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Facebook, Ford Motor, and More Make Stock Price Movements

As per the latest reports, the share prices for Facebook have experienced a 4.9% fall. The loss was recorded following claims made by an employee of the social media giant. The whistleblower was a woman who revealed her identity and went against the social media giant for its hostile acts. The woman has accused Facebook of going against the democracy and betraying it. The woman reportedly leaked out documentation from Facebook and shared them with Congress and The Wall Street Journal. She revealed that the executives at the social media platform were fully aware of how their platform would impact the mental condition of the youngsters.

In addition to Facebook, another major social media platform “Twitter” has experienced a 5.8% drop in its share prices. Twitter ended up facing a downtrend due to the same regulatory concerns raised by the investors in the whistleblowers’ dilemma.

The next company on the list is Ford Motor. The data shows that the share prices for Ford Motor have experienced a 1.3% rise. The rise in the share prices for the carmaker was observed after it revealed that it recorded higher sale volumes for the vehicles in the third quarter of 2021. The company revealed that in the month of July and August, it experienced 30% losses in sales. However, the third month of the third quarter of 2021 has turned out to be promising and the sales have recovered significantly.

The company has announced that in the month of September 2021, the losses it has incurred at just 17.7%. Ford has confirmed that in terms of year-to-date, it has observed 27.4% losses in total for sales. The company has revealed that the losses it has incurred so far are narrower than what the analysts had forecasted.

General Motors (GM) is the next company on the list experiencing a 1.6% share price rise. The rise in the share prices for the company was observed after Engine No.1, an activist firm announced that it was going to make an investment in General Motors. The hedge fund has also shared the reason why it has made an investment in General Motors. According to the firm, it appreciates the new agenda that General Motors is pursuing, which is advancement in the electric car sector.

The company has announced in 2021 that it will be moving its production line from fuel-based cars to completely electric cards by 2040. It was at the beginning of 2021 when Engine No. 1 managed to make a name for itself. The company achieved this by adding its three directors to the board of directors of Exxon Mobil.

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