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Eiro-group Review – Areas in Which This Broker Beats Even the Best

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I believe Eiro-group provides you with the perfect balance of trader-friendly features. Eiro-group will provide you with a long list of assets that you can choose from when you are on its trading platform.

Eiro-group Review

Eiro-group logoThere is a huge competition in the online world. This competition is among the online brokers that provide trading services to their traders. Some brokers are proud at the fact that they serve millions of active accounts, whereas other brokers brag about the fact that their features are trader-friendly. I think each broker has its pros and cons, and strong and weak points. In this chaotic competition, I believe Eiro-group provides you with the perfect balance of trader-friendly features. Let’s talk in detail about the features of this broker that I think make it even better than the best out there.

Eiro-group – Why It’s Better than Even the Best

Bonuses and Insurance

If you are an online broker, you have to understand the mentality of your traders. If you think they are ready to trade from day one, you are wrong. When traders sign up with brokers for the first time, they are quite scared and timid. You have to provide them with confidence in unique and innovative ways. I think this broker has the perfect strategy to make its traders feel comfortable. First, you get a bonus when you sign up with this broker no matter which account you go with. In addition to that, every trader on Eiro-group’s trading platform has some level of protection through insurance.

If you look at the trading accounts, you will find out that the broker has provided with a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 100% insurance on their traders. The same goes for the bonuses. The broker can offer you up to 100% bonus if you sign up with the right account.

Account Manager

Account managers can be of great help to their traders. They can help traders steer in the right direction so they can benefit from each trade. However, most online brokers don’t offer you this particular option. Those that do offer you this option only do when you sign up with an expensive account. You won’t feel this discriminatory attitude from the broker when you sign up with Eiro-group. This broker has made sure that even you can benefit from the presence of an account manager when you sign up with the broker. Even if you go with the basic or silver accounts, which are the most basic accounts, you can get access to the account manager for up to two weeks.

Account Manager

Trading Signals

Is there anything more important than trading signals to help you solidify your trades? I don’t think so. I think trading signals provide you with a point of reference. They give you the confidence that all the calculations that you have done on the assets are correct. If the output of your personal analyses coincides with the trading signals from the broker, you can be sure that you are going in the right direction. However, not every broker is going to let you access these trading signals without a cost attached to them. Most let you access trading signals only when you sign up with advanced accounts.

With this broker, you have the trading signals available to you even with the most basic account. You can take advantage of these signals only once a day, but that’s more than enough because you will have them every single day of the week forever.

Stocks, Indices, Forex, and Commodities

So, you want to trade a variety of assets when you sign up with a broker. If that’s the case, you don’t have to look elsewhere because you have already found the right broker for that. Eiro-group will provide you with a long list of assets that you can choose from when you are on its trading platform. You can trade silver, gold, platinum, and other precious metals. In addition to that, you can trade indices from not only the US but other financial markets of the world from other continents. You also have minor, major, and even exotic currency pairs in the forex market in your reach with this broker.

Stocks, Indices, Forex, and Commodities

Trade soft commodities or energies with this broker, you will not have any issues. I think these hundreds of assets are a great way for you to feel the freedom of trading when you sign up with Eiro-group.

Web Trading

It seems quite attractive at first when you can trade using a mobile application. Yes, mobile applications are fast and designed to work smoothly on your mobile devices. But what if you want to use your computer for trading some day? Does it mean you will have to download the trading platform again and reset everything? Will you have to configure the trading platform again according to your needs? That’s the issue you have with downloadable applications that are available only locally on your devices. With a web trader, which is what you will get from Eiro-group, you don’t have to deal with that problem.

Your trading platform is available in the cloud. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer without the need of downloading. You will not have to configure anything separately because you will be using the exact trading platform from all these devices.

Great Customer Care

The customer support from this broker is great. You will get 5-star customer support, which means these professionals will help you with all your concerns then and there. You will not have to wait for a response to a query in the online contact us form. The broker has provided you with an email on which you will be responded to within 24 hours. If you want a better way to get help from the professionals, you can call the phone number given right on the website.

Final Thoughts

So, I think this broker has understood the market and the needs of its traders. Knowing the needs of traders might not be that difficult for an online broker, but providing these traders with exact features that meet their needs is definitely a challenge. I think this broker has gone the extra mile and done some work to create a system that makes sense to its traders and allows them the opportunity to have a successful career in trading.  

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