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Group 500 likes to think out of the box just like the many popular and legit brokerages and has put together a variety of trading accounts for their clients depending upon their investments. After trading only for a couple of weeks through silver account, I was able to make enough profits that I went to the next level and opened the Gold Account.

Group 500 Review

Group 500 logoHey there, it seems that you have come a long way looking for a solution for your monetary problems for good. With all the facts that I’m going to present to you my experience, I am about to tell you about my search for a dependable trading brokerage and how I ended up finding all my requirements and desires fulfilled at Group 500, I can presume that you will also feel convinced and compelled to choose Group 500 as one of your primary trading brokerages.

My story began just like other individuals who have been affected badly by the ongoing Covid-19 situation that seems far from being over. Due to this current pandemic situation, many companies and enterprises have ended up losing their business that have had a direct impact on the occupations of millions of individuals whose sole medium of income were their employers. Facing the same kind of situation, I have also grown discontent and was desperate to find something that could help me get back on my feet and help me keep food on my table as I am the only bread winner in my family.

In my search for finding a dependable source of income, I was searching here and there on a daily basis and after exhausting all my options, I set my path towards the online platform. On the internet, I got to know that although the major types of occupations on the internet are also the same as in the real world that are work-from-home, run a business and run a trade, but these opportunities are more diverse than they are in the real time world.

I knew that business was something that I was not cut out to do so work-from-home seemed to be the best option for me but here, I was a bit skeptical because I had been in this field for way too long and it was just about it for me working under or for someone. So the best option I found for myself for online trading. I knew that I was getting into something that was way riskier than doing a business but because I didn’t have enough money to spend, this seemed to be the best gamble that I could do.

Group 500 trading platform

Search for a Reliable Brokerage

This is when my search for finding a reliable brokerage began. I spent days and hours doing research on brokerages that were legit and stood by their claims. At first, all my efforts went into vain because due to this pandemic situation, millions of people just like me had been attracted to this online trading platform and as a result, many brokerages developed to cater the needs of these people. However, with the passage of time and money flowing in the form of investments, majority of the brokerages became greedy and got off track.

As a result of this, the online trading platform had lost its worth, reputation and credibility that it had in the past years. This is why, I was always skeptical about trusting any brokerage and was on the lookout for a brokerage that was customer oriented instead of investment or money oriented.

I Finally Found Group 500

This is when a brokerage by the name: Group 500, caught my attention and the more content I went through this site, the more I got interested and before I could realize, I was ready to put my money through this brokerage and trust their credibility from that point onwards. What I can tell you is that this brokerage had everything that a person like me would want and expect from service provider of this sort.

Apart from helping investors gain the most from their team of expert traders and expert analysts, this brokerage also focused on the grooming of their investors to help them become trading gurus and mentors for the upcoming generations. From this point onwards, I will not go with my experience but share the services and facilities Group 500 offers, in order to prove that this brokerage is on par with the most popular trading brokerages in the current trading markets.

Variety of Trading Accounts that Group 500 has Introduced

By now you must have also gone through and researched on many trading brokerages only to find that they offer a demo account and a real-time trading account to their registered/subscribed investors and hardly mention or provide any benefits to them depending on their investments. However, Group 500 likes to think out of the box just like the many popular and legit brokerages and has put together a variety of trading accounts for their clients depending upon their investments.

Group 500 trading accounts

Silver Account

When I started trading through Group 500, Silver Account was my first choice, as I knew that I was a novice when it came to trading and required basic trading as well as guidance before I was able to trade on my own. Therefore, I made a deposit of $10,000, which is the minimum for the silver account, which granted be the option to have 1 on 1 basic training, basic level access to the education center, minimum trading size of 0.1 lots, maximum trading size of 100 lots, latest trading news and 2 VIP signals per month.

Gold Account

After trading only for a couple of weeks through silver account, I was able to make enough profits that I went to the next level and opened the Gold Account by making a deposit of minimum $25,000. Owning this account meant new benefits and upgrades to the ones that I already had through the silver account such as full access to education center, maximum 500 trading lot sizes, 10 VIP signals per month and new benefits such as limited trading signals & personal account manager.

Platinum Account

At present, I consider myself to be an experienced and well-versed investor, this is why I have recently made a deposit of minimum $50,000 to get my hands on Group 500’s Platinum trading account. Again, this account has upgrade my already running benefits such as full trading signals, unlimited trading lot sizes, daily VIP signals and new benefits/features that are trading algorithm, no withdrawal fees, minimum trading fees & services of a personal VIP account manager.

Signature Account

Next in my target is the Signature account introduced by Group 500 that would require a deposit of minimum $250,000, in order for me to get my hands on it. Once I am able to do it, I will be able to keep all my running benefits and add new more that would be gaining access to private banking, attend personal sessions with market analysts, become a member of the traders group club, avail leverage up to 1:300 and up to 70 percent insured contracts.

VIP Account

With so many benefits offered by Group 500 and the guidance provided by their fully capable and competent team, I am sure that in no time, I will be able to overcome the challenges and risks that come with the Signature Account trading and based on my performance and dedication, I will be granted access to the VIP account.

Group 500 has One of the Best Trading Platforms

Let me be honest with you here, all the learning and education that I went through here at Group 500 would have gone to waste if the trading platform had been just a standard one. At first, I used to think that the only thing I would see on the trading platform would be the bar going up and down with option to invest my money and see the outcome. However, all of this changed when I saw what this platform (WebTrader) had been built to deliver.

I may not be able to give you the full list of the features it offers, but some of them that I found to be very useful throughout my trading experience are the user-friend and intuitive trading environment, single click execution, variety of trading charts, algorithmic trading, slippage protection, third party bridging, 0.01 lot sizes, secure trading channels, full access to global trading markets, state of the art trading interface, buy/sell limit, buy/sell stop and many more.

I am sure that by now, you must be thinking if Group 500 offers the same facilities on Android & IOS. So the answer is yes, they have integrated their trading platform into the smartphone applications. The reason why they did this was because they know that majority of the individuals now find it more convenient to do all their work through smartphones from any place or at any time without being bound to a single operating system. In addition to this, Group 500 offers the same integration through the online browsers such a Chrome, FireFox and Safari etc.

Trading Instrument of Your Choice

The reason that I have seen such progress in my trading and investment career is because Group 500 provided me with a long list of instruments that I could research and start trading in the one that I found to be my gig. This again proves that Group 500 is among the brokerages that are popular in the trading market for their customer-oriented services by providing them with instruments such as:


This is a type of trade that most of us already know about through online advertisements that we get while surfing the internet on a daily basis. Forex involves the buying and selling of foreign currencies that are available in pairs such as USD/EUR, GBP/CAD, AUD/JPY etc. I found this to be an extremely simple yet the most profitable trade as I only had to buy a pair and sell them based on their volatility to make profits.


Futures is somewhat similar to gambling where one gets to predict whether the value of an asset is to rise or fall at a specific date/time and if the ball lands in the gambler’s court, he/she ends up making up to 80% profit on their bidding amount.


Commodity is a trade of buy and selling of natural resources acquired through agriculture, drilling and mining such as crude oil, cotton, apples, gold, copper and many others. Here, you can buy a commodity and observe the fluctuation in its price based on its demand. If it seems that the price is to go up, the investors can sell it when the time is right and earn profits.


In indices trading, you can call long positions or short positions against the collective asset value of a group of companies. Here, you can call whether the price of a collective asset is to go up or down after a pre-decided date/time and earn profits if the deals goes in your favor.


Commonly known as Shares, stocks are the assets put on public sale by corporations and companies with aims to generate funds and capitals to meet their annual targets and commence their development programs. If you want, you can buy asset for any company whose shares are on the public market for sale and sale them if their prices go high to earn profits.

Algorithmic Trading

This unique feature can be applied to any of the trades where you can pre-set commands for buying, selling and trading of assets based on the factors provided such as date, time and value. This way, you are not required to keep monitoring the platform at all times and be able to call shots to close the best deals.

Group 500 Algorithmic Trading

Group 500’s Education Program and Glossary

At Group 500, I was surprised to find the education system they have introduced to cater to the basic needs of their clients and provide them with enough knowledge, empowering them to be able to make their own business decisions. Additionally, they have also added a glossary page to their site where they give you information and general idea of the terms that are often used in the trading world that help you grasp the information faster that it would take a person without knowing these things.

You Better Be Ready To Take On The Risk

At the very end, I want to share a secret with you, which is that even though I was very much desperate to find something beneficial for me, I had one trait that helped me get through the hardships and difficulties I faced throughout my trading career that is Patience. I would be lying to myself if I claimed that I started making profits from day one.

At times, I did find myself stuck in situations that I thought had no way to get past. Sometimes, I got agitated as well as frustrated but I never lost control because I was patient enough to understand how luck was testing me so if you do not have this kind of patience, then it is better you find a different way of making money.

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