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Equithy Review – Top Reasons To Choose Equithy ( Scam Check)

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Equithy is indeed a top-quality platform that has all the right features any trader could use. You can sign up with the broker today in the link below or learn more about them in our Equithy review.

Equithy online trading platform review

Equithy Review

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The biggest challenge for budding traders in the digital market is finding and choosing the platform that can guide them from the amateur starting point and all its hassles to becoming an experienced trader. Anyone with the littlest idea about trading knows the unpredictability of the market, so it is only reasonable that if you are new around the block, you should choose a trading platform that makes plans to protect you from rainy days. One such trading platform that has gained popularity fast for the aforementioned reasons is Equithy.

Equithy is a digital trading broker that provides an array of trading options to its teeming clients and customers. This platform is dedicated to making sure that their customers achieve their objectives as concerns finance. Over the years, Equithy has provided digital trading services to both budding and experienced traders, traders affiliated with institutions, and retail traders.

They have become a trustworthy brand that has been dynamic enough to catch up with the never-ending advancement of technology because of their flexibility. Ranking at the peak with other brokerages and digital platforms, Equithy has influenced digital trading greatly by setting the pace that other platforms are still trying to catch up to in the world of financial technology.

Amid a lot of other choices of platforms, Equithy still has a large following of customers who prefer it over other platforms and the reasons are as clear as day. Experienced traders are jumping ship from their previous platforms to Equithy while the newbies are learning that it is the place to be for them. 

This Equithy review is not an attempt at praise-singing but an exposition of what it is like to make use of Equithy as a newbie or as an experienced trader. Some facts are evident in the services provided by this platform for its large customer population.

This review seeks to point out everything about the digital trading and financial services provided by Equithy. Equithy is very concerned about giving the best services to their customers. Here are some of the services offered by Equithy and what makes their platform what it is.

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What Are The Peculiar Features Provided By Equithy?

Peak Trading Platforms

People want to be able to trade from anywhere and anytime at all. This was not always possible in the past but Equithy understands that in this digital age, a lot of traders want to be able to enjoy trading flexibility on platforms.

This means that it is no longer acceptable to them to only have to trade and access their accounts on a desktop or something immobile. The use of mobile applications like the activ8 makes it very easy for traders to get updates on the market, check signals, and compare their trades with others.

The opportunities on these platforms are limitless.  A trader can get enough information from indicators that will allow them to make informed decisions from their analysis.

The web mode is not difficult to access and does not limit a trader to certain devices as you can access the web mode with any device or browser that you can connect to the internet with. It is best enjoyed with speedy internet browsers even though it allows all browsers access.

Equithy trading platform

Protects Customer Information And Funds

Every trader is worried about one thing and one thing alone, which is their money. They always want to know if their money is protected.

The next most important thing to them is the information that they provide during registration to the platforms. With Equithy you are guaranteed the safety of your data and your funds.

Your data is coded so that no one can reach it for any reason at all. Equithy prides itself on a platform that is immune to e-thieves. Your funds are stashed away in a manner that makes it almost impossible to reach.

With these guarantees and almost no complaint whatsoever of loss of funds or personal customer data, traders now appreciate the safety of trading and transactions offered to them by Equithy. Once these vital worries have been dealt with, a trader can begin to trade and invest with peace of mind.

Training And Demo Options

For most people, trading is like swimming for them. They have to test the waters to get some confidence. Equithy is peculiar because they offer training courses and materials that will help a trader to get better in the business.

Customers are trained in specific areas that will develop their trading and investment skills greatly. Areas such as Strategy, Cryptocurrencies, and assets are covered fully in training courses.

You are also equipped with a demo account that gives you the feeling of the real thing while you get ready to put in some real money. This extra mile to educate and train customers is another reason why Equithy is in a league of their own.

When the training is complete, the customer should be able to monitor the market and formulate strategies that will help them make the most out of volatile market situations. They also learn to study charts and analyze them so they can make informed decisions and predictions as well.

Most people think that this training course is something they have to break their banks to afford, but Equithy offers these training services for free with no restrictions on their website. They are on the customer’s side.

Regardless of a trader’s experience, they need these training materials to stay sharp, while a newbie needs it to get a hold of the ropes. With these training materials, you get updates, news, and every piece of digital trading information that will be useful to you through your emails, phone calls, and text messages.

Best Assets And Commodities

Your trader or broker is useless to you if they cannot point you and provide you with access to assets and commodities that you can trade on. Equithy offers its customers unlimited access to Contract for Difference, which will help them to make informed guesses or predictions in the market.

A broker that provides such services for their customers has helped them reduce risks while equipping them to make much more profit. Equithy tells you about the best cryptocurrencies to trade on.

It informs clients of what is real and what is not, and what is more profitable in the long run. Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum are always the go-to commodities, and Equithy offers news on its platform about cryptocurrencies.

Round The Clock Customer Service System

There is always the possibility of an unexpected occurrence during transactions or trade. It could be during an exchange or withdrawal, registrations, deposit of funds or any other customer-related issues.

When these things happen, customers always feel the need to call for virtual assistance or help, and there must be a reliable system for them to communicate. Equithy provides its customers with a dependable customer service line. 

Aside from having a very user-friendly UI that is easy to navigate, Equithy has the option of a live assistance option to chat with a representative who will help the customer. A customer can reach this representative with an email or even a phone call when they cannot hold a live chat.

A customer that requires information can easily access it on the Equithy social media outlets. These arrangements make it easy for any customer to handle their business and make every complaint and make every inquiry that is necessary for them to handle their business on the platform.

Equithy customer support

Amazing Trading Tools

Trading Analysis: Equithy always provides information that helps their customers make very informed decisions and make transactions laden with analytical accuracy. They do this by providing detailed charts with patterns of prices of the commodity.

This tool compares the data from the past transaction of a commodity and helps the customer make informed predictions by providing data from charts such as bar charts and pie charts, candlestick charts, and trend lines. 

Equithy understands this importance, and for this reason, they provide an economic calendar to help a customer to monitor events around the world that might affect their trades. The calendar is so detailed and organized in a way that just with a glance, a customer can find what they are looking for.

Oscillators And Indicators: Oscillators are very important in predicting the price of commodities in forex. Indicators are used to calculate oscillators hence the relationship.

The results of adopting and making use of these technical analysis tools cannot be overemphasized. Customers depend on their brokers for oscillators and indicators to help them make informed decisions in the market.

Access To Accounts And Transactions From Anywhere In The World

Equithy broker supports mobile technology trading. So, a customer enjoys the absence of rigidity in control of their account.

As a customer, you are not sentenced to using a particular type of account for all eternity. You can move from the standard to the bold and the VIP account whenever you want as far as the requirements are met.

There is access to professional support, which helps the customer manage their accounts and transactions effectively. The customer has at their disposal, countless tools and instruments that will help them make informed decisions on the trading of commodities and assets such as cryptocurrencies, metals, and forex.

Equithy Employs Up To Date Technology

There is always ease of depositing and withdrawing your funds with the use of bank cards. There are countless currencies and available cryptocurrency pairs

You can contact customer assistance with emails, text messages and live chats. There are a lot of financial training programs that will turn an amateur into a professional over time.

The mobile apps and website are easy to navigate as they have a friendly interface for users


Characteristics such as current time, schedule, imparted currencies, and events, as well as other such data, are important and are provided in the economic calendar by this broker.  

This review shows that the Equithy trading platform cares about its users and is always available to help them in any way they want.

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