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Coinepro is committed to accomplish what a trader wishes to accomplish in pursuit of his career to become a successful trader. With the use of client-oriented business model, Coinepro customers can access the global trading industry for trading in forex, cryptocurrency, stock indices, commodities, shares and metals etc.

Coinepro Review


Coinepro logoIt is well-recognized that trading, whether local or international, plays a vital and important role in strengthening an economy. It also helps eliminate poverty, nation building and development of society. It equips the consumers with great purchasing power as well as allows them to purchase multiple types of goods at cheaper rates. By putting their resident scarce resources for trading, countries can raise surplus and on the other hand acquire resources which are required to them. It is therefore a present day norm that trading is the heart and lungs of an economy which is a great source of development and prosperity of the modern world.

In order to execute a trade we need traders. A trader is one who carries out the process of selling and purchasing of trading goods and products in any financial market for his behalf or on behalf of someone else who has engaged him for performing the trading. Both, trading and trader, are interconnected with and inseparable from each other and are essential part of any trading industry. However, with the introduction of internet, the concept of trader has expanded to great extent. Before internet a trader was able to trade in local market however today while online trading is the norm, the traders have been able to participate in local as well as international trading.

Today a customer who intends to take part in online trading has the freedom of engaging online traders from all over the worlds through whom the customers can explore global trading markets in order to fulfill their goals and ambitions of becoming a successful trader. Usually these customers engage services of online trader and invest their money and on the other hand, the online traders look for the lucrative trading opportunity and inject customer’s investment. Through this a customer is able to earn profit and the trader gets his share of commission.

Coinepro partnership

Be a partner of Coinepro

For anyone who wants to participate in online trading, it is essential that he should first engage an online trader who can help in achieving desired results on behalf of the customer. Secondly, the road to trading is not an easy one, you need to be able to take timely decision which may involve taking risks as well. It is therefore of utmost importance that hiring an online which best suits your needs is your primary task. Through this review you would be able to look at one of the Europe’s leading online trader which specializes in forex and CFDs trading and goes by the name “Coinepro”.

What is Coinepro?

For quite a long time Coinepro has been part of the online trading industry and has been successfully able to provide industrial leading practices while offering its customers the opportunities of trade in multiple products. Currently it has large number of happy clients from all over the world for whom Coinepro is managing their accounts for lucrative investment opportunities. It was founded by highly experienced traders in the industry who have acquired relevant knowledge in the field and capable of minimizing the risks. They are considered one of the top most reliable online traders who are specialized in unparalleled crypto trading experience.

What Coinepro has to offer

Coinepro is committed to accomplish what a trader wishes to accomplish in pursuit of his career to become a successful trader. With the use of client-oriented business model, Coinepro customers can access the global trading industry for trading in forex, cryptocurrency, stock indices, commodities, shares and metals etc. It has been able to establish an impeccable reputation amongst its competitors and this is why the customers of Coinepro continue to grow. Most of its customers are very active traders and this was only possible due to providing of best opportunities of trading, user friendly interface, ease of doing trading, efficient execution of transactions and above all making available highly qualified analysists and account managers.

Why choose Coinepro

Many of us dream to become not just a trader but a successful one who is known by all and appraised by his family and friend. If you are that person, then be rest assured that this is possible because Coinepro is an online trader which can easily align itself according to your needs. For the past many years Coinepro has been successful in offering exciting opportunities of earning income stream without any regrets. Thanks to Coinepro which has enabled the customers to have inexpensive access to trading industry which is also coupled with multiple discounts which can be utilized by any level of trader from beginner to pro level.

Coinepro traders

Let us take a look at some of the interest and smart features that are made available by Coinepro: –

Trading Accounts

Trading accounts are important for conducting trading according to your investment and availability of funds. They play crucial part in allowing a customer to build up a successful career and help in stream up your goals and objectives. At Coinepro you have an option of choosing from different accounts namely Micro, Standard and Premium which are designed in a way to suffice your needs. All of these three accounts are glaringly distinct from each other in terms of profitability, ease of execution of transactions, leverages, discounts, education and much more and, can be customized by a customer according to his preferences.

1.     Micro Account

The first kind of account which can be signed up by the customers at Coinepro is the Micro Account which can be opened up with an initial deposit ranging from US$ 250 upto US$4,999. It is recommended for the people who are completely newbie and has zero idea how the online trading functions. Micro account consists of static based spread and allows a customer to participate in the online trading through Optima platform. It comes with the facility of having a personal manager, has the leverage of 200, providing of news feed from time to time, access to financial calendar and at least 0.1 lot size.

2.     Standard Account

Standard Account is highly recommended and signed up by those who have some knowledge about online trading and how it works. It requires an initial deposit from US$5,000 till US$24,999. The smart features, benefits and discounts which are made available by Coinepro in Micro Account are all part of Standard Account. The only exceptions are welcome bonus upto 25% which can be immediately availed by a customer when he signs up for Standard Account. As compared with Micro Account, Standard Account also has leverage upto 300, access to Masters partial and a 0.5 lot size.

This account is established so as to take into account the needs of an average trader in helping him in excelling his career as a successful and pro level trader. By far it is the most popular account to trade with which has been made available by Coinepro for its customers.

3.     Platinum Account

The third and final type of account at Coinepro is Platinum. This can be signed up for an initial deposit of US$ 25,000 and maximum US$49,999. This is the account which is best suited for enjoying the wonderful experience of trading for pro-level traders who are not afraid of taking risks because their ultimate aim is to cash out big and never less.

Although Platinum Account has all the features that are available in Micro and Standard Account but in order for the customers to enjoy a distinctive taste of this account, Coinepro has added a number of benefits in this account which make it a must have account for the pro level traders. For instance, the welcome bonus is upto 50%. This means that whatever is your initial deposit you will be able to earn half of it instantly therefore the bigger the investment – so is the bonus. If you wish to join the elite club of traders, then this is the recommended account for you.

To sum up, the registration and singing up process of account opening with Coinepro has made very simple and requires only a few personal information like name, country of residence, email address and phone number. Once you have provided this information you can enjoy the benefits that are contained in all the above three accounts.

Coinepro accounts

A Versatile trading platform

Becoming a number one choice for majority of online traders by providing international standards services and most efficient and trained customers support 24/5, is something which cannot be achieved in days instead it takes a considerable amount of time. This was all due to the team of intellectuals and experts from the field in online trading who have made this possible. Today a customer of Coinepro has the freedom of trade in products such as Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodities, Indices, Shares and Metals. Let us have a look at what are the benefits of doing trading with Coinepro.

1.     Forex

The most common and well-known trading product is Forex with which majority of general public is aware of. Usually the forex trade takes place in an exchange market but with the help of internet today forex traders need not to physical go to an exchange market but can simply log on to internet and explore forex markets from all over the world. It involves exchanging of one currency with another currency for a number of reasons such as for business, tourism or trading purposes which can then be bought and sold by the trader too when he feels necessary. Forex trading is best known amongst the traders as being a great source of providing most lucrative asset markets and without a doubt is the largest trading market in the world.

From the platform of Coinepro a trader can boost his skills by employing the best strategies and analysis made available by experienced traders available at Coinepro. The most beneficial currencies in the world are US Dollars and Euros and if one is able to successfully execute trade then the chances of earning handsome profits are automatically increased. Coinepro is a highly reputed online broker which allows its customers to explore large exchanges of the world which are open 24/7 day and 5 days a week where currencies of all countries of the world are made available for trading.

2.     Cryptocurrency

It is not wrong that everything has modernized due to introduction of ever-increasing technology. So is the case with the trading. Trading has evolved a lot with the passage of time which has also been greatly impacted by the technology. Cryptocurrency is on trending which is a digital currency without any physical appearance. It is purely a digitalized currency which is decentralized and free from any supervision from the intermediaries such as banks, financial institutions and governmental authorities. In order to indulge in crypto trading, block-chain is used to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies.

The first ever cryptocurrency namely Bitcoin was launched in the year 2009 for the purposes of eliminating the monopolistic control by the intermediaries which usually charge high rate on execution of transactions. Soon after its launch, when most of the people were not familiar with its concept, Bitcoin attracted a large number of investors who were able to make great profits in less than 5 years and made riches overnight. Soon thereafter Bitcoin earned an impeccable reputation in which high rate of profits were glaringly visible. Since then a number of cryptocurrencies were developed and presently there are more than thousand cryptocurrencies available for trading.

Keeping in the view the trending in crypto trading and in order to fulfill and meet the demands of its customers, the platform of Coinepro can be used to trade in cryptocurrency and in particular in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and many more. With the help of daily news and updates duly provided at the website of Coinepro alongwith the providing of high end analysists and account manager, a customer can participate in online crypto trading and enjoy the lucrative benefits and profits which are available in this trading and at the same be rest assured that his investment is secured.

3.     Commodities

Trading in commodities is the world’s most famous and largest trading product. It easily dominates the trading market where no other trading product comes in competition with it. Since the commodity trading includes items of daily use such as flour, wheat, cocoa, sugar, grain, rice etc., therefore, the entire process and functioning of commodity trading is entirely based on supply and demand factors. It helps a country’s economy to grow and directly affects the lifestyle of its citizens. Over the years the highly trained team of Coinepro has been successfully providing and creating great opportunities of commodities trading for its customers spread over entire world. They have been able to enjoy the unmatched experience in an efficient and highly secured manner.

4.     Indices

Coinepro is safely considered as an avenue from where its customers can trade in indices as well. Like other trading products, indices trading has the capability of bringing in fortunes and high rate of return on investment. However, for an average trader, understanding indices trading is a bit more complicated. If you have Coinepro, then you don’t need to worry too much because Coinepro has a team of specialized people who are specifically looking at and taking care of indice trading so that the customers of Coinepro can make most out of this trading. While the customers have the liberty of browsing indices markets of the world, Coinepro provides uptodate indexes of commodity products where the expected fluctuations and variations in the price value of an asset is clearly mentioned which can then be used by the customers in order for them to determine the best opportunities of trade.


Shares is another type of trade popular amongst a large number of traders. In this type of trade, shares belonging to a company or organization, whether private or public limited company, are bought and sold. Generally, shares are bought and then the trader waits for the increase in value of these shares. Once the price reaches the expected value as per the requirement of the trader, he then sells the shares in return for profits. From the platform of Coinepro a customer can explore shares markets from all over the world from where he can buy and sell shares relating to mega companies which are known worldwide. This is the most secured way of trading and guarantees profits but requires a considerable amount of time.

6.     Metals

Metals trading is something which is very popular around the world and is also a part of commodity trading. As the name suggests, it involves trading of metals which also include rare metals as well such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum and much more. The trending of gold trading is never old and is considered a safe haven. Because the prices of gold in international markets varies, therefore, it makes gold trading a very lucrative form of trading. The customers of Coinepro have been taking part in Gold trading which has enabled them to successfully earn huge amounts of profits.

Coinepro platforms


If you don’t have the high end programs which can help you conducting your trades, then the whole purpose of online trading fails. Platforms are essential part of online trading which ensures robust execution of transactions without utilizing much time. Currently Coinepro has 3 major distinct platforms through which a customer can execute his trading transactions. These platforms are: –

·        Optima

Optima is a state of the art platform embedded with the advanced technology which is being used by a large number of online traders to conduct their trades in a secured and most reliable fashion. It can be customized in a way that it can be visible to the customer only and the customer can enjoy the unique experience.

·        Web Trader

Web Trader is the need of the time and Coinepro has established its own Web Trader software which can be customized according to the instructions of the customer as a result it can automatically conduct transactions. It consists of unique features and offers a dynamic twist to Coinepro’s customers.

·        Mobile Trader

When everyone has mobile phones, it was thought that smart apps be launched so that a mobile phone can be used as a multi-purpose device which can perform all the functions that can be performed through a computer or laptop. Here too Coinepro has successfully made available smart application which can be installed at any IOS or Android based mobile phone from where all the trading transactions can be executed in one single click.


When it comes to transparency Coinepro has made sure that its customers are fully aware and satisfied because the transparency is something which is a big question mark over most of the online brokers. In order to give a satisfactory answer to this question, Coinepro has provided all the information relating to it which can be read out by the customers. There are several policies such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, deposit and withdrawal policy, Aml policy as well as disclaimer which all satisfactorily prove the authenticity and legitimacy of Coinepro and his business activities. There is nothing hidden from the customer. Coinepro also urges the intended customers beforehand to read out these policies in order for them to fully understand as to with whom they are going to start their journey of trading.

Final Thoughts

It is true that trading can guarantee you making of great profits but the road to success, in particular, the path of trading is not so easy. Like every business, trading is also prone to losses but that is why Coinepro is here which is providing state of the art customer services and is considered a one-stop-shop where the needs of the customers are taken care of with priority. Entering into service arrangements with Coinepro thus becomes very important for the safety of your funds, career and investment. With the ease of accessibility, high security protocols, Coinepro is committed to provide trading experience that is like no other.

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