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Agartha Asset Management Review – Essential Questions to Ask

Agartha Asset Management Review

Agartha Asset Management logoIn today’s day and age, you should not make any decision without doing proper due diligence.

This is particularly true when you will rely on someone else for managing your hard-earned money. Asset/wealth/money management companies are undoubtedly a blessing because they can provide you professional and expert services to help you generate high returns on your investment.

But, no two companies will ever be the same and you definitely don’t want to settle for less. Thanks to this Agartha Asset Management review, you can find out what you need to know about the company before you choose their services.

How does this help? The review asks some essential questions about Agartha Asset Management that can tell you exactly what this boutique asset management company can offer to you and if it meets your criteria.

Why settle for a service when you can find good alternatives? Your due diligence may take some time, but it can lead to a better decision for you in the long term. So, what are the essential questions to ask? Check out the review below to find out:

Agartha Asset Management homepageIs Agartha Asset Management experienced?

When it comes to asset, wealth or money management, experience can make the difference between success and failure. An experienced company knows what to do and can do it with little chance of making mistakes and this is certainly an advantage.

This means that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of poor decisions taken by the company because they are aware of what to do and are less likely to make mistakes. This is of the utmost importance where your money is concerned and Agartha Asset Management fits the bill.

Based in Iceland, the company was founded in 2011 and this shows that they have been providing asset management institutional advisory, financial planning and wealth management services for more than a decade.

10 years of experience is definitely encouraging because they have catered to more than 12,500 clients during this time. In addition, they have done a good job because they have grown and opened up 11 offices in various parts of the world.

If you look at further statistics, you will discover that Agartha Asset Management is currently managing assets worth more than $8.79 billion and this is no small amount. They are providing their services to both individual and institutional investors and from different corners of the world, due to which their website is available in several languages.

Is Agartha Asset Management experiencedWhat is Agartha Asset Management’s registration criteria?

Many people are apprehensive about the registration criteria they have to meet/fulfill when they decide to use asset management services. There are companies out there that do have complex procedures and requirements that often annoy people into abandoning the process halfway.

This is not an issue you will come across when you opt for Agartha Asset Management because it only takes a couple of minutes for anyone to register on their platform. They are aware of how frustrating it can be for investors who are just eager to invest their funds and start making returns.

Hence, their registration process involves visiting the Agartha Asset Management website and filling out the single form you will find upon clicking the ‘Register’ button. The form needs details like first name, last name, an email address, the country you live in, password, and a phone number.

They support two currencies for making investments; USD and EUR and you have to pick one. Lastly, you also have to agree with the Terms and Conditions they have and as soon as you do so, they will register you.

Are there account choices available at Agartha Asset Management?

As mentioned earlier, Agartha Asset Management is offering its asset management services to both private and institutional clients. It is understood that their investments and their expectations will vary and to accommodate this, account choices are provided.

After all, you may not be ready to invest thousands of dollars from the go, not until you see some returns. Can you start small? Indeed, this is an option you can explore here because of the five account choices provided.

The choices begin with the Basic account that requires a minimum investment of just $250. Then comes the Bronze account that asks you to invest $7,500. You can choose the Silver account that needs $25,000 to be opened up, or the Gold account that requires $60,000.

If you have a substantial amount of capital, the Platinum account is a good option because it needs a minimum investment of $150,000. Some of these accounts offer a welcome bonus as well as a money management plan. An account executive is also available in all accounts for your ease and guidance.

It is also important to note that the withdrawal processing time at Agartha Asset Management will depend on the account you open with them. It takes five business days for the Basic account, 3 business days for Bronze, 2 business days for Silver and the Gold account takes one business day. As far as the Platinum account is concerned, they process all withdrawals right away.

Agartha Asset Management trading accountsDoes Agartha Asset Management offer any support?

Customer support can often make or break a business and has now become a priority for many when they are seeking the services of a company. This is particularly true where your hard-earned money is involved and Agartha Asset Management has ensured that its clients will not have any cause for complaint.

They are offering 24/7 customer support to their clients and you can find an email address on the ‘Contact’ page of their website. You can use it for reaching out to their agents and they will get back to you promptly to address your queries and concerns.

Final Decision

The answers to these essential questions about Agartha Asset Management indicate that this asset management company has put its experience to good use. They can offer professional services to individuals and institutional investors and have addressed their needs to help everyone in achieving their financial goals.

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