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Bubblext Review – A Global Trademark in Trading

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Bubblext believe that knowledge is their ultimate power and their passion is to enable its customers to get the best value and high rate of return on their investment. So why not start your career today with Bubblext, which is well known as a “global trademark” in the online trading community.

Bubblext Review

Bubblext Review
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At a time in history when traditional trading was the creed and the system adopted all over the world, the evolution of internet took the entire world with shock and surprise which made the life easy than ever before where distances were reduced to almost none and everything came within the grasp. It is said and rightly so that the very existence of a nation rests on a robust and ever growing economy which too can evolve with the time. What allows an economy to grow and evolve is commonly known is “trading”. While trading has the capacity to make an economy grow, it has the power to change lives of individuals.

Trading, when combined with the power of internet, can produce remarkable results which can make anyone rich but the road of successful trading is not an easy path, it is like a maze. In order for anyone to clear the path, he needs to first educate him and apprise him with all the tricks that can be handy in making any trade a win trade. But there are also people available online who have acquired knowledge and expertise with experience in the field of trading and can be helpful for anyone who wants them to make their dreams come true. They are known as “Online Traders”.


One simply cannot imagine how much potential online trading has in terms of profit making because over the past decade a large number of consumers have turned their attentions towards online trading. In order to cope with the ever increasing demand of the consumers and traders Bubblext was established a few years back with the sole objective of providing professional service in online trading to those who strive to become pro-traders and want to earn profits by investing in this ever-growing, one of its kind, trading business.

Bubblext came into being for helping people who want to join this highly profitable business and in return the people can achieve their goals by bringing their dreams to life. They are committed to provide education to those who have keen desire to learn how trading works and educate those who want to improve their performance in conducting online trading in a more efficient and risk free manner.

Beginner’s choice

The good thing about trading is that anyone can take part in it irrespective of whether a person is highly educated or a complete illiterate. Bubblext believe promises that a customer can totally rely on them to provide lucrative opportunities which can then be availed of by anyone because all the back-end work is taken care of by the team of highly trained professionals of Bubblext.

Vision and values of Bubblext

Bubblext are an award winning online trader who is widely known amongst the online community as being creative as well as innovative trader which work in close collaboration with their customers. They give utmost priority to the needs of their customers which are all from all parts of the world. They want to keep their customers one step ahead in the trading market so that when the perfect opportunity is available, their customers would be the first one to avail it and derive benefits from it. Their core value is to allow its customers to have a trading experience which is transparent and reliable while ensuring that the investment of the customers is kept secured and risk free.

The professional team of Bubblext is day and night busy analyzing different markets and once they are sure that they have found the perfect opportunity, without wasting any minute, they present it to their customers so as to enable them to conduct trade with precision in stocks, forex, indices, commodities and other trading products. For the past many years Bubblext has acclaimed an impeccable reputation of being transparent, reliable, ethical, consistent and passionate who is well-recognized as a Global Trademark.

Why trade with Bubblext

While the internet has empowered people to do multi-tasking through the use of computers, laptops, tabs, mobiles and other internet based devices, the competition has reached a whole different level. Although there are thousands of online traders who are also well-recognized but in order for a person to know who is the best amongst Bubblext and other online trader is to compare both and put them both to test and see what features are there which can help a person distinguish between the two. Let us look at some of the features that are available with Bubblext.

Multiple choice of products to trade in

Bubblext are specialized in a wide range of trading products such as Forex, Futures, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Algorithmic Trading. Let us see what are the benefits of trading in these products from the platform of Bubblext.

1.      Forex

One of the most famous and widely used trading product is Forex. With over 5 trillion dollars of turnover on daily basis, forex trading successfully dominates the entire trading industry all over the world. In forex trading different currencies are made available for exchange with other currencies which can be bought and sold at the same time. As can be seen that the forex trading is dominating the entire trading industry therefore a large number of traders feel comfortable while trading in forex and that too because it has high potential of providing lucrative rate on investment.

The customers of Bubblext having been able to successfully take part in this profit making trading and over the years many have filled their pockets. The trading in forex has become easy through the platform of Bubblext. There is now another form of currency which can be traded in through forex which is known as cryptocurrency. It is a type of currency which does not have any physical form and instead is a digital currency which is quite famous amongst online trading community. The best cryptocurrency to trade in is the Bitcoin and the customers of Bubblext are and has been successfully taking part in cryptocurrency trading which has resulted in high rate of return in investment.

2.      Stocks

In this type of trade, a customer of Bubblext can sell and purchase shares and stocks of a company, business or an organization. This type of trade is also popular amongst traders and the traders who are novice prefer to trade in stocks because it does not involve too much risk as compared with other trading products. Like forex, stock trading too has high potential of profit making. The stock traders buy stocks of a company and hold them for a longer period of time and wait for the increase in value of stocks.

In this way they are able to increase the value of investment but it takes a considerable amount of time. The word of caution however is that profit making chances in stock trading are quite thin because it requires holding of stock for a longer period of time but with the help of Bubblext the chances of making profit can be increased in much lesser time because Bubblext have highly trained and skillful personnel who can ensure that your investment returns you handsome profits and simultaneously reduce the risk factors.

3.      Trading Algorithms (A unique feature)

The availability of high end programmers within the team of Bubblext have established this unique feature known as Trading Algorithms as a result trading through the platform of Bubblext has reached next level. Through Trading Algorithms a customer can easily enjoy the comfort and convenience which cannot be provided by any other online trader. People who have the knowledge of programming, this type of trade is best for them and over the years a large number of Bubblext customers have been enjoying the benefits through this type of trading.

Bubblextcom algorithmic trading

This trading type is also similar to forex trading but with the help of algorithms, traders can set up alerts, reminders as well as set up automated commands in order for you to buy currencies. In simple words if one wishes to buy USD in exchange of Euros, he can simply set up a command and enter his desired values and when that particular currency hits the desired value, his trading is automatically conducted. In this way a trader would need not to monitor the exchange rates on his own instead the transaction is conducted automatically which saves considerable amount of time and ensures making of handsome profits.

4.      Commodities

Another very popular type of trade is known as “Commodities” in which there are wide range of trading products such as grains, meat, sugar, cocoa, wheat etc. commodity trading plays a crucial role in strengthening domestic economy as well as global economy. Trading in commodities is considered quite risky but Bubblext guarantee the safety of their customers’ investment. There are more than 50 global commodity exchanges which generally trade in hundred plus commodities on daily basis so if you are a trader doing trading with the platform of Bubblext you can be rest assured that you will be availing the best opportunities of profit making with minimum risks.

5.      Indices

Trading in Indices is another form of stock trading. As the name suggests, the indices trading is based on indexes which consists of group of stocks which are part of the index. The index reflects the value of a section of stock market. Indices traders use indexes as means of making profits from the price movements of products relating to indices.

Bubblext has been able to provide indepth analysis to its customers regarding the increase and decrease in the value of indices’ products through which the customers can manage the risk factors efficiently and in return avail high rates on investment. Bubblext provide exclusive access to its customers in exploring worldwide equity markets through which a customer can determine the best suitable opportunities.

6.      Future trading

A customer of Bubblext can use their platform to take part in future trading in which a wide range of products are made available such as metals, bonds, currency pairs and also access comprehensive trading data, more robust opportunities as well as can fetch latest information and insight about the trending in the trading market. In future trading, there is an agreement between the two parties where sell and purchase of metals, bonds, currency pairs etc. takes place. The difference is that the value of the asset put for sell or purchase has already been fixed on a certain date therefore a trader can hedge upon the activities effecting the value of the assets.

For a very long time, the customers of Bubblext have been enjoying the benefit of taking part in future trading and have made handsome profits which has benefitted Bubblext also in earning money by rendering services and retaining most of its customers for a long period of time.

These are some vibrant features that can be availed through the platform of Bubblext but in order for any person to take part in the trading, it is necessary to sign up an account with Bubblext which too is quite simple and easy and has multiple choices in account sign up. At present moment Bubblext offer the following accounts type which are all different from each other due to various benefits and leverages contained in a particular account type: –

·        500+ Green

Go Green with Bubblext if you are a complete alien how online trading works. Once you have provided the required information then you will need to deposit the funds in the account for you to be able to take part in the trading. In this account type there is 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook and a junior level account manager. This is recommended for the novice level trader so as to enable him to understand the functioning of trading and avoid complex trading methods while ensuring that he can enjoy the best opportunities which are most suitable to him.

·        5000+ Silver

The second account type is recommended for those, who have some knowledge how the online trading works. It can be opened same like the Green account however it is much different from Green account in terms of benefits and leverages. For the time being in Silver account type there 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook, trading signals 3 per week, an intermediate level account manager, 25% access to “Pro-Trader”, exposure protection, 1 time access to exclusive events and 2 personal education sessions.

·        20000+ Gold

The third account type is Gold which is recommended for those who are pro level trader. In this account type there is 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook, trading signals 5 per week, a senior level account manager, 50% access to “Pro-Trader”, exposure protection, 4 times access to exclusive events and unlimited personal education sessions. Since the pro level trader require lots of help in terms of understanding the trading market and its trends, therefore, it is important for him to have unlimited access to education sessions through which he can make every trade a win trade.

·        100000+ Platinum

As the name suggests, this account type is designed for those who want to take their trading career to unbelievable heights because they have been earning a lot from the past and feel that they should take next step for them to enjoy the luxuries of life. In Platinum account there is 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook, trading signals 10 per week, a senior level account manager, 100% access to “Pro-Trader”, exposure protection, 10 times access to exclusive events and unlimited personal education sessions.

·        250000+ Black

Moving on with the accounts, now Bubblext have elite accounts type which is specifically designed to cater the needs of those who have vast experience in the relevant field and have been successfully enjoying the luxuries of life but still feel that it is not enough for them and rightly so because there are no limits for mankind. In this account type there is 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook, unlimited trading, a VIP level account manager, 100% access to “Pro-Trader”, exposure protection, 25 times access to exclusive events and unlimited personal education sessions.

·        1000000+ VIP

The last account is called VIP account which is specifically designed for those who want to experience the trading which they have never experienced before. There is no limit for them and they can access trading markets of entire world and that too as front row customers where all the opportunities are availed by them first hand. In this account there is 24/5 customer support, platform introduction + Ebook, unlimited trading, a VIP level account manager, 100% access to “Pro-Trader”, exposure protection, unlimited access to exclusive events and unlimited personal education sessions.

Bubblextcom trading platforms

Trading Platforms

Once you have signed up with Bubblext, then you can enjoy the freedom of exploring various opportunities of profit making which can be executed through the following state of the art platforms: –

·        MetaTrader4

MetaTrader is an award winning user friendly platform which is famous around the world especially amongst the online traders. Bubblext have made sure that its customers can also be able to execute their desired transactions through MetaTrader4 so that they can derive benefits in the form of earning profits. A customer can download the software at his desktop or laptop and can start using it instantly. Over a time, the customers of Bubblext are able to analyze the price movements of an asset effectively and efficiently while ensuring that the chances of earning are increased and risk factors are decreased.

·        Web Trader

A customer can also start executing his transaction by simply working on Web Trader which is made available at the website of Bubblext and does not require any sort of downloading or installation. It can be easily accessed so as to explore glaring opportunities beforehand. A customer can utilize the latest technological developments which are routinely updated by Bubblext to give more profound experience to the customers.

·        Mobile app

Since the evolution of mobiles, there is rapid and drastic evolvement with the passing of each day. At first there were phones with buttons, then came the touch screen mobile, then windows phones, android and mac. Everyday there is something new and fresh about mobile phones. At the same time this remarkable invention has made life easier than ever before and brought everything within your grasp and one touch away. Through the use of smart apps which can be installed in the mobile phones, the trading as well as shopping has been made easy.

Keeping in view the importance of mobile phones and its rapid growth and realizing how much potential it has, Bubblext has made sure that their customers should not be denied to avail this wonderful facility. The high end programmers of Bubblext have designed their own mobile app which can be installed by Bubblext’s customers as a result they are informed even about the tiniest change in the market instantly and immediately. Today the customers of Bubblext are moving towards exploring multiple opportunities of profit making on their mobile sets.

Final Thoughts

Over the years Bubblext has been successful in providing its customers optimal platform to explore the trading opportunities in forex, commodities, stocks, indices, futures and algorithm trading. They are committed to deal every single client by giving them utmost priority so that the customers can have the liberty of accessing domestic as well as international trading markets. Once you are at Bubblext you can be rest assured that:

  • You can access a large number of international markets
  • Enjoy state of the art and top notch platforms built by high end programmers
  • Instant reports and indicators based on through analysis and strategies
  • Educate yourself how trading works
  • Facilitation in terms of 24/5 customer support
  • Facilitation in terms of having personal account managers

Bubblext believe that knowledge is their ultimate power and their passion is to enable its customers to get the best value and high rate of return on their investment. So why not start your career today with Bubblext, which is well known as a “global trademark” in the online trading community.

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