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Cambridge Asset Management Review, – Is Cambridge Asset Management Scam or Legitimate?

Cambridge Asset Management
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Cambridge Asset Management gives your brokerage access to more than 5000 different assets in the forex market. This means they can trade not only the stable currency pairs but also exotic pairs that can go up and down pretty fast. That’s not it because the company has many synthetic assets available for your traders.

Cambridge Asset Management Review

Cambridge Asset management logoThe services of an online broker are a must for exploring the opportunities in the financial markets.

It is easy to be excited about investing in these markets because of the potential of high returns, but this does not mean that you allow yourself to be distracted.

The choice of broker can have serious consequences because no two platforms will ever be the same. Hence, doing your homework is a must when you are shopping for an online broker.

I chose Cambridge Asset Management as my broker after doing a lot of research and it turned out to be a good move for me.

I took some time, but it paid off because Cambridge Asset Management offers a well-rounded package. Some of the details are mentioned here.

Cambridge Asset management homepage

The Asset Offerings

As mentioned above, most people are eager to explore the opportunities in the financial markets and this is something that allows you to do very easily.

This is thanks to the extensive asset offerings that you will be able to trade on its platform. Not every brokerage will give you this wide range of options to choose from and this makes it incredibly convenient.

The best thing about the asset offerings available at Cambridge Asset Management broker is that they are spread across various markets and not just focus on one. You can choose from forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, hard and soft commodities and stocks and indices.

This means every trader can choose to diversify as per their risk appetite. It saves you from the trouble of maintaining separate trading accounts on different platforms in order to trade in different markets.

I was extremely pleased with the asset offerings because they were some of the top ones from every market.

The Account Choices

Since you will be using the broker’s services for some time, you want to ensure that they have an account choice that can meet your needs. If they do not have appropriate or limited choices, you may have to switch brokers and this can be immensely time consuming.

The account choices that Cambridge Asset Management has listed on its platform have been designed according to the needs of every trader.

You will quickly notice that has an account option for every type of trader, depending on their skillset. Whether you are a newbie, or a professional trader, there is an account choice that will meet your expectations.

The minimum deposit is low for each account and they have been equipped with tools and features according to the skill level. You can start small and then move onto the next account as you get some experience.

Cambridge Asset management website

The Security Infrastructure

Trading online is a very big deal because you have to come to terms with the security risks. Sharing your information with someone is always risky, as is depositing your money anywhere.

Cambridge Asset Management is fully aware of this dilemma that potential clients face and it has put a security infrastructure in place to give peace of mind to its clients.

They are aware that the personal information at clients can be compromised, due to which they have opted to keep all data encrypted. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption ensures that no third-party can access the data you share with Cambridge Asset Management at any point.

As for keeping your funds safe, segregated accounts are maintained at Cambridge Asset Management.

This means that all client funds deposited at are kept separate from the company’s own and are only used for trading purposes.

This can prevent any misappropriation. In addition, you will find that Cambridge Asset Management is also compliant with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, which provides further security on the platform.

As I did not have to worry about the security of my information and capital, I was able to dedicate myself to trading.

The Conclusion

It is apparent that Cambridge Asset Management has the features that every trader requires in an online broker for exploring the opportunities in the financial markets and taking advantage of them.

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