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Soloprime Review – A Broker Taking Care of Your Trading and Educational Needs

Soloprime Review

Before 2020, the online trading industry was flowing smoothly and did not have much data to be processed. At that time, the exchanges that were operating in the online trading space were focused not only on fulfilling the trading needs of investors but also educate them.However, as the industry boomed, things have not remained the same for the industry. Now, online trading exchanges are not able to focus on traders the way they used to but Soloprime is sticking to the traditions. In this Soloprime review, I will be discussing the features and services the exchange offers that distinguishes it from the rest of the online trading exchanges.

Trading Assets Soloprime Offers

Soloprime offers investors not just one or two trading assets, but five instruments instead. These instruments are the major assets that the online trading industry has to offer to new and old investors alike. The names of these instruments are forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. These instruments have the full support of experts from Soloprime and have been doing it for a really long time. They know exactly how they need to support investors while they perform trades and keep educating them throughout their trading journeys.

Trading Accounts Soloprime Offers

Nowadays, the majority of online trading exchanges do not offer many online trading accounts. The purpose of coming up with several trading accounts is to offer investors the opportunity to choose an account as per their experience and exposure to markets. Soloprime goes ahead and offers investors several trading accounts including Solo Standard, Solo Diamond, Solo Gold, Solo VIP, and Solo Prime. These accounts have been furnished to cater to the needs of investors based on their trading needs, experience, and exposure to trading markets.

General Services Soloprime Offers

Once the investors have an account from Soloprime, they have access to services such as leverage trading, daily market news/reviews, education program, and higher payouts. Additional benefits include no withdrawal fees, spreads, discounts on commission, trading alerts, and support from the account manager.

Trading Platform Soloprime Offers

One of the advantages of trading with Soloprime is that it lets investors trade with its own trading platform. The investors can do it via the web, android, iOS, or tablets, so it is completely up to them and their convenience. The platform is customizable and offers an interface that is user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Some of the major services offered include trading alerts, trading signals, market news, economic calendar, money management, and multi-lingual support.

Some more major options featured by the platform include single-click executions, access to several markets, an advanced reporting/charting system, access to reports, and many more.

Education Program Soloprime Offers

This is where Soloprime knocks things out of the park and manages to distinguish itself among other new exchanges. It offers highly comprehensible, sophisticated, detailed, and knowledge-rich educational content to investors. The investors have the option of learning basic, moderate, and advanced trading tactics through its educational program. Some of the major aspects of the educational program include ebooks, videos, seminars, webinars, and glossaries. The investors have all the content and interactions available to learn and gain more experience in online trading.

Regulatory Policies Adherence

Soloprime aims to remain as regulated as possible to ensure it offers the most reliable, safe, and productive trading experience to investors. The exchange is very compliant with regulations such as KYC and AML, which are highly stressed upon by the regulators worldwide. By doing this, Soloprime ensures it is always providing the best services to its investors and keeps doing it this way.

Customer Support is Via Email

The customer support offered at Soloprime is 24/7 and is one of the most professional and experienced ones in the online trading industry. The customer support at Soloprime is responsible, dedicated, and devoted to helping investors resolve their queries with utmost efficiency. The investors can always write an email to Soloprime’s customer support for a prompt reply.

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