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Midaswms Review – Is This a Recommended Broker or a Scam? What We Learned!

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Midaswms is one of the many investment brokerage platforms in the financial assets trade market. This article is a review of the Midaswms platform, and this will help you decide if its platform is what you need for the success of your financial investments.

Midaswms Review

midaswms-logoForex trading is one of the best products of the financial assets trade market. Forex involves trading the simple art of buying and selling. Investors profit from the Forex trade by the nature of money (which is the basic unit of the Forex trade market). Money is very volatile; its value moves up and down with a lot of factors. Forex traders make a profit in the market by buying a currency with another currency when its cost is low, and selling off when its value moves back up, the value change culminates in becoming a profit for the trader.

Midaswms Review

An investor can make gain by the value decrease of a currency in the Forex trade market. The trader sells some units of his/her currency and then buys again when the price reduces, the price difference becomes a profit for the trader.

CFD (Contracts For Difference) is another trading product of the financial assets trade market. CFD trading world in a two-way manner; that is a trader can profit either from the loss or the increase in the value of a currency in a single trade. The CFD trade product is possible for many financial assets in the market today. Many brokers have traded CFDs and have made a fortune out of it. CFD trading is, however, risky, and a trader can lose all of his/her investments if such a trader not carefully guided.

Cryptocurrency trading is another product of the financial assets market. Cryptocurrency is relatively recent and has gained a lot of grounds since its inception into the market. Cryptocurrency trading is pretty similar to the Forex and CFD forms of trading. The only thing that differentiates the possibilities of the crypto assets trading is the fact that crypto-assets are virtual forms of currency, and they are a bit more stable than other types of financial assets. Stock trading, commodity trading, Tokenized assets trading are other pronounced products of the assets trade market.

All the products of the financial assets trade market hold immense profit prospects for traders in the trade market. A lot of investors have made a fortune for themselves trading with a single one of these products; some have used a dynamic mix of assets. The one line connecting all forms of financial assets trade investors is the fact that all trades pass through the agency of an investment broker.

An investment broker is a platform through which investors execute their trade actions in the financial assets trading market. Choosing a broker is one of the most significant decisions a trader can make to further his/her trading career. Choosing one among the pool of investment brokers can be a hard choice, mainly because there are a lot of brokers whose platform is fantastic and fit into the investment goals of traders and investors.

Choosing a good broker culminates into remarkable investments, and choosing a bad one culminates in terrible trading experience, and this is why a trader must carefully scrutinize an investment brokerage platform before deciding to place money on the platform.

Midaswms is one of the many investment brokerage platforms in the financial assets trade market. This article is a review of the Midaswms platform, and this will help you decide if its platform is what you need for the success of your financial investments.


Trading platform Web-based trader, Mobile Trader, MT4
Account Options Gold Account, Diamond Account, Platinum Account, and MIDAS Partners Account

Demo Account

Live Account

Assets coverage CFDs (Contract For Difference), Commodities, Indices, Forex, Shares, et cetera
Spreads Competitive
Commissions Zero Commissions
Leverage 1:200
Trading Resources Midaswms Academy, Economic Calendar, Market News, and FAQs
Account Funding and Withdrawal Credit/Debit cards: VISA Card, Maestro Card, MasterCard

Wire Transfer: Barclays

Global Payments: Safecharge

Customer Service Available 24 hours, five working days a week.



Parent Company Digital C Media
Location Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont

Midaswms is a brokerage platform operated by Digital C Media located in Becahmont. This platform offers an asset investment trader with the opportunity to trade CFDs on almost all major markets of the financial assets trade. The Assets through which a trader can execute his/her trade orders on the Midaswms platform are numerous. The Midaswms platform endeavors to provide all its client needs to succeed in the art of investment brokerage, and this is why it has made all the major financial markets available on its platform. Investors on its platform van choose to approach assets trading with only a single (or a limited) number of assets or with a dynamic mix of assets, whatever trading style an investor intends to employ, the Midaswms platform has all the assets a trader needs.

Midaswms has four different trading account options from which a trader can choose. The four account options on the Midaswms platform are vast and cover a wide range of investor classes and styles.

The Midaswms platform has close to a million registered accounts, and the number is still counting, it offers trading leverage of 1:200, which is very scarce to see in the world of financial assets trading. The trading tools on the platform of this broker are amazing, and they offer deep insight into the matter of financial assets trading. The trading tools on the Midaswms platform also help its clients make the best of their trading experiences because it empowers them for the optimum trading experience possible. The trading tools on the platform of Midaswms are consistently updated to keep the trader in the freshness of the market trends as they happen, there are also trading tools with which traders on the Midaswms platform can predict future market trends and stay ahead if the market.

There is a team of professional support to attend to the client of the Midaswms platform. The customer support offices of the Midaswms platform are available to answer requests around the clock for five business days a week. Account funding and withdrawal are relatively easy on the Midaswms platform, and this brokerage platform has made several account funding methods available to ease its clients of the hiccups and the tensions of terrible withdrawal experiences.

The Midaswms platform uses some precautionary procedural measures to secure the funds of its clients. It also uses some technological innovations to protect the accounts of its clients adequately. In the unlikely event that hackers get a hold of the Midaswms platform, the broker has devised several methods to protect all the funds of its clients.



The Midaswms platform has two foundational account options from which traders can benefits immensely: the demo and the live account. These two trading account options complement each other for the most optimum trading results.

The Demo Account

The demo account is a trading account with all the features of the assets trade market. The unique thing about the demo account is the fact that on it there are no real stakes, a trader can trade at will without the fear of a loss because the stakes on this kind of account are not real. On a demo account, profit made can only be used to make more demo trade executions and nothing more. Losses encountered while executing demo trades do not count because the money of the investor is not involved in the operation of the demo account. Although the demo account has no real stakes, all its services work in the same way as that of the actual market. 

Demo accounts are very resourceful for test running trade orders or styles, and they also help a trader to grasp and master the art of trading. Anyone who desires to thrive in the art of financial assets trading should perfect the trading art on a demo account before going for the live account options.

The Live Account

The live account on the Midaswms platform has the same nitty-gritty as the demo account, the only difference is that the live account has real stakes as a user of the Midaswms platform is required to fund his/her live account for live trade orders. Profits made on live accounts can be used to make more live trade orders, transferred, or withdrawn depending on the amount and the choice of the trader.


When a trader finally decides to trade on the assets trade market, the Midaswms platform has four trading account levels from which its user can choose, depending on the factors that surround the account, as well as their capital. The design of these trading account options available on the Midaswms platform is to help as many traders as possible get the best of their investments. The account options on the Midaswms platform are listed below with a skeletal frame of their nitty-gritty.

The Gold Account: This is the first trading account level on the platform of this broker. The account is suitable for traders and investors who are just starting in the financial market – beginner traders, with the minimal risk level. This trading account has a minimum deposit of $10,000, and traders on this account level pay no other fees on the account. Customers on this account level also enjoy leverage on their trade, up to 1:200. In addition, the broker provides access to 30 minutes introduction to the trading software with an experienced account manager. This trading account also has a spread of 0,9 pips in EUR/USD.

The Diamond Account: This trading account level has a minimum deposit of $25,000. Hence, the account is suitable for traders and investors who have a good understanding of the financial market. Besides, traders and investors on this trading account level enjoy the leverage of up to 1:200. There are no fees on this account. Furthermore, traders and investors enjoy introductory coaching by experienced account managers of Regular trading signals, including automatic implementation for your trading account. This trading account also has a spread of 0,5 pips in EUR/USD.

The Platinum Account: The Platinum trading account is suitable for experienced traders and investors in the financial market. This trading account has a minimum deposit of $50,000 and has no other fees. There is the leverage of up to 1:200 leverage on the account, as well as Spread of 0,3 pips in EUR/USD. Traders and investors on this account level enjoy access to introductory coaching by experienced account managers of automatic implementation for trading accounts, including participation in the news trading sessions (approximately 5 – 25 trades per day) intensive support by senior account managers.

The Midas Partners Account: This trading account level has a minimum deposit of $100,000. Hence, this trading account is suitable for professional and more experienced traders and investors in the financial market. Besides, the account comes with a leverage of up to 1:200. The spreads on this trading account are 0,08 pips in EUR/USD. Furthermore, traders and investors on this trading account enjoy fantastic and exclusive services, as the account is for all professional traders who are looking for the best terms for their scalping strategies.

With these four trading account levels, the Midaswms platform caters to the needs of a diversified class of assets trade investors.


The Midaswms trading platform is available on all the following interfaces:

  • Web trader
  • MT4
  • Mobile trading platforms available on Android and IOS

The availability of this broker’s platform on all these mediums is a signifier that its platform is easily accessible. Whatever your schedule, you can be sure the Midaswms platform has something that comes in handy as a trading platform for you. Whether you desire to sit on a spot and monitor your trade executions or you desire to trade on the go because of your schedule, the Midaswms platform has you covered on all fronts.


The issue of trade security is a susceptible one as it involves the money of investors. You should double-check the security provisions of a broker before placing investments on its platform. Otherwise, you may find your investments in a deep black hole.

Some security policies require a broker to have at least a level of client security provision, and Midaswms is compliant with 2 of them. These policies are:

The AML (Anti Money Laundering) Policy

This policy requires that a brokerage platform put in place some measure to keep fraudsters out of its platform, thereby keeping it safe both for trade executions and traders.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy

This policy requires that a broker take adequate steps to verify the identity of its clients; this is to keep bots and people with criminal records out of the platform.

Asides these policies, this broker also uses data encryption technologies to safeguard the information its clients’ information, so you can be sure your data is safe on the Midaswms platform. The Midaswms platform also goes to great lengths to verify the identity of its clients to keep bot hackers out of its platform.

The Midaswms platform is a very safe trading platform.


The Midaswms platform provides numerous educational resources to help its clients master the art of assets trading. This broker has a section which it labels as its academy; in this academy, there are countless resources. The educational resources available on this brokerage platform cover a range of topics such as:

  • What is trading?
  • Major world currency pairs
  • Minor and exotic pairs
  • Currency value fluctuations
  • What moves a currency?
  • Why you should pay attention to time
  • Understanding the risks

The Midaswms platform also uses several resources to help its clients for the best trading experiences, such as economic calendar, Market news, et cetera.


The Midaswms platform encourages platform, and it has provided some ways through which its clients can contact agents of its customer care. Customer care is available 24 hours a day and five days a week to proffer solutions to the questions and queries from its customers. The following are the feedback channels a client of the Midaswms platform can use to reach agents of its customer care service:

  • Its office address
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • WhatsApp live chat
  • Contact us form on its website


In terms of deposit of funds and withdrawal of earnings, clients of this broker have been provided with multiple channels of funding their account and withdrawing their profits in the market. Customers of this broker can fund or withdraw through MasterCard, visa card, maestro, wire transfer, and SafeCharge.


The Midaswms assets brokerage platform is a great place to have your financial investments if your investment goals match what its platform provides.

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