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TradeFred Emerging as an Excellent Cryptocurrency Trading Platform for Traders

TradeFred Review

TradeFred Review

If you have been long looking for an online broker that can give you access to the cryptocurrency market, you might want to give TradeFred a shot. Being a new broker in the market, TradeFred has focused on all the crucial needs of the modern traders. Of course, experienced traders can benefit from these features just the same. However, the new traders will find TradeFred to be the perfect place for them to start their trading journey in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s take a look at what features have put TradeFred over many other online brokers that have cryptocurrencies in their asset indices.

Crypto Comeback Pro Review

#1 SoftwareCrypto Comeback Pro Review

83% Win Rate$250 Min DepositAccepts Credit Card

TradeRead Review

Proper Regulation and Licensing

Before you let any other feature impress you, it is important that you pay attention to the regulation and licensing of a broker. There are many online brokers that claim to be the best but they are not regulated and have no licenses. On the other hand, TradeFred is completely secure on this side. You are in luck if you are looking forward to joining TradeFred from Australia because of the ASIC regulation. Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulates and licenses this broker to provide its services to Australians. This regulation fully protects the interests of the Australian traders in an event where the broker causes any damage to the trader.

Strict Identification Process

This is something that a lot of the traders might not like that much. Everyone wants to be able to get through the forms and fields, and onto the business as soon as possible. However, not providing proper information at the time of signing up is not in your favor. What you don’t realize is that money launderers are looking for such opportunities. To hide their laundered money, they are looking for loose identification policies and loopholes in the system. Any broker that creates such a loophole on purpose is not honest with its rest of the traders.

When you sign up with TradeFred, you will have to go through a thorough identification process. This process lets only the legitimate customers into the system and filters out the money launderers.

Trading Conditions for Crypto Traders

If you are joining a particular broker specifically for trading cryptocurrencies, you have to see how easy it is to make money on these trades. Not all the brokers are going to give you an opportunity to make money from cryptocurrency trading. Some are very heavy when it comes to charging you fees. They will have high percentages of commissions to cut through your profits. Some brokers prefer the other way wherein they will not allow you to take a particular position in crypto trades. The broker, in this particular case, does not want to lose money and so it takes away your rightful options.

You will not have to deal with any of this once you open an account with TradeFred. There are tight spreads that you will be dealing with and the rest of the trading conditions are great too. You will receive leverages on your cryptocurrency trades. At the moment, the leverage is only limited 1:2, but that’s for the benefit of the new traders. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that you can trade on the trading platform from TradeFred. The other currencies that you can trade your Bitcoins with or vice versa are Euro, GBP, and USD.

A Complete Trading Platform

As a new trader, you might not be fully aware of the power of the trading platform. Your trading platform can make trading a pleasant surprise or a headache for you. Lack of customization options, delays in order executions, difficult to understand UI, etc. are all the different factors that can make a trading platform bad. However, you will not be disappointed with TradeFred because it brings you the best trading platform of the industry, MetaTrader 4. Additionally, you can use the web trader that goes from platform to platform without any problems because it is compatible with nearly all the major browsers.

You can also trade on the go with the help of the mobile application. The broker has also thrown in some useful trading tools to help you make profits off your trades. Trading signals are also available to you as soon as you pick an account and sign up with it.

Excellent Training Material

You don’t want to jump into trading without prior knowledge and basic education. When you sign up with TradeFred, you don’t have to go to any third party places to learn trading. All the training material that you need is already available on TradeFred’s website. This training material contains all that you want to know about trading generally and cryptocurrency trading in specific. You can read the content or use videos to learn everything quickly. Make sure you pick the right account out of the four to gain access to the most suitable training material according to your age.

Trusted Customer Service

TradeFred has emerged as one of the best online brokers in the recent years. However, the broker has been able to win the trust of its traders quite fast. Traders love the fact that they don’t have to guess which way they can contact the company because there are so many ways available. If you are interested in talking to a company representative, you have three different numbers on the website to pick one from. If you are not hasty about receiving answers, you can even leave your message in the form of an email. Last but not least, the live chat feature is still there to communicate your problem almost instantly.

Bottom Line

You can see from the points above that it makes full sense why TradeFred is emerging as one of the best online brokers. It has given its traders exactly what they wanted. The new addition of cryptocurrencies to the asset index is a proof that TradeFred wants to give its traders the best experience of trading. With proper use of the trading platform, leverages, financial assets, and trading tips, you can definitely consider TradeFred as your next best trading partner.

Crypto Comeback Pro Review

#1 SoftwareCrypto Comeback Pro Review

83% Win Rate$250 Min DepositAccepts Credit Card

TradeRead Review
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