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Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB Scam? What You Need to Know…

Global CTB Broker Rating
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Global CTB doesn’t charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals, which reduces your expenses. They accommodate traders with different budgets, skills and risk tolerance to allow everyone to trade within their comfort zone. The broker gives its clients the opportunity of trading various cryptocurrencies that include NEO, Ripple, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash.

Global CTB Review

Global CTB screenshotIn today’s world, everyone is interested in finding profitable investment opportunities. After all, who doesn’t want a financial cushion that can secure their future? The problem is that most investments usually generate substantial returns over years. Does that mean that you cannot earn profits in the short-term? If you are looking for high returns within a short span of time, trading is your answer. Online trading has become a global phenomenon as there is a huge range of trading instruments that can be traded for making money. Who hasn’t heard of the stock market or the foreign exchange market?

With the addition of cryptocurrencies, this option has become even more attractive. The best thing about trading is that it doesn’t impose any restriction. You just need to be 18 and have money to invest in order to get started. There are no qualification requirements or any other eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to begin your trading journey. There are instruments like stocks, currencies, commodities like precious metals and energies and indices that can be traded. The addition of cryptocurrency was made in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the masses.

Global CTB Review

This digital currency has led to the development of an entire industry and these days, you can find a massive number of crypto coins in the market. Bitcoin is the undisputed later and it enjoys the highest value in terms of market share and capitalization, but there are others that have come quite close. Ethereum and Litecoin are just two examples and there are plenty more in the market with new ones being introduced every day. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that they have become a popular trading asset, especially after 2017, when the market experienced one of the most famous surges in its history.

In order to fulfill the growing demand, crypto brokerages have been set up to cater to those who want to trade cryptocurrencies. This is not very different from other trading instruments as you can find brokers specializing in the forex market, the stock market and more. Finding a broker is important because brokers provide you with a trading platform that connects you to the market to help you trade. But, finding a crypto broker is easier said than done. First and foremost, the number of options has increased significantly and this can lead to a great deal of confusion.

Most traders don’t know what to consider when they are looking for a crypto broker and they are also hesitant because they know that there are scam brokerages out there as well. You don’t want to opt for a shady broker that ends up taking your money and leave you empty-handed at the end of the day. There are different features and aspects of a broker that needs to be taken into account before a decision can be made. Even if a broker is completely legitimate doesn’t mean that they will be able to accommodate you. Therefore, doing your due diligence is of the utmost importance.

Among the various crypto brokers offering their services in the market, there is also that you will come across. It is relatively a new brokerage due to which people may not want to pay much attention, but you will discover that it has gained a significant amount of popularity within a short time span. The broker is offering its services to traders all over the globe, regardless of their location or their background and skill. If you check out the broker’s website, you will see that it is impeccably designed and offers easy navigation to everyone.

It is easy to find everything you want about Global CTB right on their website as they are very forthcoming and open about their services. Moreover, the team that founded the brokerage comprised of a group of former equity brokers and they drew on their own experience to develop an optimal trading environment for their clients. Thus, Global CTB is fully capable of catering to newbies as well as professional traders and provides them all with the special features they need. But, how do you make your decision? There are some questions you need to ask about the broker to ascertain if they are the right fit for you. The questions are mentioned here:

Is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

You might be asking yourself “is Global CTB scam or legit?”.  Well rest assured that Global CTB is a legitimate and safe broker for your trading needs.

Is Global CTB Scam

  • What is Global CTB’s regulatory status?

One of the most important aspects of a broker that needs to be checked immediately is their regulatory status. It is recommended that you don’t proceed forward with a broker if you are unsure of their regulatory status. Unregulated brokers are not licensed properly and can be scams or may not have appropriate measures to protect their clients. Hence, you shouldn’t take the risk of opting for such brokers and choose regulated ones. These are monitored by a well-reputed financial authority and comply with fair policies and practices.

There are capital requirements, operating practices and security measures that have to be in place for a broker to be regulated. When you choose a regulated broker, you know they won’t exploit you or take advantage. Global CTB is also a regulated broker and it has fulfilled all requirements to achieve this status. The best part is that they are not just claiming to be regulated; they have backed up their claims by publishing their regulatory certificate on their website from where it can be verified. You can check the registration number and confirm it to ensure they are who they claim to be.

  • What kind of security does Global CTB offer for traders?

It is perfectly normal for people to consider the security measures used by the broker because everyone is aware of the increase in crypto scams and other frauds that are happening routinely. Signing up with a broker means that you provide your personal information to them and also deposit your money. You don’t want to put either at risk because hackers can make away with your funds and also steal your personal information and use it for illegal activities. Hence, it is not a smart move to opt for a broker without taking a look at their security policies.

With Global CTB, you don’t need to be worried about security as the broker is fully regulated, which means it is mandatory for them to provide a secure trading environment to their clients. The good thing about Global CTB is that it doesn’t just stick to the requirements; it has gone to great lengths to minimize the security risks of putting your information and money on the internet. Their aim is to provide peace of mind to their customers due to which they have chosen Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. All communications and data shared between the customer and network is instantly encrypted.

This means that even if a third-party gains access to the broker’s network, they will not be able to decipher the information as it will be fully encrypted. They will need a decryption key, which is not made available to unauthorized personnel. Furthermore, Global CTB has also chosen to follow KYC (Know Your Customer) measures, which is aimed at verifying the identity of everyone who signs up with the broker. The verification procedure involves submission of proof of ID in the form of ID card, passport or driver’s license. Proof of address is also needed, which can be given with bank statement or utility bill.

In this way, the broker ensures that no shady individuals or suspicious profiles can be made on their platform to gain access. People will only be able to trade with the broker after they have provided the necessary documents. Next, Global CTB has opted for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy as the broker doesn’t want any illegal financial activities to be done through its platform. The policy aims to curb financial crimes that have become widespread. To maintain fund security, Global CTB maintains segregated accounts for its traders, which is standard for regulated brokers. Hence, the broker’s funds are kept separate from their customers, which means the traders’ funds will remain safe in the event of bankruptcy. Lastly, Global CTB has also used firewalls and they are constantly monitoring their website to keep it secure.

  • What kind of trading platforms does Global CTB provide?

As stated earlier, a broker is essential because they provide traders with access to a trading platform, which is the software used for executing trades and connecting to the market. Every broker provides a trading platform, which boasts features and tools that assist during the trading process. There are numerous trading platforms that are available in the market and every broker offers something different. Obviously, you need to check the trading platform because you want to trade easily. If the platform is too complicated, lacks features or is too slow, it can directly impact your performance.

As former traders were behind Global CTB, they were fully aware of the role a trading platform plays in trading. Thus, they have paid special attention to this aspect to provide their clients with a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution. Global CTB’s trading platform is web-based, which means you can access it directly through the web browser. This saves traders from having to download and install the platform and it doesn’t restrict them to one device either. They can enjoy a lot of flexibility because the platform can work on any device that has a web browser. Whether you are using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the platform will work on all.

Global CTB trading platform

This is extremely convenient as it means that you don’t have to be tied down to one device. They can access their account with the broker on the move and make trades from anywhere. However, the most prominent feature of Global CTB’s trading platform is that it is powered by cutting edge technology and yet it boasts a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Consequently, any trader, whether they are trading for the first time or have experience, will be able to use Global CTB’s trading platform without worrying about a learning curve.

Just because the platform is simple doesn’t mean that it is lacking in any features or tools that can enhance the trading experience. Global CTB has created a simple dashboard where you can easily check your trading history and other details. Navigation is straightforward and everything is easily accessible. One-click trading is fully supported and you can get access to custom indicators, live charts, market analysis, latest news and advanced trading signals that can play a vital role in the trading process. Moreover, Global CTB is constantly making updates to their trading platform to ensure it continues performing smoothly and the security elements are also updated to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

  • What account types can you find at Global CTB?

It is a standard procedure for brokers to offer their customers different account options to choose from. Every trader is different and have different expectations and needs from trading. Therefore, various account options are provided that differ in terms of deposit requirements, trading tools and features that are all part of the trading process. It is typical for brokers to distinguish the account types for newcomers, mid-level traders and professionals. But, these three options can be quite limiting because not every trader is at the same stage. Understanding this, Global CTB has chosen to offer additional options to their clients.

The broker has a total of six account choices and every single account is created for traders who have unique requirements. They accommodate traders with different budgets, skills and risk tolerance to allow everyone to trade within their comfort zone. Some of the features that Global CTB offers are common in all account types while some are developed specifically for particular accounts. The six account options that Global CTB has developed are:

Basic Account: The first trading account by Global CTB is called the basic account that has been created especially for complete newbies. The account can be opened with a deposit of $250 and this is quite reasonable, considering there is significant risk so newbies shouldn’t invest more. This account gives a 30% welcome bonus, education center access, price alerts, Daily Market Review, PRO webinars and round the clock customer support.

Beginner Account: The second account by Global CTB is for traders who have moved up the ladder are not newbies anymore. For this account, the welcome bonus is set at 40% so the deposit requirement is also increased to $10,000. All features of the basic account are available here and traders are also given a junior account manager to assist them in their trades and for providing guidance.

Medium Account: Global CTB’s third account option has been developed for intermediate traders as they have some experience and are ready to take some risks during trading. Therefore, they are asked to deposit a total of $25,000 to open the Medium account. With a 60% welcome bonus, traders are now given a senior account manager to assist them in managing their investment portfolio.

Advanced Account: This account option by Global CTB is for advanced traders who have significant skills and knowledge associated with trading. A minimum deposit of $50,000 is needed for opening this account and as the risks are higher, a VIP account manager is needed here. To give traders an incentive to open this account, a 70% welcome bonus is given to them by Global CTB.

Pro Account: Global CTB introduced the fifth account option for professional traders who have a great deal of experience in the market and skills as well. The deposit requirement for this account is $100,000 and the account gives a welcome bonus of 80%. The Pro account gives traders access to all features offered by Global CTB to their clients.

VIP Account: The last account option that’s available with Global CTB is called the VIP account and this has been developed for a specific category of traders. These traders have high trading volumes so they need sophisticated and advanced tools that can help them make accurate trades. But, in order to open this account with the broker, you have to meet some requirements. If you are interested in this account, you should get in touch with your account manager and ask them to give you the details.

You can select an account option that works for you and once you have made up your mind, you can deposit the required amount in one of three currencies; GBP, USD or EURO.

  • What deposit and withdrawal methods are supported by the Global CTB firm?

Once you have selected an account type, you can start trading only when you have made a deposit in it. But, how do you do that? Similarly, when you trade, you also make profits that you want to withdraw. How do you do that? To do both, you need to check out the methods that Global CTB supports. Obviously, security is a priority, but you also want speed and convenience so the process stays as simple as possible. Global CTB knows what people want from the payment methods and so they have added a variety of methods to accommodate everyone. After all, if you have to wait or if the process is complicated and hassling, it can lead to frustration. You can go over the options and choose one that works out best for you.

First and foremost, Global CTB gives traders the option of using the traditional option of bank wire transfer for their deposits and withdrawals. Secondly, the broker also supports debit and credit cards, which include Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. In addition to these options, Global CTB has also added e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill for ease and clients are also given the option of using crypto for adding funds. An important thing to know about Global CTB is that it doesn’t charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals, which reduces your expenses. However, bank wire transfers occur a cost of $20 and a minimum of $100 can be withdrawn in one go.

Global CTB cryptocurrencies

  • What cryptocurrencies does Global CTB offer?

As it is cryptocurrencies you want to trade, it is logical that you should take a look at the cryptocurrencies the broker is offering for trading. Every single crypto broker in the market will have Bitcoin as their primary asset, but it is definitely not the only crypto in the market. While a lot of people are drawn to crypto due to Bitcoin, it is not the only good and profitable option in the crypto space. Also, there is significant competition for Bitcoin, which means the profitability will be low. The best way to earn maximum crypto returns is by diversifying your investment in multiple cryptocurrencies.

But, does your chosen broker offer you the option to do so? Global CTB will not disappoint you in this regard because they have not just limited themselves to the typical three options of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The broker gives its clients the opportunity of trading various cryptocurrencies that include NEO, Ripple, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash. Global CTB doesn’t just add any options to their asset index. The broker does research into every crypto and only adds those that are legitimate and have a solid profit potential. As lots of crypto have turned out to be Ponzi schemes, you can never be too careful.

  • What kind of customer support is provided by Global CTB?

The customer support provided by a broker should be considered a necessity because you can have problems or questions at any time. Crypto trading is evolving and when you are new to the process, you will have questions and concerns that require answers. Global CTB has come up with comprehensive customer support options for their clients that are available via different mediums. Their agents can be reached through phone, email or live chat on their website. They are available 24/6 to answer your questions in a friendly manner. An FAQ section is also provided on the website for answering common queries.

Bottom Line

Once you know details about trading platform, you can determine that it is a reliable broker for your crypto trading.

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