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Your Way Trading Review – Everything It Does for Facilitating Its Traders with the Best Features

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When you trade CFDs with Your Way Trading, you have access to a variety of financial assets. You can trade them the way you want with huge leverages and friendly margin requirements from the broker. In addition to that, you can use the tools that are available to you to facilitate your trades. Review search for the best online trading platform is going to be a tough one. I can say that because I have been through the exact phases of trading that you are going through right now. When you think about trading at first, everything sounds pretty exciting. However, most people lose courage to trade when they can’t even figure out the first step of doing it. I was the lucky person who got past all the challenges and finally got to a point where I started trading smoothly. Yes, there were some hiccups in the beginning, but that’s a good thing. You can’t learn things unless you make mistakes.

Now, I consider it a responsibility on my shoulders to help other traders like me with their trading journey. Looking at the latest trends, I can tell you that there are people all around this globe who are thinking about trading. With the current condition of the world, something that you can do from home to make money is nothing less than a blessing. If you think you have the determination to start trading, you have to pick the right trading platform from day one. You can’t make any mistakes here because you can’t afford to. And that’s where I am going to help you.

I will help you know about Your Way Trading, a broker that I think can facilitate you in every way to make trading a breeze for you. So, continue reading if you want to know more about this trading services provider and see if you can make a trading career with it.

Broker Your Way Trading
Assets Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Commissions From 0.87%
SSL Security Yes
Deposits Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Online Payments
Training Yes
Account Types 5 (Explorer, Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum)
Welcome Bonus Up to 150%
Customer Support 24/7
Located In Germany
Platform Availability Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

How Your Way Trading Is Facilitating Traders

By Offering Them Safe Deposit Methods

The deposit methods that your online brokerage firm provides you with matter a lot. You cannot choose just any method that you are given at first. If you don’t know, there are many false platforms on the internet where you are asked to get in touch with the party on some random platform. After that, you are asked to deposit money through some method that you have no idea of. You have to beware of such fraudulent activities, and make sure that you sign up with only legitimate companies that let you deposit money through safe methods.

What are those safe methods? Well, first of all, you have your credit card through which you can pay for your trading account. When you sign up with the company, you can use your card details to send money into your account. If you don’t like this idea, you can even go with the bank wire transfer method. This method is safe, but the only reason not everyone uses this method is that it can be a bit slow. You can use internet payment methods like Skrill and Neteller as well if you want. They make your transfers fast and keep your money safe on the way.

By Letting Them Trade CFDs

Traders can be a part of the online trading industry in many different ways. The type of trading you choose depends on your lifestyle and the way you would like to spend money. If you are all about traditional methods of trading, I recommend that you go with stock trading. You can also trade forex currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. However, there are many limitations associated with these methods of trading. You can also trade ETFs or futures, whatever method you find most suitable as per your trading style. I think there is no trading method that is as lucrative, easy, and leveraging as trading CFDs.

This method of trading allows you to enter the financial markets without ever trading the assets in those markets. When you trade a particular asset, you are actually trading the contract for difference of that asset. You don’t trade the asset and hence you don’t have the liability to purchase or sell that asset. You only hold on to the contracts to make money when the price of the asset increases in the market. One of the reasons you will love this format of trading is that you can be in many financial markets at the same time. You can’t do that when you trade traditionally. You can also trade with huge leverages to increase your profit margins and trade sizes.

Trade Digital Coins

By Allowing Them to Trade Digital Coins

Now, trading CFDs is all fun and offers you lots of benefits over other forms of trading. However, what I love the most about this form of trading is that you can be in the cryptocurrency market as well. This is the newest market that you can be a part of. In addition to that, it will not be wrong to say that this is the fastest growing financial market right now. There are millions of people in hundreds of countries of the world who want to invest their money into trading cryptocurrencies. However, the prices of these digital coins make this very difficult for them.

However, when you are with the right brokerage, you don’t have to worry about these issues. You have Your Way Trading providing you with cryptocurrency trading in the form of CFD trading. You already know that when you trade CFDs, you don’t trade the asset. This means you will be trading cryptocurrency CFDs with the broker and making money off them without ever owning them. It takes away a huge issue that people have with the digital coins i.e. they are very volatile. You will not have to worry about the volatility of these coins when you don’t own them.

By Giving Them Access to Trading on Their Devices

Traders like to trade their way. When you are a new trader, you want to be able to trade the way you want. You don’t want to choose a method of trading and a platform only because your broker does not have anything else to offer. If you want to make the most of your trading career, you must make sure to sign up with a broker that understands your modern needs and expectations from trading. The first thing you want is that your trading platform should be available on the device that you use the most. You should not be limited to trading only on the device that your trading firm wants you to trade on.

I can tell you that you will not face any problems of this sort when you are with Your Way Trading. Your trading platform is one of the best and most user-friendly options that you will get online today. You will not have to spend your time learning how the trading platform works when you go with the one that you are getting from Your Way Trading. Additionally, you will not have to worry about other things, such as not having the modern trading tools on it. All the trading tools and charts that you need are there on the platform. Last but not least, you can use the trading platform on your computer, tablet, iPhone, and Android phone.

By Offering Them Bookkeeping Support

When traders join online trading platforms, they want to be sure that they don’t make any wrong decisions about trading. Unfortunately, most traders who sign up with online companies for trading purposes end up losing their interest in trading. It is not that they don’t get the profits they want. There are other reasons that cause them to lose interest. They just don’t know how to trade and that’s why they end up making mistakes. In the trading world, when you make a mistake, you lose money. Who would like to trade more when they are already losing money?

However, what you have to realize is that you are not losing your trades because there is something wrong with the trading platform. You are losing money because you don’t know how to trade. That’s where the bookkeeping support from this online company will help you with your trades. You will know what trades you should go on with and which ones you should not continue with. You will also know which direction to go in so you can make the most amount of money. If you listen carefully and follow the right directions, there is no reason why you should not make your financial dreams come true through trading.

By Keeping Commissions to Only 0.82%

When I was a new trader, I had no clue about the commissions from the brokers. So, what I used to think was that I had to deposit money in my account and then just trade. That’s the only thing I understood. I never thought that the online broker that was providing me with these trading services had to earn money as well. That’s when I discovered spreads and commissions. So, when you sign up with an online trading services providing company, you will have to pay some commission on your trades. The problem is that some of these companies have set their commissions very high.

When there are high commissions, you lose a lot of money. Keep in mind that the commission from the company is nothing more than a fee. If you have to pay huge fees from your earnings, it is more like you are not making that earning in the first place. However, you will not have to worry about that when you are with Your Way Trading. This firm has made sure that you only give as much commission as makes sense for any trader in the world. Right now, Your Way Trading has your trading commission at 0.82%, which is not even one percent of the size of your trade. With such a small commission, you can be sure that you get to keep most of the money that you make on your trades.

User-friendly Trading Platform

By Giving Them a User-friendly Trading Platform

The trading platform from the broker makes sense to traders only when they understand it. I have to tell you that the trading platform from Your Way Trading has been the one that I can use at optimum potential. Most other platforms from other companies are so complex that it takes you days before you can use them with efficiency. In addition to that, they don’t offer you the easy way of trading with only a few clicks. On this trading platform, only a couple of clicks are enough for you to check the information of an asset and then trade in the financial market.

By Implementing KYC and AML Policies

KYC and AML policies can be controversial for some traders. I have to tell you a secret here though. If you see a trader having issues with the AML and KYC policies, you can be sure that they either don’t understand the value of these policies and need education, or they are someone who does not want these policies to be in place. Why wouldn’t someone want these policies to be implemented? Well, these policies prevent anyone from signing up on the trading platform for any illegal means. Some people would want to store the money that they have stolen from their people in the account with the company.

However, no such thing can happen when the company checks your credentials, personal identification information, banking information, and much more before you can even sign up. You can be sure that all of this information will be checked when you sign up with Your Way Trading. 

By Throwing in Bonuses

How many online companies have you seen providing their traders with trading services and also letting them enjoy some bonuses. I understand that they facilitate their traders by keeping the initial deposit requirements pretty low, but there’s something we all call cherry on top. Can they offer the cherry on top or the icing on the cake by giving their traders something special? The truth is, there are only a few online companies that have the audacity to offer their traders something completely different from what other firms are offering theirs.

I am glad that I signed up with Your Way Trading because the bonuses from this company are some of the best in the industry. With other firms that sometimes provide you with bonuses, you only get a small bonus of 10% or 20%. You have to sign up with the most expensive account with them to get only 50% in bonus. However, when you sign up with this firm, you will have a bonus of 30% right from the start. Yes, that’s the bonus you will get with an account that does not even qualify as a basic account. The account, which the broker has called the basic account, will offer you a bonus of 50%. You can get 150% bonus on your initial deposit if you go with the most advanced account with Your Way Trading.  

By Providing 24/7 Customer Support

How great the customer support is matters a lot before you ever consider signing up with an online company for trading. There are hundreds of online firms that promise to answer your queries in time. However, when you sign up with them, you realize that they don’t give you any other options than emailing to get in touch with them. There is nothing wrong with emails, the problem is that they don’t have a phone number that you can call to get help. In this particular case, you have a phone number that you can call. In the trading accounts section, you can clearly see that the customer service is available to you 24/7.

That’s something you have to admire about this broker before you sign up with it. You can send an email, fill out an online form, or call the phone number on the website to get all the help that you need with your trades and trading account.

By Limiting Initial Deposits to Minimum

How much money do you think you can spare for trading? Well, talk to any experts in the world and they will tell you that you should never put all your savings into any kind of investment. You always leave some margin for improvement and mishaps. When your investments do not go the way you had planned them, you lose money. Of course, if you are trading, you have to spend money, and spending money is nothing other than taking a risk. How can you avoid or minimize this risk? Well, you can just go with an account that does not require you to put a lot of money in it.

That’s what you will enjoy greatly with this online company. You can sign up with this company with only a small deposit of $3000. Until and within $5000, you still belong to the same account. However, if you deposit anything more than $5000, you will qualify for the next account, which is the basic account and gives you some more perks. The deposit of $499,000 might seem big for the platinum account, but that’s a small amount compared to what you have to deposit in advanced accounts with other firms. I have been with some so I can tell you that clearly.

By Training Privately

Your broker can help you a lot as a trader by providing you with the right type of training. In my experience, I have noticed that the companies that are providing you with trading services usually have webinars in place. They tell you that you can attend those webinars and learn from the experts of the industry. There is a problem with this approach. No matter how good the webinars are, they are still not private. What I mean is that you are still learning with many other people. What if you want to learn alone because that’s how things make sense to you?

Is there a way for you to learn that way from other firms? I have not seen many that offer you this particular feature. However, I can tell you with confidence that you will get this feature from Your Way Trading. This brokerage has made sure that you get private training sessions as part of your trading account and learn from people who can really tell you the ins and outs of trading. With private sessions taking place every week, you will definitely learn much faster than you will with webinars.  

By Providing Access to Many Tools

There are many tools that you will get access to when you sign up with Your Way Trading. This company has ensured that you get something that no other firm on the internet is offering you. So, when you sign up with the company and start using its trading platform, you will notice that all that you need is already there. You have weekly news reports that tell you how the market has been reacting in favor or against certain assets. In addition to that, you can get access to trading signals to get some help with your trades. Some risk management tools from the company will help you manage your risks.

This way, you will not be losing money on every trade. More importantly, you will only lose as much as you can afford when you use the right strategies while trading.

Final Thoughts

You can see that Your Way Trading provides its traders with facilities in a variety of ways. You don’t have to be stuck with a particular method of trading if you can’t access many markets at once. When you trade CFDs with Your Way Trading, you have access to a variety of financial assets. You can trade them the way you want with huge leverages and friendly margin requirements from the broker. In addition to that, you can use the tools that are available to you to facilitate your trades. Last but not least, don’t forget the private training sessions that you can be a part of if you go with the right type of account with this brokerage.

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