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Summary is as transparent as they come, this platform informs the trader of every commission and the rates that would be charged, the various withdrawal fees. These experts developed a trading platform with everything in mind like security, professional customer support, educational resources and even the innovative social trading technology.

Pibexa Review

Pibexa Review ( world is continually evolving and as it does, new ways to spend money keeps popping up everywhere. Having a day job used to be enough to live well and still save successfully for the future but that is no longer the case, money just doesn’t seem enough these days. With the ever-increasing rate of inflation, the never-ending bills and other personal obligations, there is barely enough to treat yourself at the end of the day or sufficiently safe for the future.

Everyone is looking for more ways to make money and as with the law of demand and supply, as demand for money-making ventures increased, new money-making ventures began to crop up in answer to those demands. The world of trading with financial assets opened up and people began to troop in to make money from this market.

Some people were wary at first but when the testimonials kept rolling in, many people became more willing to give it a try. Trading with financial assets is the most profitable way to make money these days, the best part is you can still keep your day job while having this as your side hustle and you will still make profits, it is the best way to go if you’re looking to make money quickly.

Now while there are no restrictions on who can trade in the financial market, there are some important steps a trader can take to increase his/her chances of making profits. This is because a new trader in the market will have no idea how to go about business in the trading market, understanding market trends is no easy feat as an in-depth understanding of the ever-fluctuating market is required.

A trader will need the help of a broker to make the most of his trading experience in the financial market, a trader who wants to do it all alone will have no one to blame when the losses come rolling in and profit seem impossible. Brokers are experienced in the art of trading, they help a trader make the right decisions when trading and also point out opportunities to make money to the trader.

Finding a trading platforms is not the problem as there are many brokers available on the internet which a trader can choose from, these brokers offer many enticing bonuses and high promises of profits but only few can deliver. It has become increasingly difficult to get the right broker to trade with, this is important because the wrong broker will cost you all your funds and you can do little to stop it.

Pibexa Review (

Despite the bad fruits in the bunch, there are good ones and they honestly have the best interest of the trader at heart. To be able to make up your mind on which broker to trade with, it is advised to read up on reviews about these brokers before choosing to sail with them. One such broker is and we would be reviewing them in detail to give the trader an overview of what they offer.

What We Know About

The focus of a broker must always be the best interest of the trader he is representing and according to; that is the motive of the trading platform. Although Pibexa is relatively new to the market, it has gained popularity as one of the top trading platforms in the financial market. This is because you just can’t go wrong when you invest with this broker, it offers traders maximum profits and promptly delivers. is a leading online broker famous worldwide for offering a platform that allows its traders to make the most of their trading experience. It was developed and is controlled by Tarvida industries LP, its headquarter can be found in London. This trading platform is unique because unlike various trading platform that offers access to the various trading market, is completely focused on Forex Trading.

Not to be a jack of all trades and master of none, this brokerage industry has honed its experience and expertise to focus on one aspect of the trading market to be able to successfully help traders make trades that will keep the money rolling in. This is probably why it is one of the best platforms for Forex trading.

The website is regulated and duly registered, it is known for the remarkable services the traders get to enjoy on the platform. The fact that it is regulated is meant to assure traders of the site’s legit status because regulated companies are kept in check by the government and have to comply with policies against laundering.

This trading platform came into the financial industry to become not just one of the best, but the very best trading platform for Forex in the financial market and it is fast achieving that dream. The many features attached to trading on the Pibexa trading platform is one of the things that makes the platform one of the most sought-after brokers in the financial market.

Notable Features of came into the financial market armed with many amazing features that give them and traders that choose to trade with them an upper hand in the financial market. These features were put in place to help the traders make the most of their trades and earn high profits while trading.

  • Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Most trading platforms do not recognize the importance of having amazing customer service support but it ranks as one of the features that a trading platform needs to have to attract traders to its platform. A trader needs to be assured that at any time of the day, the platform it chooses is available to help with any inquiry or issues it may have. makes this feature a top priority on its platform as it has gone out of its way to be available for traders on the platform. The customer care department of is available for contact at any time of any day, this service is available all seven days of the week and every hour of every day. So, a trader can quickly contact the customer care, get answers to inquiries made and continue with trading without wasting any time.

There is also a FAQ section on the platform that efficiently deals with questions and problems a trader might encounter on the platform, this is to save the trader the stress of having to contact a customer care agent to help solve issues. A trader can simply read up on the FAQs, find a solution to his/her problem and get on with trading on the platform.

This trading platform goes the extra mile of providing an email address a trader can send complaints to, phone numbers a trader can call to speak directly to a customer care agent and there is even the option of a live chat on the platform. And if a trader is still not satisfied with all these methods of contacting this online broker, an address is made available where the trader can come in person to get answers to questions.

  • Sterling Security Protocols

You know a trading platform is all about you when there are necessary protocols put in place to ensure the safety of the trader in every way. This is important as traders want to be assured that their assets and funds are safe with whichever broker they choose to trade with. This is why traders are wary about falling into the hands of scammers posing as online brokers. makes the safety of funds, information and assets of traders a priority on its platform. Every information is encrypted with advanced technologies that make it cyberattacks nearly impossible. This platform can be considered secure by traders since it complies with many policies like the Know your Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AMC) Policies.

These policies are put in place to prevent the platform from laundering money and Pibexa strictly adheres to the policy that prevents this. Also, the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy makes sure the policy collects enough information from traders looking to register on the platform and also verify this information gathered to confirm that a hacker is not trying to get access to the platform.

Making deposits via the various payment gateways provided on the platform is also very secure as these gateways are encrypted with SSL security. All these are put in place to ensure the security of the platform for traders to be able to carry out trades with confidence.

  • Brilliant Social Trading Feature

For new traders who don’t understand how market trends work, Pibexa has got them covered on all grounds. Pibexa proves with this feature that it is far ahead of its time and is more than a competition for other trading platforms in the financial market, this feature was put in place to make trading even more comfortable for both experienced and new traders.

Strategies are everything in the trading market and a trader needs to understand these strategies to make sufficient profits from trades. These strategies can be hard to understand which is why social trading was put in place for new traders who don’t have enough time to learn how trading works.

This feature allows traders to emulate the actions of more experienced traders in the financial market. With this feature, a trader can view the different signals an experienced trader makes and the trades they choose to make and so, copy their pattern when making trades.

In simple terms, this feature allows traders to imitate professional traders so they can make as much profits as the experts are making in the financial market. This feature helps new traders cut across the process of learning and just start making the right decisions in trading because these experts are already erudite in the art of trading. If you choose to trust the tactics of a trader, Pibexa gives you a chance to be like them.

  • Abundant Educational Resources

Learning how to trade is a very important part of trading and every expert in the financial market today was once a beginner who learned the ropes. Even though Forex trading is considered simple and up-front, getting the required training help increase your chance of making more profits as the right training helps you understand and exploit the market trends to your advantage.

There are various ways of making money in the financial market and profit-making doesn’t rely solely on the high value of assets traded on in the market, there are eBooks, webinars, live training sessions and many other educational resources that help traders learn how to make the most of every situation including when assets lose value on the market.

Pibexa efficiently takes care of this for traders on its platform as there are vast educational resources made available on the platform to help traders become better at what they do. These resources educate, inform and help traders grow into professionals other traders can follow through the social trading feature.

Some of these training resources are made available for free on the platform while others require the traders to unlock a certain account to gain access to. These resources help educate traders on the various currencies, their values and how a trader can make profits with them. Pibexa’s purpose is to help traders make up-to-date decisions on trades and these resources are created in a way that there is something in it for every investor on the platform.

  • Easily Accessible Platform

The whole purpose of using an online broker is for easy accessibility, a trader wants to be able to access their trades on the go and Pibexa with this goal in mind, was created to provide traders with a friendly platform they can carry along wherever they go. takes care of the stress of having to download a software or smartphone app before a trader can execute trades by creating a web-based platform.

This platform supports any working browser on desktops and mobile phones, it also has a mobile phone app that supports any Andriod and iOS version for traders who might prefer to make trades via an app. These two platforms were created for the utmost satisfaction of the customer and to give them the best experience while trading with this online broker.

  • Lack of Ambiguousness

Many trading platforms in the financial market just cannot be trusted due to their lack of transparency, these platforms are shady and are not clear on what a trader is to expect when choosing to trade on their platforms. The cracks then begin to show when a trader wants to make deposits or withdrawals and there are some hidden fees attached to these actions.

A trader on the lookout for a broker to trade with wants a transparent platform where no surprises will pop up when the trader is already in knee-deep. is as transparent as they come, this platform informs the trader of every commission and the rates that would be charged, the various withdrawal fees. These charges are clearly stated in the terms and conditions a trader has to agree to before being duly registered as a trader on the platform.

  • Variety of Currency sets

A trading platform with very few currency pairs becomes frustrating in due time as the limited number of choices can be very stifling, trading on a particular currency pair all the time gets boring after a while because such trader loses out on profits that he/she could have garnered while trading with another currency pair.

Variety truly is the spice of life and the more choices there are, the more opportunities a trader has to make profits. This platform offers traders great opportunities by investing in different currency pairs made available on the platform, this site also offers a wide range of products made available to traders who would want to invest on them.

An available variety of currency pairs is imperative in the trading market because the market is a very unpredictable and as such, a currency with high value in the market today might lose its place to another set of currencies tomorrow, this is why Pibexa makes sure the customer knows he/she isn’t losing out on anything by providing various currency pair.

Currencies like USD/GBP, USD/CAD and other common currencies are referred to as stable currencies because they every rarely goes down in the market but also rarely move up, rare currency pairs on the other hand are very volatile and can move up unexpectedly in the financial market. Whatever the choice of the traders might be, Pibexa got them covered on all grounds.

  • Updated News and Economic Calendar

Pibexa once again looks to cater to the needs of traders by making sure every registered trader on the platform receives daily news about events and market trends that might affect trades carried out. Traders also receive indicators on the value of trades in the market to help them keep up with their various trades and value of currencies traded with.

Another amazing feature of is that it informs the customers about popular trends in the market, these trends help apprise customers about where the market is going and so a trader can make decisions immediately that will help their trades end up successfully. Traders on the site are also privy to the economic calendar and all these news and events update help customers make right, profitable decisions on trades.

Account Types Offered by

Many trading platforms in the financial market makes it hard for traders to trade on their platform with their high deposit rates and inflexible accounts, this is not the case with Pibexa. This trading platform offers traders four vibrant accounts designed to satisfy the various financial needs and goals of traders.

These accounts are available to every trader on the Pibexa trading platform for a certain amount of deposit and each has unique features attached to it.

  • Silver Account

This is the least account on the platform and is available to customers at a minimum deposit of $250, this account was designed for beginners in the trading market who are simply testing the water. This account has the least risk and so, is a good account for newbies to learn to trade in the Forex market and then slowly build up knowledge and experience to explore into upgraded accounts.

Traders holding the account is granted access to many educational resources like eBooks and are allowed to also take courses on the platform’s academy, this is to educate them as they begin their trading journey to help them maximize trades made to earn profits. To access more features, a trader needs to upgrade to the Gold account.

  • Gold Account

The gold account is an account created for traders who have gathered a level of experience while trading in the financial market and are ready to take higher risks while making more profits than the silver account offers, this account is available at a deposit of $1000. There are also features unlocked by this account that is not available to holders of the silver account and one of these features is an account manager.

This account manages are professional staffs who have gathered more experience on forex trading than the account holder, this account manager is dedicated to the account he/she is attached to and serves as a sort of insurance for the trader. They are made available to direct the trader towards making the most of their trading to grow their investments.

  • Platinum Account

This account was designed for traders who have much more experience and are willing to take more risks than other traders in the trading market, it is meant for professionals and traders who hold this account are treated as such. The account is available for the minimum deposit of $5000 and unlocks many features that only a professional in the financial market can truly appreciate.

This feature helps an expert trader hone his knowledge to make trades more profitable and very smooth, among this feature is the lack of a withdrawal fee on every withdrawal made on the platform. Also, a trader holding the platinum account has unlimited access to educational resources like eBooks and online courses which are made available on the platform for traders.

Also, there is interest in deposits made for platinum account holders and also 100% bonus on deposits made on the account. These are not all the features a trader holding this account get to enjoy, there is also access to an expert account manager who assists the trader in trades and also points out trading opportunities to the trader and a trading session with an expert broker.

  • Diamond Account

Most people save the best for the last and that is what Pibexa does for its accounts, Diamond account is the last trading account made available on the site and is created in a way that traders holding this account can be guaranteed of basically no loss while trading with this account. The account is made available for a deposit of $35000.

This account is for expert traders who have become veterans in the financial market, these account holders get VIP customer support as these trained professionals are at their beck and call at any minute they need assistance. This account also unlocks every feature made available on the platform including a MasterCard that is issued to make withdraw easily internationally.

Also, a holder of this account gains access to a special trading session professional analyst to hone their skills, a professional accounts manager and also daily interest on their account. Diamond account holders also gain access to every single educational resource made available on the platform and at absolutely no charge at all.

Holders of the Diamond account also enjoy the free withdrawal benefits made available to platinum account holders and get first-rate contract options on the platform, everything on this account points to experts and maximum profits with very little chance of losses is made possible with this account.

Final Thoughts on

When professionals come together to develop something, there is very little chance of anything going wrong or the purpose of the team not being achieved. This is what Pibexa offers, a team of professionals at the beck and call of every trader dabbling into Forex trading, these professionals aim to give traders the best experience while they make profits in the financial market.

These experts developed this trading platform with everything in mind like security, professional customer support, transparency, educational resources and even the innovative social trading technology. Account managers made available on the platform are professionals and therefore, can only impact trades positively. This is what every trader wants and needs to make successful trades and this is the package Pibexa offers.

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