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STR Capital Review – Is a Legit Broker?

STR Capital Broker Rating
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The first thing you need to do is to visit the STR website and get yourself registered there. Once you complete this process, it means that you have successfully registered yourself and you become a part of the STR Capital family. If you are going to begin your trading career, the STR Capital broker can be a good choice for you as it contains everything that a trader needs to achieve success in trading.

STR Capital Review

When you start your trading career you need to make right and clear decisions on each and every step that comes in your way because you are thinking about making your future and life better. And any wrong decision can destroy your dreams. Therefore, you must need to be careful and straightforward while making your decisions. When you enter into the trading world, your first step is very crucial for you as you have to choose the right broker for you. Many traders feel worried at this stage because they don’t know a single thing about how to choose a perfect broker for them. There are a few tips for those who cannot pick a good broker for them on their own.

They should check the reputation of the broker in the industry and check out what other people think of it. Then check out the reliability of the broker whether it can be trusted or not. In the end, check out the features and services of the broker that it offers either they can facilitate your trading or not. If you find all these things present in a broker then you can start your trading with it. To make it easy for you, I have come up with such kind of broker named “STR Capital”. It is a reliable broker and it won’t betray your trust. Further details regarding this broker are given below.

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General Intro of STR Capital

STR Capital is a renowned and the most active online broker present in the industry today that offers users trading services and user-friendly platform to trade CFDs, forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial products. The STR Capital broker has been created to overcome the problems and barriers that traders either beginners, intermediate, or professional face in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading. It is basically a way for every type of trader to trade CFDs on a user-friendly platform in a good conditioned trading environment.

If you are an investor or a trader and have decided to trade with the STR Capital then the brokerage company puts into all of its effort and hard work to make sure that you reach your set destination and achieve success. The company considers it the testament of its commitment to ensuring the success of its clients. Therefore, it strives to its level best to provide its clients with an expanding asset selection, 5-star support, and personal assistance. The top priorities of the broker are client satisfaction and inspiration.

One thing of the STR Capital broker that has attracted me the most when I explored it is that the broker pledges to give traders the best trading experience by providing them quality trading services and features. To help out traders with their trading, the broker has engaged a team of real professionals who have earned a great deal of experience of trading and financial market over the course of time. These professionals pass on their market experience to traders as they truly deserve the guidance of professionals while trading forex or CFD in the financial market.  

With the STR, you have access to all financial markets in one place and can trade the asset of your choice. If you want to trade in the forex market, you can trade the most famous forex pairs on the platform of the broker. In addition to this, if you desire to trade in the crypto market, then you are welcomed to trade with the most traded digital currencies including the leading digital asset Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

Here is All You Need to Know About STR Capital

STR Capital Account Types

STR Capital logoWhen you choose a broker for your trading, one thing that you must need to do is to look at the offerings of that very broker. You have to check out whether the broker you are going to trade with will take care of your basic needs or not. Because there are some brokers out there who just mind their own businesses and do not care about the priorities or preferences of traders. You are highly advised to be away from such kinds of brokers and go for the one that prioritizes its customers and their needs such as the STR Capital broker.

This broker gives respect to all traders including newbie and professionals and is very well acquainted with their requirements. The brokerage company believes that every trader has a proper right to enjoy a trading experience that is best for them. To cater to the needs of different kinds of traders, the broker offers a variety of trading accounts giving traders complete freedom to choose a particular account type that they think can match their level and requirement. The six different trading account types are elaborated below:

Basic Account

The first trading account type is the “Basic Account”. The broker has designed this account type specifically for the so-called beginner traders who have just started their trading career and are counted as inexperienced traders. As the Basic account is for newcomers, therefore, the broker has set a very low minimum deposit amount so that they can easily afford it. Newbies have to deposit just 500 EUR to activate this account type for them. However, they are allowed to invest as much as 9999 EUR into their account if they desire to do so.

As soon as you activate this account, you get a loyalty bonus of up to 10%. You also receive an insurance level of up to 10% as well. For your convenience, the broker offers a daily market review. You can also get access to the broker’s personal account manager for up to two weeks. Moreover, you are provided with trading signals for once a day. As it is the basic account, therefore, it lacks other advanced features but the ones it has are enough for traders at the beginning of their trading journey.

Silver Account

Then there is the Silver Account, the second account type available on the broker’s platform. It will cost you up to 10,000 EUR to get this account open for you. The maximum amount that you can deposit into this trading account is 99,999 EUR but you cannot exceed this limit. With this account type, you receive up to 20% loyalty bonus and up to 20% insurance level. Along with the daily market review, the broker also offers you advanced charts and trading alerts as well. The limit to access the account manager of the broker gets increased from one week to two weeks in the Silver account. The additional facility of a saving account is also out there for you.

Gold Account

The Gold Account is the next account type offered by the broker. It contains a lot more trading features and services than you can find in the first two kinds of accounts. First of all, your loyalty bonus and insurance level increase to 30%. Secondly, you will receive trading signals two times a day. You can enjoy the service of the broker’s account manager for an unlimited period of time. The broker also gives you access to its group of analysts who assist you in making your trading strategies perfect. Other features are also there such as the daily market review, advanced charts, exclusive updates, and trading alerts. All of these features are only accessible to you if you are willing to pay as high as 100,000 EUR because it is the minimum deposit amount required to activate this account.

Platinum Account

The fourth kind of account type available out there is the Platinum Account. This account type can be opened with a minimum deposit of 250,000 EUR or you can go as high as 499,999 EUR that is up to you. The owner of this trading account type gets up to 60% in the form of the loyalty bonus as well as the insurance level. In the Platinum account, you get almost all of the features including the daily market review, advanced charts, trading alerts, exclusive updates, trading signals three times a day, a saving account, unlimited access to account manager, the facility of money management, and access to the group of analysts.

Diamond Account

Then comes the Diamond account type. This type of account is meant for experienced or professional traders who have a great deal of trading experience and can play big in the financial market. The minimum deposit amount of this account type is 500,000 EUR and is out of the reach of beginners or intermediate traders and only advanced traders are capable of paying such a high amount. The features that come with the Diamond account include advanced charts, exclusive updates, trading alerts, up to 80% loyalty bonus & insurance level, unlimited trading signals, daily market review, saving account, unlimited access to account manager, money management facility, and access to the group of analysts.

Millioner Club

The last account type is known as Millioner Club. It has been designed particularly for VIP traders and beginners cannot get access to it. Millioner Club demands a minimum deposit of 1,000,000 to activate it. The best thing about this trading account is that you are given up to 100% loyalty bonus and insurance level along with the other features.

Account Policy set by STR Capital

Those who choose to trade with STR Capital need to follow an Account policy set by the broker. The broker asks you to submit your banking details. In case you do not provide these details to the broker, it would neither accept your payments nor send any payments back to you. Secondly, you need to deposit funds into your account to commence trading with the STR Capital broker. In order to follow the strict guidelines of the financial industry, the broker asks you to provide a certain piece of information when you open an account. The followings are the important pieces of information and other documents that you are required to submit to your broker:

  • Bank statement proof
  • Scanned copies or pictures of Debit/Credit cards
  • Scanned copies or pictures of your Utility Bills
  • ID information

The broker assures you that the piece of information that you provide is for your own safety. After receiving your banking details and ID information, the broker secures it and makes sure that no one else could sign up with your personal information.

STR Capital has On of the Best Trading Platforms

Traders usually like to trade on a trading platform which is flexible and convenient to use. What they need is a trading platform that works properly for them and with a good working speed. And that’s what a broker needs to provide them. When you sign up with the STR Capital broker, you get what you want. STR Capital’s trading platform matches all of the requirements of traders. The broker offers a web-based trading platform integrated with up-to-date technology and advanced trading tools beneficial for trading. It is a kind of trading platform from where you can access several different financial markets and can trade the asset of your choice. It is highly compatible and has a user-friendly interface. In short, it is the best trading platform for you. 

Professional Finance Advisors at your disposal

When you sign up with the STR Capital broker, you actually become a part of the STR Capital family. And this broker does everything in its hands to help out its family in every possible way. The broker brings you the company of professional financial advisors for your accommodation. There are well-experienced consultants at your disposal who help you grab the most lucrative investment opportunities in the market. Moreover, the broker provides 1-on-1 guide sessions in the presence of an account manager. The professional account manager guides you on every step that you make and quips you with in-depth technical analysis techniques, popular trading strategies, and money management tips.

STR Capital Education

When newbie traders enter into the financial market for the first time, they get nervous as they feel like a stranger out there. They get such kind of feeling because they are not familiar with the financial market and how things work out there due to the lack of financial market information and inexperience in trading. These two things really matter a lot in the world of trading. Understanding this need of traders, the STR Capital broker has developed a proper education section on the website where it has put a bunch of educational courses. These courses consist of key information related to the financial market. Beginners can seek guidance from these educational courses and can increase their knowledge of trading and financial market. Once they get what they want, their confidence will boost up and they will be able to perform well in the market where they execute trades. Not only beginners can benefit from this education center but professionals are also welcomed to seek help from there.

An Exceptional Level of Support

The level of customer support service that this broker provides is exceptional. The broker has a professional customer care team that dedicates a lot of effort to help out traders with their queries. To provide an exceptional level of support service, the team works 24/5. The broker offers a variety of different ways through which you can contact the team. First of all, you can contact them through the ‘contact us’ section available on the official website of the broker by filling in the contact us form. Otherwise, you can reach them via e-mail or phone number that they have given on the site. The broker offers another way of communication with the support team and that is through the Live Chat Support feature. STR Capital team is always out there to help you with anything you need and you can feel free to contact them at any time you want.

The Highest Level of data safety

The broker does not compromise on the protection of users’ personal information and funds. It provides the highest level of security to safely store the data of users. The broker makes use of a variety of security protocols to protect your information and money from hackers and keeps the unwanted threats away from your funds. The broker utilizes a 256-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure the highest level of protection. Moreover, the presence of the HTTPS secure website protocol makes sure that no third party can touch your financial details. The broker also personally advises its clients to not share their banking or account details with anybody else to avoid leakage of information. Because if information gets into the wrong hands, then it is in huge danger as hackers are wondering everywhere nowadays. The broker does everything it can to protect your information and money. In other words, the broker is a secure and well-protected platform.

Start your Trading Career with STR Capital

Now that you have read the above-given details carefully and you know each and everything about the STR Capital broker, you would have made your decision whether to trade with this broker or not. That is however your choice to make. But if you think this broker worthy of trading then you can start your trading today. This is how you can do that:

Register Yourself

The first thing you need to do is to visit the STR website and get yourself registered there. In order to register yourself, you have to fill in an online application form given on the site. The application form is very simple and straightforward. It won’t bother you. Just complete this online form by providing your personal information and then submit it to the broker. Once you complete this process, it means that you have successfully registered yourself and you become a part of the STR Capital family.

Fund your account

The next step that you have to follow is to fund your account with an amount that you desire to deposit into your account but it must be more than the minimum requirement. You can deposit your funds through a particular payment method. A variety of payment methods is supported on the broker’s platform. These include VISA, MasterCard, SEPA, Wire Transfer method, and many others.

Start trading

As soon as the funding of the account is done, you can commence your trading on the trading platform of the STR Capital broker. You can manage your trading through your selected trading account type. You are then allowed to enjoy various trading services and features offered by the broker and can churn out a bunch of money by trading on the amazing trading platform of the broker.

Final Words

If you are going to begin your trading career, the STR Capital broker can be a good choice for you as it contains everything that a trader needs to achieve success in trading. It has one of the best trading platforms available out there. You can access all financial markets from this amazing trading platform and you trade with confidence. The level of security it provides to your funds is also brilliant. In my opinion, it is a reliable broker, however, the choice is yours to make.

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