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Wize Caps Review – Here is What We Found Out About

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Wize Caps may be new to the industry, but it has carved its niche by providing traders with outstanding services from security to making deposits and withdrawals. Other aspects, such as account types, registration processes, and general usability, may have been expertly designed to create a seamless and efficient trading activity.

Wize Caps Review

Would it not be a great idea if you can earn a lot of money within a few months? Imagine having the opportunity to be able to attain that financial goal you have set for life at a much earlier time than expected without having to bother yourself about your retirement. Such thoughts may seem like wishful thinking since we live in a world that is plagued with harsh economic realities. Despite all these, there are still people who are earning big within a short time frame. Digital asset trading is one avenue that has provided many with the opportunity of living the dream life. The market is extensive and offers traders a chance to gain economic relevance.

Wize Caps

A prospective trader does not have to attend a conventional school; neither does the individual need to have a good background on financial matters before joining the digital asset trade. Trading can be carried out either as a side hustle or a full-time occupation. Trading can be carried out directly from your home without much stress.To do this, you may need the services of a trusted and reliable broker to help you get started in the business.

Brokers are experts in analyzing the current market trends and providing expert advice to potential and existing traders so they can make informed trading decisions. Finding a reliable broker is not easy because there are a large number of trading platforms in the financial market that claim to offer excellent services but fall short of expectations when tested.

There are some brokers whose services are targeted towards new entrants in the industry, while others accommodate every category of trading irrespective of the level of expertise. Some trading platforms offer a single digital asset like cryptocurrency or forex, while other trading platforms allow traders to trade on multiple digital assets.

It is critical to select a broker that accommodates all strata of trading because it may not be convenient to toggle between brokers when you want to trade on certain assets not provided for by your current broker. Having the right broker gives you peace of mind and encourage you to increase your investment over time. Does such a broker exist out there in the financial market that can meet the requirements listed above? If yes, how can you find one?

Wize Caps is a trading platform that claims to offer traders a platform with unique features and impeccable services. The aim of this review is to verify these claims and ascertain how effective the Wize Caps platform is for carrying out trading activities on digital assets. Wize Caps is a brainchild of Global Solutions Ltd which is located in Belgrade. Wize Caps, by the industry standard, is a new entrant into the trading market.

Because of this fact, many people are skeptical of sighing up on the platform. It may not be fair to judge this trading platform without taking a critical look at their performance in the short time they have existed. The broker is reported to have established a reputation for itself by providing efficient services to its traders globally. Wize Caps may have incorporated several unique features to its platform to provide seamless trading processes.

Attributes of Wize Caps

There are lots of outstanding qualities that make the Wize Caps platform a popular choice among digital asset traders, and they include the following:

Investment offer

The primary reason why investors invest their funds in digital trading is to maximize profit. However, others go into trading for the fun of it. Trading in digital assets is not devoid of its share of risk.

It is possible to make a reasonable amount of money and yet is equally likely to lose all your investment. One way you can balance these risks is by diversification.

Diversification involves you investing in different forms of digital assets at a time. You need an investment platform that can offer you such choice Wize Caps provides traders an opportunity to diversify their trade by selecting several digital assets on the same platform.

Let us identify some of the assets that can be traded via Wize Caps. They include the following:


One of the significant assets that can be traded on the Wize Caps platform is forex. Forex as an asset was what brought Wize Caps the recognition it has today.

Wize Caps allows traders to select different currency pairs from major to minor pairs with low trading volume as well as exotic pairs with high risk and high-profit potential.

Currencies of different countries can be traded on the platform, and significant examples include USD/CAD, USD/JPY, EUR/USD, and GBR/USD. Traders can make their choice based on the currency type they are more familiar 


For traders who are not keen on taking high risks, then trading in commodities may be a viable option. Traders can choose to trade on CFD commodities such as energy, metals, and agriculture.

Other products that can be traded on the Wize Caps platform include natural gas, crude oil, palladium, gold, or silver, depending on your choice.


Indices are another type of asset that can be traded on the platform. Indices have a slightly higher risk than commodities. Example of indices available for trade on Wize Caps is Dow Jones, Nikkel 225, FTSE 100, S&P 500, etc.


Stocks trading has been in existence for decades. It is a popular asset choice by most traders. Wize Caps offers traders the opportunity of trading in sticks of most renowned companies across different industries.

Some of the stocks of multinational companies that can be traded on the Wize, the Caps platform includes Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon.


Cryptocurrency is an asset that has gained prominence among digital assets traders in recent years. Cryptocurrencies are the most traded assets.

For this reason, many brokers have limited themselves to trading on cryptocurrencies alone. However, Wize Caps have not limited their available assets to cryptocurrency.

But traders may be able to trade on several cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Wize Caps has also incorporated other cryptocurrencies such as EOS, Ripple, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether.

Traders on the Wize Caps platform can also trade on other types of assets such as futures and bonds, which provides a viable means of diversification.

Features of Wize Caps Platform

Most people are skeptical of using specific trading platforms because they feel they may not get the desired outcome. Several traders are have expressed dissatisfaction over the use of several trading platforms. Do traders experience such when trading on Wize Caps?

There have been more positive reviews about the platform; hence it may be safe to say that Wize Caps may have tried to meet most of the trading demands by traders.

Wize Capsis a broker for Meta Trader, a MetaQuote establishment. The Meta Trader 4 contains Wize Caps, which is the only broker available on the platform.

Several features make Wize Caps a standard among other trading platforms.

These features include the following:

Desktop Version

The desktop version of the Wize Caps trading platform is one that has ensured that several traders using desktop computers can have access to trading on the platform. To achieve this, a user has to download as well as install the program on the desktop.

The downloading and installation process is straightforward and may be completed within minutes.

Traders can effectively trade on different assets using the desktop version. The desktop application interface is friendly and easy to navigate and, therefore, may not require traders to have a foreknowledge of digital trading before they can start the process of trading.

The desktop version also allows traders to view candlestick charts and live charts.

Traders can have access to news feeds as well as other resource materials that would enable them to make informed trading decisions while using this desktop.

Mobile Version

Traders may be able to access the platform via the mobile app, which is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

The application can be downloaded from the respective app store of these two operating systems. With the mobile application, traders can effectively have access to their Wize Caps account irrespective of their location.


Digital assets traders who may not be able to make use of the desktop or mobile platform may be able to trade via Wize Caps as long as they can access the Internet.

Wize Caps caters to all categories of traders by ensuring that no one is left out when it comes to trading.

Traders may be able to use this platform to their advantage as they seek to maximize profit in a competitive business environment that is characterized by unstable price movements and other factors.

Ease of Registration

The opening of a trading account is the first step to begin your journey as a digital asset trader. The process of registration on the platform is easy and may be completed within a few minutes.

The registration process may require you to provide your personal information such as your name, email, password, account type, and choice of currency.

After providing this information, you are through with your registration, which means you may then proceed to select your account.

Secure Environment for trading

Security is an option that can not be treated with levity. Every trader wants to do business with a trader that is trusted to protect sensitive data and safeguard their investment.

Some acclaimed top brokers have had to deal with a security breach and cyber-attacks. Wize Caps is said to have implemented watertight security measures that may prove invulnerable to cyber-attacks and other forms of cybersecurity glitches. 

The broker has set up a form of segregated accounts which is aimed at sea rating traders’ account from that of the broker. Issues of funds misappropriation may be mitigated using this strategy. Client’s funds are saved into top-rated European banks, which also gives credence to the level of security displayed by Wize Caps.

Research Tools

A standard broker is expected to offer their clients the opportunity to access specific research and educational materials to enable their clients to stay informed about the latest trends and happenings in the financial market.

It also helps them to employ the right strategy in carrying out trading to mitigate risk and enhance profit.

Wize Caps has provided a platform that caters to all its customers irrespective of their account status.

Everything that is needed to stay abreast of news and market trends in the industry is provided for on the trading platform claimed by Wize Caps. To further bolster their claim, Wize Caps has launched an online tutorial that is aimed at informing traders through ebooks and videos for educational and research purposes.

Digital assets traders may also be able to access webinars that are taught by professional and expert traders. Traders may get the chance to have a personal interaction with industry experts and learn first hand what it takes to maximize profit from their trade.

Decisions made when closing trade can be crucial if not well analyzed. Wize Caps has provided advanced technical indicators for on the spot analysis that would go a long way in improving the process of making decisions.

Different types of accounts

There are several types of accounts that may be opened on Wize Caps. These accounts are divided int three, and traders may select their preferred account type depending on the number of funds they are willing to invest in the system. The three account types include the following:


The beginner account, as it implies, is meant for rookies or new entrants into the market. It is for those who have had no previous experience in digital assets trading.

Opening this type of account requires $250 as a minimum deposit. Traders operating this account are offered only the fundamentals without any advanced tools.

However, traders may be able to trade on all the available assets irrespective of their account class. Traders may also benefit from the live webinars provided online as well as free daily reports on market research which may come in handy when making critical trading decisions.


The advanced class of account is suitable for people who have background knowledge in digital trading assets. It may also be referred to as the intermediate account class.

Opening this account requires that you place a minimum of $5000 as a deposit. Traders with this account may access more features and tools than those operating a beginner’s account.

Three separate personal interactive sessions with industry experts and professionals scheduled to last for three months is part of the offer that comes with opening an advanced Wize Caps account. Traders are also entitled to the Wize Caps online Academy, access to the platform’s trading room, and lots more.


An expert account is reserved for those who have expert knowledge of digital asset trading. their level of experience and possible success in the financial market, these individuals may be able to take on the risk of depositing a minimum of $20,000 as a prerequisite for opening an expert account

Expert account teaders have access to unlimited interactive sessions with industry experts.

Seamless banking solutions

After selecting your account and making the required deposit, you are then on your way to starting trading on the Wize Caps platform.

Most trade platforms may charge clients exorbitant fees for carrying out transactions, thus increasing the difficulty of making withdrawals as well as deposits.

There are three methods traders may use in making deposits on Wize Caps. They include debit cards (MasterCard and Visa) as well as the use of e-wallet, which has gained prominence in recent years.

Other payment options in the e-wallet category include UpayCard, Moneynet. The third means for making a payment is through the use of bank transfer.

Wire transfer has a much longer processing time than the other two payment methods. Transfers may take between two to seven working or business days before the funds are reflected in your account. Currencies such as GBP, USD, and EUR are accepted as transfers.

Wize Caps does not allow transfers made by a third party, and traders are not charged for making deposits on the platform.

The above-listed methods may also be used in making withdrawals from the platform, and there are no charges for withdrawals made.

Whichever process of withdrawal you choose, it is compulsory for traders to request for withdrawals from the broker before using the withdrawal feature in the platform.

Reliable customer support

The customer support offered by the broker has been commended by most traders who have shared their reviews. The company uses various means such as emails, phone calls, or via an online form as avenues for receiving and reacting to complaints from traders.


Wize Caps may be new to the industry, but it has carved its niche by providing traders with outstanding services from security to making deposits and withdrawals.

Other aspects, such as account types, registration processes, and general usability, may have been expertly designed to create a seamless and efficient trading activity.

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