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Electrum24 Review – Is Scam or Legit? Read the TRUTH HERE!

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Electrum24 is a web-based regulated trading firm responsible for making a large number of people rich and wealthy. In other words, we can say that Electrum24 is a leading broker in helping people getting rich via trading of objects, including stocks, indices, metals, cryptocurrency, Forex, and CFDs.

Electrum24 Review

electrum24 websiteDo you want to fill your bank account with money? If yes, then you should listen carefully that trading via Electrum24 is one of the best opportunities for you. I know a lot of people who get rich after they enter into the world of trading. Now, it’s your turn to earn money in thousands of dollars by doing nothing. People are entering the online trading space in large amounts as they see a lot of potential in it. Market specialists and experienced traders have developed trading platforms where traders and investors come to take profit for trading. Scammers have also taken the opportunity of the situation and launch efficient techniques to rob money out of people. So, it is advised that one should do comprehensive research before diving into any broker. So, I have come up with a Electrum24 review so that you bet on the right place.

What is Electrum24?

Electrum24 is one of the most reputed trading brokers in the market as it offers top-notch functionalities to beginners as well as professional traders. If you don’t have knowledge about trading but want to enter the sector, Electrum24 will help you in the whole process. The user interface is friendly and interactive, which makes the journey of members more easy and satisfactory.

Electrum24 is a regulated entity from a certified regulatory authority. The brokerage firm’s regulatory nature gives mental satisfaction to people who are ready to invest in the products via Electrum24. A broad range of trading instruments, such as stocks, cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, ETFs, Forex, and metals, is listed on the platform. People always get inspired by it as it is one of the leading trading brokers in the market.

Wide Range of Trading Instruments

Electrum24 is not designed only to offer one type of trading product. Instead, it is made to equip traders and investors with all kinds of trading instruments present out there. The instruments include commodities, indices, metals, Forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks.  Following is the brief outline of these products.

Commodity trading has an important place in the investment world. Investors love to add commodities to their portfolios because these can make the portfolio more efficient and versatile. People include commodities because they are less volatile than stocks and perform opposite to market happenings.

The platform has listed stocks of the world’s top tech companies, such as Tesla. If a company performs better, the price value rises, and traders get profit as a result. On the Electrum24, you will find those companies’ stocks that give high returns on investment. Trading of stocks can make a person rich if you sincerely work on it.

Cryptocurrency is a charming asset of the decade when we compare it with other traditional assets. We can call Bitcoin the best performing asset of the decade as it went from zero to above $43,000. Furthermore, the world’s leading digital currency has also challenged the gold bullion. 

electrum24 trading platform

The forex market is a big market that involves trading worth trillions of dollars on a daily basis. A lot of trading pairs comprising different currencies are listed for trading. One is presented with a comprehensive list of currency pairs. According to a rough idea, investors trade $5 trillion in the Forex markets on a daily basis. The brokerage firm recommends top-rated currency pairs to the customers because trading of these pairs earn a big profit.  Moreover, the users will be offered the advice of financial experts and professional traders.

The precious metals, such as gold and silver, are also available to users of Electrum24. Gold is a precious metal that is being used in trade for centuries. In the modern age, gold bullion has taken the shape of a good hedge instrument. Investors and traders prefer to add gold to their portfolios in order to handle market uncertainties and uneven happenings. Besides gold, most of the people also put money on silver. Silver has also performed outstandingly in the last few years.

Easy to Use User Interface

Nowadays, the user interface of a website matters because it affects users’ staying time on the site. If a new user finds the interface difficult, he will not stay there for a long time. On the other hand, an interactive and friendly interface captures the attention of both new as well as professional traders. The interface should be catchy so that people will not go anywhere after visiting the company’s website.  Electrum24’s interface is developed by a team of experienced developers and traders. What’s more, one could reach the destination within minutes and help to save the precious time of investors. The feedback given by old customers of the company shows that a friendly interface is a top-rated feature of Electrum24. It is equally attractive to new and experienced traders and gives a professional trading experience.

Experienced Team of Electrum24

The staff working underneath the trading broker is experienced, having years of experience in this particular field. The broker hires trading experts to help customers in the creation of a versatile and profitable portfolio. The team also educates people about how to trade efficiently and reduce risk as much as possible. My interaction with Electrum24’s team was superb, as my problem was solved immediately. So, my personal experience with the staff was wonderful, and I found it cooperative and supportive. Interestingly, Electrum24 is created by a group of professional traders and financial experts.

Active Customer Support

Customer support of Electrum24 is active 24-hours a day, and customer agents solve users’ issues on time. The broker is known for its highly active support section. The staff members serving the customer support are highly experienced and professional in giving mental peace to users. Usually, people face issues at the time of money deposit and withdrawal. But the customer agents are trained to assist users in smooth deposits and withdrawals.

Electrum24’s customer support is more functional and competitive than any other broker in the market. It has won the hearts of people with its excellent support section. However, the live customer support is not available on the site, but one can contact the customer agents by tapping into the “Contact Us” section. The agents promptly answer the queries of the people.

Is it Secure?

The questions related to security usually pop out in people’s minds before joining an online trading platform. Similarly, you may also have a quest to know about the secure nature of Electrum24. I will give a brief detail that would satisfy your minds to a great extent. The broker’s creators write on the first page of the site that it is a secure trading place for stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, gold, and silver. But the question arises why we believe in the words of its founders. Let’s focus on the feedback of users who are using it for a long time. According to them, the security feature of Electrum24 is outstanding. Moreover, they have not encountered any problem related to security so far.

Professional developers and traders frame the security system of the website. They have not left any type of loophole in it and protected it with several layers of security. It is impossible for hackers to breach the security layers of the site. Users will be satisfied with the security measures employed by the staff members of the company. However, if you doubt security, you can connect with the firm’s support agents. They can clear all your doubts and inquiries.

As per the latest reports, the volume of security attacks has increased exponentially as most of the business is turning online. A lot of companies have become victims of security breaching in the past few years due to a lack of security measures. They need to focus on the modern era techniques and tactics to prevent cyber attacks. In this case, Electrum24’s team has updated its security standards with modern’s rules and security principles.

Protection of Users’ Privacy

Once you become familiar with the site, your privacy will become the priority of the company. According to international laws, the selling of users’ data to third parties is prohibited. But some companies violate the laws and sell personal information of customers to third parties without their will. The US justice courts have initiated various trials against various business companies, but still, there are some entities that share data secretly. So, it is advised that you should do a comprehensive research before starting the journey with any kind of business.

The same principles apply to online trading companies because there are some cases where brokers sell data to a third party in exchange for money. Electrum24 is not involved in this severe act. Rather, the privacy of users’ personal information is one of the major priorities of the company. Based on my personal experience, I inform you that your information will remain protected.

Focus on Transparency

Transparency settles a long term connection between a firm and its customers. People usually impress when a company tells the truth about its services. Electrum24 is a transparent trading broker as everything is mentioned clearly in layman language. The major thing is that everything is true and nothing is a lie. On the other hand, scam brokers write information that is not true. They scam people by telling lies to people and rob money out of their pockets. So, don’t become a victim of fake glorification and explore the truth before investing money in a product. Everything is written on the website in a transparent way. The company does not charge extra fees or hidden fees. On the other hand, information about commission and fees are clearly mentioned on the site.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It is mandatory to add funds in the wallet of a broker to bet on the trading objects. Electrum24 has given users a choice to select their favorite payment method to deposit funds. These payments methods include wire transfers and cards such as Visa and Mastercard. What’s more, it cuts time as much as possible because time is precious for traders and investors. One can deposit funds free of cost because Electrum24 deducts no charges on money deposits.

The withdrawal process is as simple as the deposit process. Other brokerage firms ask customers to wait for a long time, even weeks. They create a feeling of desperation in the minds of people. Electrum24, on the other hand, does not let users wait for a long period of time. Instead, they accept withdrawal requests without a delay and process in days, not weeks. If a user makes his mind to leave the site, he could withdraw his funds on an emergency basis.

Competitive Fee Structure

Unlike the majority of companies in the market, it has rolled out a fee structure detailing every bit of information about trading fees. The fee schedule of Electrum24 is more competitive than any other trading broker in the industry. However, if you are visiting the site without registering yourself, you will not confront the fee structure. But there is an option that you can ask them about the fee structure by going into the “Contact Us” section. The low fee structure makes it more charming than any other trading company out there.

KYC and AML Policies

A regulatory trading company is required to comply with know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines set by the world’s regulatory bodies. To comply with KYC guidelines, the broker collects information when a user fills the site’s registration page. However, it demands required information and protects users’ privacy according to international codes and standards.

New reports found out that money laundering activities are surging with time. Scammers have developed new techniques to launder money out of the country. They also use brokerage platforms for money laundering. So, Electrum24 works according to the AML guidelines that are devised by the regulatory authorities. Everyone on the site is subjected to the KYC and AML. If you lose money in a scam or in any illegal activity, you can claim the amount because it has complied with a certified regulatory authority. On the other hand, a scam broker does not help you in claiming the money.

Five Account Types

There is a total of five different account types: Elementary account, Standard account, Investor A account, Trader VS account, and Premium A+ account. New people in the trading world should open an Elementary account because it has a low deposit limit. Due to the low investment level of the account, there is less risk of investment loss. People with big money should pick Premium A+ account as it is equipped with premium trading features. The premium account could benefit users with a profit in thousands of dollars. One should pick an account based on his investment range as there are some risks attached to trading. Markets react to uneven news and happenings, and untrained traders lose money as a result.

How to Begin Trading with Electrum24?

The process is very simple to start your trading journey with the Electrum24 because the team helps you in everything. The procedure of becoming a regular customer is divided into a few phases or stages. Following are the brief details of these steps.

If you have made up your mind to start your voyage with the Electrum24, registration is the first step. In this, you will introduce yourself, such as filling the registration page with first name, last name, phone number, country of residence, and email address. It will take few minutes until your bio will be given to the company for compliance and identification purposes. After the creation of a login account with the website, you will be then given different types of accounts for selection.

The company has listed various account types for users’ ease. Each account has salient features that differentiate it from other types of accounts. I will advise beginner traders to go for the basic account because it has a low deposit limit. On the other hand, big investors should go for a premium account that has premium trading features.

Once a user picks an account, he is then bound to add funds to his wallet for trading. Some trading companies offer an option for demo trading in which a trader train himself without submitting funds. Users are presented with a wide list of payment options to add funds into the website’s funds wallet.

Once the company accepts the funds, the user will be able to trade objects such as cryptocurrency, indices, precious metals, Forex, CFDs, and stocks. What’s more, users can also benefit from the consultancy of financial experts of the firm. With the advice of managers, people can earn thousands of dollars in profit.

Market Tools and Education

The company provides a bunch of tools that are necessary for the trading process. The tools are 100% authentic and proved. Even new traders can make a lot of money by using these tools. Indicators, on the other hand, tell us about future happenings. These indicators analyze markets based on past data.

Electrum24 also offers a golden opportunity in the form of education. Before diving into the deep world of trading, one must prepare about the technicalities of the industry. Beginner traders can train themselves with the educational resources provided by the Big FX. However, professional traders can also learn new tactics related to the trading space. In this way, the educational part of the broker is helping out the industry by educating people.

Compliance with Regulatory Authority

Electrum24 is a regulated brokerage firm from a certified regulatory body. It follows all guidelines of the regulatory body and works according to set rules. The compliance nature makes it more attractive for traders. Nowadays, some unregulated trading entities are working in the industry but claim to be a registered entity. On the other hand, it is confirmed that Electrum24 is registered with the regulatory body. It is said that the Estonian Financial Regulator regulates Electrum24.

Leverage Option

Leverage is a feature by which you can invest more than your funds. The range of leverage is different for different firms. Brokers offer up to 1:100 leverage on trading, but Electrum24 provides leverage up to 1:300. It means that if a trader has $1 in his wallet: he can invest up to $300 on trading instruments. With leverage trading, one can earn a lot of profit if he is trained in executing winning trades. However, leverage trading is not recommended for everyone. 

Only Web Trader

Electrum24 is only offering web trader for trading. It is the only negative point about the company because it does not give the option of a mobile app to users. However, the web version is well designed that it gives the experience of mobile application on a smartphone. After searching the website name in the search panel, you just need to input the required login information. After putting the login data, you can enjoy the web trader version. What’s more, there is no need to upgrade it with a new update. Tools and indicators are also available with the web trader. These tools help traders better decisions at the time of trade execution. By using indicators, people can predict the future price value of a trading instrument.


Electrum24 is a web-based regulated trading firm responsible for making a large number of people rich and wealthy. In other words, we can say that Electrum24 is a leading broker in helping people getting rich via trading of objects, including stocks, indices, metals, cryptocurrency, Forex, and CFDs.

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