypted. Through encryption, the broker makes sure that no one can access your information. Even if someone does access your information, they cannot do anything with it because of encryption. At the same time, the broker has to make sure that its servers are in safe datacenters. The datacenters that are being used by this broker are SAS 70 certified. If you don’t know about SAS 70, you can rest assured that your broker has opted for a detailed audit of all its activities of controlling the information you provide it.

So, when the broker says that it has its servers in SAS 70 certified datacenters, you can be sure that the broker has completely made sure that the datacenter won’t be the reason for its traders’ information getting leaked or stolen.

·         Protecting Your Money

Of course, the important of protecting your money needs not emphasis. If you are investing through an online broker, you will have to spend some money. As soon as you are ready to join the broker, you have to sign up with one of the account options provided by the broker. In the case of 101Investing, you have four different account types from which you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Depending on the account type you choose, you will have to deposit a certain amount in it. Will that money be safe?

Yes, in the case of 101Investing, you can consider your money in safe hands because the broker is going to put all your money in segregated accounts for its traders. What it means is that the money of the company and the money deposited by the traders are kept separately in different accounts.

·         Regulation

Is there anything more important than regulation when you are signing up with an online broker? You can say that a simple answer to that question is “no.” There is nothing more important than regulation for a trader who is thinking of signing up with an online broker. It does not matter how many different datacenters the broker is using for its servers. It does not matter where the broker says it keeps your money. In fact, it does not matter if the broker has the most advanced encryption standards in place to protect your information. Why? Because the broker is not reliable in the first place if it does not have regulation in place.

When a broker is regulated, you can rest assured that a well-known regulatory authority has audited it for its financial activities and that your interests will be protected by this regulatory body. Now, another important thing to consider here is that you cannot just rely on any regulatory authority. You have to look for the ones that are well-known around the world for their legitimacy and performance. And when it comes to legitimacy and performance, you will always find a regulatory authority like CySEC on the list. CySEC is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This is the authority that regulates 101Investing, so you can say that you are signing up with a safe and secure online broker.

A Platform for Everyone

The trading platform that your broker is going to give you access to is going to make or break your experience of trading. If you are not on the best trading platform, you will not enjoy trading no matter how big the claims are that your broker makes. Is the trading platform from 101Investing worth your money and energy? Let’s find out.

·         Mobile and Desktop Version

One of the most important things you have to see in a trading platform today is its compatibility with mobile and desktop devices. You see, desktops are not the dominant and prominent devices in the world of electronics anymore. The world is shifting fast to mobile devices. However, you cannot deny the fact that trading on a desktop platform is still the go-to method for many traders from around the world. You have a big screen in front of you with more information at a glance. At the same time, the power of the desktop platform remains unmatched to this day.

So, if you are thinking about trading from your desktop platform, you will be happy to know that 101Investing is going to give you access to the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, which is the best and the most powerful trading platform that the online trading community has seen to this day. You can download the trading platform on your desktop computer and enjoy trading like the professional traders of the past decade. However, if your smartphone or tablet is your daily driver and the go-to device for all your trading activities, you will not be disappointed by what 101Investing has done for you.

It has provided you with the mobile version of its trading platform that you can use on your smartphone or tablets. Mobile apps are great for smartphones because they run fast and you can use them with simple swipes and gestures. However, there is another solution that this broker provides you with to make your life even easier. So, you have access to the web trader trading platform as well.

This particular trading platform is for those who keep switching between devices. It is a web application that you can access from any device that you have without any problems. What you will love about this trader is that it will provide you with the same trading experience regardless of the device you are using. Its interfaces does get optimized but not change to make you guess your trading platform’s basic workings again.

·         Platform Friendliness

There is no good in using a trading platform that runs across multiple devices but not across multiple operating systems. So, you already know that smartphone users around the world are divided on the basis of iPhones and Android phones. So, if a trading platform is only available on one operating system, it is in a true sense not paying attention to or caring about a big chunk of the market that uses a different operating system. However, you will be glad to know that you can use the trading platform 101Investing on any operating system of your choice. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use the trading platform without any compatibility issues.

Just so you know, you can do the same with the web trader as well. While the smartphone applications are designed specifically for different operating systems, a web trader can be accessed from any device and operating system without any compatibility problems.

Education for Traders

Now when you are investing your money in trading or any other market, you are already taking a big risk. If you are successful with your strategies, you will get your money back and some profit. However, if you are not successful, you can lose all your money. With that thought in mind, it does not really feel great that you have to spend money on learning as well when you are spending so much already. That’s where online brokers come in. They now have designed their systems to train you on trading before you spend your money on asset trading. Let’s see how good 101Investing is with its training.

·         Complete Courses and Tutorials

The first thing you have to admire about the training from this broker is that you have complete courses to learn everything about trading. While it is okay to learn from videos here and there and some ebooks, but there is nothing as good as a complete course. When you take up a course, you are introduced with trading from the beginning and then you get to learn everything from there. By the time you complete the course, you have understood trading in detail. The best thing is that you will not have to go to any third parties to learn trading. You have complete courses and tutorials available from the broker.

You can take up these courses before you put your money on the line. The best part is that the broker has designed these courses for new as well as experienced traders. You have the courses based on different topics. If you want to learn trading from the beginning, you can do that. However, if you only want a refresher on a particular topic, you can do that by selecting the respective course.

·         Videos and Ebooks

Videos and ebooks have become an integral part of online learning. When you want to learn trading different types of assets at your pace, you can pick from videos or ebooks. Of course, the broker has thought about every trader and that’s why you have both options available on the website. If you have a lot of time to learn before you start trading, you should go with ebooks. However, if you want to make things fast, you can go with the videos that are available on demand. Videos are great if you want to learn quickly and get started as soon as possible with trading.

Again, you will love the fact that the broker has arranged all of its videos in different categories. If you want an introduction to trading, you can get that. If you want to be a master or minimizing your risks, you have videos dedicated to that specific topic. To make things even easier for its traders, 101Investing has provided videos on the website that specifically teach the trading platform. If you wish to trade on MetaTrader 4 trading platform, you should learn it from the videos from the broker.

Final Thoughts

When you read everything about this broker, you have to agree that it has taken care of every aspect of online brokerage that matters for traders. For example, if you are a Muslim and a regular trading account is not for you, there is Islamic account option available as well. The company has its customer support department available to answer your questions 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Last but not least, you have the live chat feature on the website to make your voice heard instantly. Now, you can explore the website of this regulated broker and see if you find it convincing enough to open an account with it.  

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