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CFDAdvanced Review – A Broker In Pursuit of Accomplishment of Your Dreams

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CFDAdvanced is indeed a top-quality platform that has all the right features any trader could use. You can sign up with the broker today in the link below or learn more about them in our CFDAdvanced review.

CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced logoToday I am going to share my personal experience and the privilege of having pursued my career of professional trading in this CFDAdvanced review.

It may be noted that for becoming a professional trader one would require to avail services of a broker but that broker shouldn’t be just any broker. In fact the broker must be regulated, compliant with laws, rules, regulations and policies. In addition, it must also provide its client piece of mind, return of profits, help him accomplish desired results and objectives and serve in the best interest of the client. These were the aspects which I had considered when I came to believe that trading is my profession and that CFDAdvanced is the right broker for me.

During the pandemic, I was sitting idle because I lost the job as my employer failed to keep the business running and resultantly, all workforce was sent home. Fortunately, I had saved some money which I was going to use for my intended visit to Turkey, where I wanted to visit long but the pandemic made me utilize that money into trading. While many of my colleagues were struggling to find jobs, I started off my trading career with CFDAdvanced.

I’ll be honest with all the readers that in the start it took me great deal of commitment and composure to understand how trading really works. But I am grateful that I had the perfectly balanced team with me in the shape of my broker, CFDAdvanced. I feel no shame in saying that CFDAdvanced constantly supported me in every step that I took in pursuit of my career as professional trader.

Today, it is my moral obligation to return the favour and let the people know why they should work with CFDAdvanced and why it is far better than anyone else in the field.

Broker  CFDAdvanced
Account Types Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP
Trading Platform Web Based, Mobile
Minimum Deposit € 10,000
Asset Index Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Price Alerts, etc.
Education Standard Trading Room, Platform Walkthrough, Technical & Fundamental Education
Customer Support Phone and Email
Website Language EN

Assessment of CFDAdvanced as One Of The Best Brokers

I don’t know what the exact methods for determining a suitable broker are but for me the following worked perfectly well: –

  • Reliability of trading platform
  • Freedom of Trading with Multiple varieties of trading products/instruments
  • Efficient and Vigilant customer care and support team and accessibility
  • Safety of Funds and their profiting usage
  • Commitment with profession and fulfillment of social responsibilities
  • Access and availability of trained professionals and expert managers

All these qualities are not just part of CFDAdvanced but the same are evolving with every day passing by. Though it took me a while to find out each and every quality within CFDAdvanced but I am glad that I had taken a right decision at the right time for which I have no regrets, neither today nor at any later stage.

Mother of All Reasons

There are a number of reasons for growing fondness towards CFDAdvanced but in my personal view the mother of all reasons is that if you become a customer of CFDAdvanced, then you are entitled to trading with the help and support of CFDAdvanced.

For instance, when I injected my money into a trading opportunity I was scared that I will lose all of my money in one stroke. However, when I opted to trade, CFDAdvanced offered me a helping hand. It asked me to pool in 10% from my own sources while the rest of 90% was promised to be injected by CFDAdvanced. This is a win situation for me through which I can target two objects with a single shot. Above all, I would be able to save 90% of my money and this was the eye-catching element of my attraction towards CFDAdvanced.

Since that day onwards, making money for myself couldn’t be as simple as it became with CFDAdvanced on my side.

Now let us come to the part where things become critical, particular critical analysis.

Dos and Don’ts

First of all you cannot afford to have a broker on your side who is incapable of execute qualitative work and services nor you can trust a trader with which you are having communication problems or there is communication gap. Similarly, if you are faced with a problem and the trader is unable to solve it, then there is no point to be engaged with such a trader.

But in the case of CFDAdvanced, there is quality of work, no communication gap nor is there any complaint wherein a matter was brought to the team and it was left unattended or unresolved. As a matter of fact there is too much which is offered by CFDAdvanced. For instance, the costs of execution of trade transactions are cheaper, customer support team is responsible 24/6, client’s money is protected and above all none of its customers are hesitant to suggest its name to others.

Legal Status/Structure of CFDAdvanced

Most of the online trading industry is comprised of brokers which are non-regularized or in simple words “decentralized”. For most of the cases, this isn’t problem but there is always a risk attached with decentralized brokers where the customers may end up losing their money. However, I may mention here briefly that the primary source of trading at CFDAdvanced is commodities and stocks. In addition, the company has been duly registered under the MiFID i.e. markets in financial instruments directive.

Furthermore, the company is fully complacent with the relevant laws of jurisdictions wherever it has been rendering its services plus also follows in letter and spirit the policies for example Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) which have been duly implemented throughout the world. This shows that the business carried out by CFDAdvanced is not only authentic but it is fully aware of its legal duty owed to its customers and financial regulators under which it operates and manages its business.

Scope and ambit of Services of CFDAdvanced

For several years, CFDAdvanced had been in the business of rendering online trade services relating to multifarious trading products including stocks, commodities, forex, indices as well as cryptocurrencies. It may be noted as well that every type of trading at CFDAdvanced is protected with 10:90 ratio wherein the customer’s share is 10 while the rest belongs to CFDAdvanced.

In this way the client’s money is safe and he or she has multiple options to utilize his wealth towards different trading options. In addition, CFDAdvanced has housed some of the best professional traders against each category of trade. All of them are vastly experienced and are equipped to determine what opportunities are profitable and what could be potentially risky in the longer terms. Then there are managers who are available to each and every single customer of CFDAdvanced. Their purpose is to serve the customers in the best of their interests and they are duty bound to give thoughtful analysis.

Though the preference of trading is entirely dependent upon customers to customers yet, for me, the best trading suitable for me was crypto trading.

Crypto Trading Dynamics at CFDAdvanced

As I had mentioned earlier that during pandemic I lost my job and couldn’t find suitable job, therefore, I decided to pursue my career as an online trader. This aim of mine was duly accomplished through CFDAdvanced.

Crypto trading, particularly, Bitcoin trading is not for average people and unfortunately it is hard to bring any Bitcoins at the trading platforms because at all times the value of Bitcoin is fluctuating. However, when I joined CFDAdvanced, it was in March 2020 and the price of Bitcoin was under US$ 5,000. At that time, I spent most of the times reading the Bitcoin reviews written by the team of experts of CFDAdvanced. I came to believe then that Bitcoin has the potential in which I can invest my money.

Believe me or not, I bought two Bitcoins for me but as the year continued to progress, similarly, the value of Bitcoin started to soar. At one point in time recently, the value of Bitcoin touched US$ 58,000 and at that moment I sold my Bitcoins and earned exactly US$ 53,000 against each of my Bitcoins. It was no doubt the life changing experience for me. I had never thought that my investment could bring me this huge amount of fortune. But all the credit goes to CFDAdvanced, which fortunately has with them Bitcoins for trading and I was lucky to get a few for me.

But buying Bitcoin’s wasn’t the only cryptocurrency I had acquired through CFDAdvanced. In fact I got myself a few Ethereum coins plus Bitcoin Cash coins. After selling my Bitcoins, I have now acquired more Ethereum whose value too has increased exponentially. The point is that the opportunity is there and until you are deciding to join, it is already availed of by someone. It is therefore essential that you make up your mind efficiently so as to grab the opportunity.

Ease of Withdrawals

Another important thing I learnt while staying at CFDAdvanced is that whether you want to send funds or withdraw them, it is as easy as pie.

For instance, if someone wants to fund his or her trading account then the same can be done by sending money directly into the account through bank deposits, debit or credit card or through PayPal. All that is required is that the person funding the account has to be the same person who is the customer/member of CFDAdvanced. Other than that, no funds can be facilitated for funding the account. It is out of the question and nor is it the policy of CFDAdvanced.

With regard to the withdrawal of the funds, I may briefly state that whenever I have carried out trade transaction and the proceeds have been sent into my account, within 24 hours of the submission of the withdrawal request, I have been allowed to withdraw the sums. I am aware that such is not the case with other online brokers because they usually take time and sometimes do not allow customers to withdraw their funds before a certain time period. But in the case of CFDAdvanced, whether you proceed with trading or not, you are always entitled to demand back your money anytime as you think fit.

cfdadvanced trading platform

Multiple Trading Accounts and their sub-branches

Lastly, for the readers’ sake, I may mention that there are some requirements on the side of the customer for availing trading opportunities at CFDAdvanced. It is essential for any person wishing to join CFDAdvanced to select, fund and make operational a trading account. Without trading account, the employer-employee relationship does not establish. Currently there are three types of CFDAdvanced trading accounts i.e. Executive Accounts, Expected Managed Accounts, Potential Forecast Profits etc.

Within these three accounts there are sub-branches of each accounts for example in Executive Accounts there are 5 different types of trading accounts namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. For availing any of these accounts, a customer is liable to inject a certain amount of money for sending the account operational.

Once the funds are there then the benefits provided in the respective accounts can be availed by the account holder. For instance if a person has chosen Platinum Account, then the minimum funds required for operating the account is 100,000 Euros and there are several benefits such as leverage with a ratio of 1:60, exposure to trade opportunities to the extent of funds available in the account, 9% fee charged by CFDAdvanced at every trade transaction, accessibility to trade sessions, bonus, services of manager etc. 

Similarly, the other two primary accounts i.e. Expected Managed Accounts and Potential Forecast Profits, they too have their own sub-branches and require injecment of funds and come with several prominent features.

Resolution of Issues through Customer Care and Support Staff

Lastly, what is the point in having a broker if it is unable to resolve customer related issues and that it is not available when it needed the most?

Firstly, the team of customer care and support staff of CFDAdvanced is highly efficient, experts in their fields and fully capable of resolving any technical or non-technical issue.

Secondly, the team is available 24/6 meaning thereby the team can be reached Monday to Saturday at any particular time in a day. One can contact them directly over phone, via online chat or through an email etc. Since I’ve joined CFDAdvanced, I had to go a few problems which were taken care of within no time. So I can easily vouch for CFDAdvanced that they are committed to their profession and are always willing and ready to serve their customers.

Ending Thoughts

While my journey of professional trader is still continuing and I am glad that I am part of this unique online trading platform i.e. CFDAdvanced, yet I would insist upon others to take my words seriously and start thinking for themselves. Though the pandemic hasn’t ended but the Governments worldwide have already issued stimulus packages which would in turn increase inflation. The times ahead are going to be challenging and those who have adopted the new norm would be able to cope with these times. CFDAdvanced is not just a trader but a friend-in-arms allowing you to accomplish your dreams and objectives.

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