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EcoMarkets Review – Is This Broker a Good Option?

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Best Trading Tips brings you a review of EcoMarkets online trading platform today, we have checked each and every aspect in this EcoMarkets review and have come to the conclusion that the broker is legit. You can sign up with the broker in the link below or read our full review to learn more.

EcoMarkets Review

EcoMarkets logoThe 21st century brought about a great deal of technological progress and the age of the internet, but no one could have fathomed how it would change the world. Today, everything has gone digital and every industry has seen some form of change or the other. This also applies to trading in the financial markets, a concept that had been around for decades and was revolutionized as well. These markets were restricted to only those who have copious amounts of money to invest and an in-depth understanding of how they work. Sure, there were tons of stories about big money being made, but the hurdles seemed too big to overcome.

But, everything changed with advancement and the phenomenon of online trading was introduced, which has now become one of the biggest trends in the world. People were now able to trade online and not go anywhere and best of all, the restrictions and barriers applicable before were eliminated. Now, you can start trading without having to invest thousands of dollars, you don’t need any experience or education and most of all, you can indulge in trading as a hobby as well. This has contributed to increased traffic in this space and the number of platforms for accommodating this growing demand has also gone up.

There are thousands of trading instruments that can be found for trading, including the popular and in-demand cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is find a broker and you will be able to start right away. It doesn’t matter what instrument you wish to trade or where you are based, there are plenty of brokerages straight at your fingertips. No, it is not possible to trade online without a broker because they are your gateway to the financial markets and provide you everything you need for efficient trading.

It is not difficult to find a brokerage, as you can search for it the same way you look for other things these days; Google. It gives you a long list of companies offering their trading services and this is where your challenge begins because you have to learn how to distinguish between the different companies in order to find out which ones are actually authentic and which ones are only making some tall claims. Yes, such companies do exist and a lot of these shady and unregulated brokers later turn out to be scams or leave you vulnerable to hacks and other cybercrimes.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that there are not some good options in the market that can provide you with professional trading services that can help you in earning a high return on investment (ROI). The key to finding such a company is to evaluate your options before you make a decision. Most people who end up making the wrong choice don’t really put a lot of thought in their decision. They just pick one of the names they come across, only to realize later that they are not a good fit. Others end up falling for the false claims made by the broker and have to learn their lesson the hard way.

You certainly don’t want to face any such situation, so it is best to learn to be diligent from the get go. This means you need to evaluate a broker’s offerings in order to decide if they are a good option for not. You should ensure that they are not just making big promises and can actually deliver on their claims. EcoMarkets is one of the companies that you will find in the market and it stands out in the sea of brokers. They may not have been around for a long time, but they have gained a strong reputation in a very short span of time.

This forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) brokerage is making a lot of waves, but you need to evaluate their offerings before deciding to use their services. Doing so will help you in finding a platform that can fulfill your needs in the best possible way. So, what can you expect with EcoMarkets? Check it out below:

Broker EcoMarkets
Trading Accounts Five Account Options; Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Bonds and CFDs
Trading Tools Trading Indicators, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes; , Glossary, e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials and market analysis
Customer Support 24/7 through email, phone number, online contact form
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent Company EcoMarkets

EcoMarkets trading platform

EcoMarkets’ Trading Platform

There are tons of features and services that a broker offers to those who are interested in trading, but there is none as vital and necessary as the trading platform. This is essentially the software, which is used for opening and closing positions in the markets, monitoring the movements and making your decisions. Without this software, you will not be able to trade and it is the responsibility of the broker to provide you with the platform. It should also be noted that this platform has an impact on your trading experience as a whole, depending on how it is designed.

If you have researched trading platforms, then you are probably aware that not all of them are created equal. Some platforms are very complex and some may be lacking in features and so on. Good ones also exist and can offer a smooth trading experience. But, the trading platform that you will use depends on the broker you use. It is up to them to decide what kind of platform they wish to offer and EcoMarkets has opted to give their clients a proprietary web trading platform that they have developed after considerable effort and research.

With this trading platform, you don’t have to be concerned about download and installation because it is accessible through the EcoMarkets website. You can use it on any device that supports a web browser and an internet connection, which makes it versatile and gives you a great deal of flexibility. As far as performance is concerned, no compromises have been made, as the most innovative technologies have been used for this platform to provide features like one-click trading and superior trade execution. The user-interface is immensely intuitive, which ensures that you will be able to navigate the platform, even if you are newcomer.

You will be able to trade different assets from one dashboard and they have given complete freedom to traders for customizing the platform as they see fit. In addition, it has also been equipped with some of the most powerful and advanced trading tools by EcoMarkets in order to help traders in maximizing their trading activities. You will find a ton of charting tools and graphs that can help you track market movements, patterns and trends. There are analysis tools that can be useful in decision-making and all results are reflected in real-time for your ease.

Traders also have the option of setting price alerts, using the economic calendar, or listening to the latest market news, as EcoMarkets has added all these features as well. Along with this web-based trading solution, they have also come up with mobile trading apps in light of the recent trend of people trading on the go. These apps are available for iOS and Android devices and are easy to download. They also have a user-friendly interface, but boast a number of tools that can deliver great value to traders.

EcoMarkets’ Registration and Sign Up

In order to use any online service, people are required to register themselves first and this is no different in the case of trading as well. When you want to use a broker’s services, you will be required to complete their registration procedure. If you compare a couple of options, it becomes apparent that everyone has their own process and there are no hard and fast rules here. Some companies tend to have a lengthy procedure, which asks for a lot of information, documents and involve application approval as well. Many people may become annoyed and abandon the process halfway.

You obviously want to start trading right away and it appears EcoMarkets has developed their registration and sign up procedure after keeping this mind. It is quick and easy to sign up with them because they don’t have any lengthy forms or any other requirements. You can start the process by going to their website and opening the registration form. It is a very short one that doesn’t ask for any detailed information and will not take you more than five minutes to complete it.

The form asks you to share your first and last name, an email address and a password, a phone number and your country of residence. You also have to choose the account currency you want to use for your deposits and withdrawals on EcoMarkets. Next, you have to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the company. You can find these on their website and can go over them before agreeing. The final step is to confirm that you are at least 18 and then hit Register. It will be done immediately and you can go over the account choices they have added and choose the one you wish to open.

EcoMarkets’ Security Infrastructure

Anyone who uses the internet is aware that they are never completely safe. There have been countless security breaches where people have had their money stolen by cybercriminals, or hackers had made away with their personal and sensitive information, which is then misused. Why does this matter here? When you are trading online, you have to give a broker access to your personal information and deposit money with them as well and this exposes you to cyberattacks. So, what can be done? It is the company’s job to protect your money and data because you have entrusted them with it.

Whether they do a good job or not will depend on the company and this is where you need your attention to be. EcoMarkets may be relatively new to the market, but they are quite familiar with the risks due to which their security infrastructure is rather impressive. They have a Privacy Policy that sheds light on what information is collected and how, and the way it is used. You can rest assured that they don’t share, sell or license your data to anyone without your consent. As far as securing it is concerned, they have chosen to use advanced encryption technology for this purpose.

All data that’s shared by traders is straight away encrypted in order to keep it away from any prying eyes. No unauthorized individual can get access to this information and it will not be of any use as it is encrypted. Moreover, EcoMarkets also encourages traders to use strong passwords for their accounts and to not share them with anyone. They have also chosen to be compliant with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These are the two most renowned security policies, which are implemented by legitimate and reliable platforms.

According to the rules of these policies, traders signing up with EcoMarkets are required to submit proof of identity and address in order to verify their account. This is a way of preventing any cybercriminals or shady individuals from creating an account on the platform and then misusing it. In addition, these policies can also be effective in reducing the occurrence of identity theft, financial fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. To comply with these policies, traders will have to submit either a national ID card, a driver’s license or even an international passport issued by the government.

This is considered proof of identity. As for address, any utility bill, whether gas, electricity or water, would suffice, or you can also provide a bank statement, as long as it shows your address. Furthermore, when you make deposits and withdrawals on EcoMarkets, you are asked to use the same method for both, as per these policies. Last, but certainly not the least, your funds are kept in segregated accounts and deposited with leading financial institutions for providing the highest level of security. Even if the company files for bankruptcy, your money remains safe and is returned to you.

EcoMarkets online trading

EcoMarkets’ Product Offerings

It wouldn’t make sense for any trader to choose a brokerage without having any idea of the products they will be able to trade with them. Knowing what instruments you will be able to invest in is of the utmost importance because they will determine the kind of returns you make. Also, some companies make big promises of offering you the best trading products, but later turn out to be a disappointment. Would you want to switch platforms over and over again? Obviously, everyone would want to avoid this hassle and the easiest way to accomplish this is by checking their product offerings beforehand.

There is no need to settle for a limited number of options when there is so much variety available in the markets. Apart from that, the greater the variety, the more you will be able to diversify and this can prove to be quite effective in mitigating the risks associated with trading. Luckily, EcoMarkets gives its clients plenty of room in this regard because they have an extensive list of trading products to offer. You will be able to trade in some of the world’s biggest financial markets, and there are more than 300 options ready to be explored.

You can start with the largest financial market in the world i.e. the forex market, which is brimming with opportunities. There are hundreds of currency pairs that can be traded, both minor and major, and a lot of money to be made. USD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/CHF are some of the choices you will find at your disposal. Another popular market that has been associated with trading is the stock market, where you have the opportunity to trade shares of some of the leading companies in the world. The returns are high in the stock market, especially when you are trading big names like Google, Apple, JPMorgan, Netflix, Sony, Pfizer, PayPal, MasterCard, Facebook and Amazon.

If you don’t want to trade individual stocks and would prefer more lucrative opportunities, the indices market can fit the bill quite perfectly. EcoMarkets gives you access to some of the world’s most profitable indices, like FTSE 100, DAX 30, S&P 500, NASDAQ and CAC 40. In case you want to tone down the risk a little, the commodities market is also brimming with options. Soft commodities, which comprise of agricultural products like wheat, coffee, corn and sugar are an option. Hard commodities, which include precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium can also generate consistent returns.

You can also trade commodities like natural gas and Brent crude oil for profits. One of the most recent additions that has been made to the instrument offerings at EcoMarkets is that of cryptocurrencies. These volatile digital currencies can offer immense returns and you can trade some prominent ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and Ripple. There are bonds and ETFs also available on the platform.

EcoMarkets’ Payment Solutions

You have to have capital to invest in the trading space if you want to make some profits. When you sign up with any broker, you will be required to make a deposit in order to start trading. But, the question is how will you make this deposit? At this point, you need to know what payment solutions you can use for not just adding your money, but withdrawing it as well because this will tell you how conveniently and quickly you will be able to get your returns. You don’t want to jump through a lot of hoops or wait for months for getting your hands on your profits.

Therefore, the payment solutions should be checked thoroughly and EcoMarkets has proven to be quite facilitating in this regard. They have added a combination of conventional and modern payment solutions available, which ensures that every trader can find an option they can use easily. Traders can choose to use their debit or credit cards, including Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard for their deposits and withdrawals. They are also given the option of using the more modern and quick e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

If they prioritize security and don’t mind waiting a bit, EcoMarkets has also given them the option of using bank wire transfers. In most cases, deposits are processed right away and free of cost, but withdrawal procedures require some time and have some fee associated with them. You can compare the options and choose the one you are comfortable with.

EcoMarkets’ Customer Care

While you are looking at the tools, platform, asset offerings and security of the broker, you shouldn’t forget about customer care. Will you be able to get assistance if you need it? The availability of help can also affect your trading experience because it can be frustrating to have to wait for answers or solutions, particularly if there is a technical problem. Delays can result in losses and every trader dreads this scenario. EcoMarkets is aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction due to which they are quite proactive when it comes to customer care.

They have added support for their traders via various channels in order to ensure they will get help when they need. Traders are free to send in an email, or give them a call in an urgent situation. In fact, you can even schedule a callback by filling out the online contact form on EcoMarkets’ website. Their team is available 24/5 and is responsive and friendly and will put you at ease right away.

When you are done evaluating the features of EcoMarkets, it can be concluded that they are a good broker to use for investing in the financial markets and taking advantage of the opportunities available.  

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