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Coin2FX Review – Is Coin2FX The Solution to Your Trading Needs?

Coin2FX Review

The world of the internet is undoubtedly a vast one and it has connected the globe in ways that no one could have fathomed in the last decade. With the advent of the internet, new opportunities have surfaced and a lot of organizations have tapped into this potential. Online trading is just one of the advancements that have been made and they have certainly helped thousands of people in different parts of the world. People have made fortunes through trading in various financial markets right from the comfort of their home. How? This is all due to online brokerages that have been solely established to help people in trading a variety of financial instruments.


If you check out the financial market, you will discover that there are a lot of options when it comes to online brokers. But, you need to know that many of these brokers are unreliable and inexperienced. There are only a handful that have experience in market trading and are fully legitimate. These are the type of brokers you need because their reliability and experience can make a huge difference in your trading experience. However, it is essential to understand that not every legitimate broker will suit you. Some may not offer the asset you are interested in while others may not give you the right conditions.

Does this mean you cannot find a good broker? Indeed, you can as there are brokers like Coin2FX, which have been developed by professionals to ensure that every trader, no matter what their requirement, can find what they are looking for with them. Coin2FX does an excellent job because it has a long and impressive track record in the market. Founded over a decade ago by London-based Smart Trade Investment LTD, Coin2FX offers the features, tools and platform you need for trading in different markets. Regardless of your background or experience, you can find what you need at Coin2FX.

Some of the impressive offerings of the broker are highlighted here:

  • Easy and smooth sign up process

One of the biggest hassles that traders have to deal with when they want to trade online is signing up with a broker. In most cases, it can be very time consuming and involve a lot of steps that can often be frustrating. Things are different with Coin2FX because the broker has ensured that you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to use their services. In order to register yourself with the broker, all you have to do is provide them with your username, email address and password. There are three fiat currencies that the broker supports, which are USD, GBP and EUR, and you have to choose the one you want to use.

One thing to bear in mind is that Coin2FX follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, which means that traders are required to verify their identity before they can start trading. It requires you to submit proof of ID, which could be a driver’s license, national ID card or passport. You also have to give proof of address, which could be a bank statement or utility bill showing your name and address. This is part of the account verification process that helps in providing security to traders on the platform.

  • Availability of diverse account options

To trade with a broker and avail their services, you have to make an account with them. Coin2FX, like other broker of its ilk, has come up with multiple account options. They don’t just give you standard options; they have added diverse options because the broker doesn’t cater to just one class of trader. Coin2FX wishes to serve traders of different backgrounds and so it has created account options that consider their needs and budget. The generous account options offered by Coin2FX are:

  • Silver account

The first account option at Coin2FX is called the Silver account and it is for people who are new to trading. To open this account, you have to deposit at least €500 and a maximum of €2,500. Under this account, brokers can enjoy 24/5 customer support as they may have a lot of queries, a loyalty bonus of 30%, 10% leverage and access to education center. You can also get trading alerts and signals, daily market review, advanced charts and have trading sessions twice a month.

  • Gold account

The second account option is aimed at traders who have some experience in the market and are not complete novices. The minimum deposit requirement is now increased to €2,500 and some additional features are provided. Traders can enjoy free webinars, get access to better leverage and a higher loyalty bonus. Plus, they can also get reviews and recommendations weekly now rather than monthly.

  • Platinum account

Coin2FX came up with this account option for seasoned traders and you have to deposit at least €10,000 to open it. As for maximum deposit, you can invest as much as €50,000. The leverage that you get under this account is increased to 30% and access to the complete education section is provided because these traders already know the basics. Higher trade volumes can be enjoyed and an expert account consultant is added to provide guidance to traders. Traders can also benefit from daily recommendations and reviews, use the video library and make risk free trades.

  • Diamond account

The fourth and last account option provided by Coin2FX is called the Diamond account and this is for professional traders with years of experience. The minimum and maximum deposit requirements in these accounts are €50,000 and €250,000, respectively. This account boasts the highest leverage that the broker has to offer because the traders are capable of handling the risk and have a high tolerance. Exclusive trading signals can also be used, a trading coach is also provided and a personal VIP consultant is also ready to help out. This account also boasts the lowest possible spreads a broker can offer. Traders can get 100% loyalty bonus, take advantage of exclusive strategies and attend VIP events.

  • Top notch security measures

A prominent aspect where Coin2FX has really impressed its clientele is with its security measures. These are very important because cybercrimes are rampant and even a small vulnerability can put traders at risk. The broker wants its clients to trade with complete peace of mind and it has taken the right steps to make it happen. As mentioned above, the KYC policy is in place and so is the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy. These can be quite effective in keeping scammers away from the platform.

They have also taken advantage of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping all data and communications safe from prying eyes. Coin2FX has experts on staff for monitoring the website round the clock and they have also added firewalls for improving security. Passwords are also encrypted for ensuring a safe trading environment.

  • Robust and innovative trading platforms

You have ascertained the broker’s security and account options, but one of their most important aspects is the trading platform. After all, most of your time will be spent using this platform for executing your trades and if it is lacking in any way, it can have a negative impact on your overall experience. No amount of security or diversity in account options can make up for the delays that occur due to an inefficient trading platform. Even though you will not find the MT4 trading platform at Coin2FX, this doesn’t mean the broker has not given you a good alternative.

Instead of going with the most common option, Coin2FX has added its own proprietary trading platform to the mix. This platform doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed because it is a web-based one. This means that all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to start trading. It gives you flexibility in terms of the devices you can use for trading. Plus, the best thing about web-based platforms is that they don’t require any maintenance or upgrades on your part. All this responsibility falls on the broker, which is undoubtedly convenient.

The platform doesn’t experience any delays or performance issues either and can offer you access to all the innovative and robust trading tools that are needed for ensuring a flawless trading experience. If that’s not enough, Coin2FX has also accommodated the needs of traders on the go. There have mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that can enable them to access their account, regardless of where they are. The platform is just as powerful and functional and allows you to take advantage of the smallest of market movements quickly.

  • Responsive customer support

Lots of people don’t pay attention to customer support when they are looking at brokers. It is way down their priority list, but this can be a major mistake on their part. When you sign up with a broker, it takes time for you to understand how everything works. You could have tons of questions and queries and may not know the proper way to use their services. How will you get the answers you need? This is where customer support comes in, but if the broker doesn’t have adequate customer support, you could be stuck. Switching brokers can be very complicated and no one wants to consider this option.

Coin2FX is aware of how important customer support can be and so they have ensured that their department doesn’t lack in this respect. Their customer support team is reliable and prompt and they work 24 hours a day to help their clients in every possible way. The fact that they are responsive can make a big difference in the trading world because things can change within seconds or minutes. It should also be noted that you can get in touch with their representatives through different channels. They have provided email options, phone number or an online contact form. The live chat option can also be used and they will answer you 24/5 to ensure you don’t have any problems.

  • Convenient and multiple payment methods

You need to take a look at the payment methods offered by a broker because you will have to add funds to your account and withdraw your profits later on. Understanding their banking methods ensures that you can do this without any problems. Coin2FX has added convenient and multiple payment methods to their platform to cater to the needs of their clients. You can make deposits into your account with the broker free of charge, but you may have to pay third party costs. It should be noted that your credit or debit card or the bank account you use for payments at Coin2FX are under the same name as your account with the broker.

You can add funds to your account through Visa and MasterCard and it will be processed instantly. Bank wire transfers can also be made, but these require some time. Apart from these options, Coin2FX has also provided its clients the option of choosing from a range of e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Withdrawals are also quite smooth at Coin2FX. Sure, there is a limit of 100 USD or whatever account currency you have chosen. You can make withdrawals through Neteller or PayPal and the transaction will be processed in 3 days. Bank transfers, on the other hand, take 10 days.

Coin2FX allows you to make the first withdrawal free of cost, but additional withdrawals in the same month will be charged 25 GBP or EUR.

Final Thoughts

With Coin2FX, you can trade in some of the top financial markets in the world. Whether it is commodities, foreign currencies, indices, shares and cryptocurrencies, the broker gives you the tools and platform you need to earn maximum returns. Their account options are impressive, they give you bonuses and high leverage and they also have a solid education section where traders can polish their knowledge and skills. The security measures, excellent trading conditions and good customer support make for a well-rounded package.

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