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DMX MARKETS Review – Using the Five Metrics to Decide if Is a Reliable Online Broker

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DMX MARKETS does not disappoint. The broker has created a perfect system and trading platform for its traders from all parts of the world. Trading with this broker is safe, so if you are thinking about signing up with the best online broker, there is no reason why DMX MARKETS should not be on the list of the best ones.


DMX Markets logoIf you are new to trading, the chances are that you do not have much information about online brokers. You want to sign up with the best one, but you do not know how to do that. You don’t know where to start and they all seem to be providing the same service. Well, yes, the service they provide is the same, but the level of service is not the same at all. You have many brokers to choose from, and DMX MARKETS is just one of that bunch. Is this broker reliable? Should you start your trading career with it? We have set here five metrics that will help you decide if you should trust this broker for building your trading career.


DMX MARKETS Review – The Five Metrics to Verify Its Authenticity

1.      Does It Have Regulation in Place?

The first thing you have to check about any online broker is the regulation. When you see a regulated broker, you can be half assured that you have found the right one. A regulated broker has a regulatory authority that’s keeping an eye on its financial activities. If the broker makes any mistakes while providing its services to traders, the regulatory authority holds it responsible. Not to mention, based on the reach of the regulatory authority, it can even safeguard the interests of the traders that have signed up with DMX MARKETS. So, is DMX MARKETS regulated and can you trust it?

You will be happy to know that this broker has done all that was required on its part to prove its authenticity. The broker is regulated and you can trade with it with mental peace. The most important thing is that the regulatory authority regulating this broker is Cypress Securities, and Exchange Commission, which is one of the most well-known regulatory authorities in the world. So, when you sign up with DMX MARKETS, you know that you are making the right choice.

2.      Does It Make Trading Conditions Friendly?

It does not matter how a broker portrays itself on the internet. What really matters to a trader is the trading conditions on the trading platform. Has the broker created good enough trading conditions that would make traders join its trading platform and feel like trading? You have to agree that this broker has done a great job in this area as well. First of all, depending on the asset that you choose to trade with this broker, you can get leverages of up to 1:400. These are some huge leverages that can help you increase your trade sizes and profits by a great margin.

In addition to that, you will notice that the broker also have negative balance protection in place. This means you will never find your account balance in negative while trading with this broker even if you lose everything in a particular trade. The spreads you have to deal with depend on the account type you choose. If you go with the basic account, your spreads will start from 2 pips. However, if you don’t like this model, you can go with a different account and pay a commission on each trade rather than paying the broker in the form of spreads.

3.      Are There Enough Account Options?

Does it really matter how many account types are being provided by the broker? If you are a trader who is looking for a broker, you should know that the account types that a broker has designed for its traders are of utmost importance. The types of accounts from the broker show how much it cares about its traders. In this particular case, you have to admire the efforts of this broker. The broker has made sure that you can choose from spreads or commissions. How much you have to pay in the form of spreads is also up to you by deciding the type of account you can sign up with.

What makes the account types even more attractive is that each account type has the Islamic account option. If your religion does not allow you to open a regular trading account for some reason, you can choose this account and trade with peace of mind.

4.      Is There Enough Training Material?

This is yet another area where this broker wins. The broker has some great training material that can be used by new, beginner, and experienced traders to learn the basics of trading and the most advanced strategies. You do not even have to stick to a particular format of training when you sign up with DMX MARKETS. You can use ebooks, watch videos, or make your training the best in the world through webinars. In these webinars, you will learn directly from trading experts who have had a hands-on experience of trading. You can also choose from basic and in-depth courses, depending on the level of trading you are at right now.

5.      Is Your Information and Money Safe?

So, the broker has some great trading conditions, and you are getting the best trading platform in the world. But what about the safety of your funds and information? Do other things really matter when you can’t even feel safe trading with a particular broker? You will not feel unsafe when you sign up with this broker. It is amazing how DMX MARKETS does not disappoint you in anything that matters to traders. If you are wondering about the safety of your information, you will be glad to know that each and every bit of information you provide to the broker is encrypted for your safety.

When it comes to the funds you deposit in your account, the broker has created segregated accounts where it maintains every penny that you drop in your online trading account. In short, the broker has made its trading platform a safe haven for legitimate traders from around the world.

Final Thoughts

If you look at the five metrics that have been discussed above, which happen to be the most important ones, you will have to agree that DMX MARKETS does not disappoint you in any of them. The broker has created a perfect system and chosen an excellent trading platform for its traders from all parts of the world. Trading with this broker is safe, especially knowing that you are signing up with a regulated broker. So, if you are thinking about signing up with the best online broker, there is no reason why DMX MARKETS should not be on the list of the best ones.

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