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International Trading Revenue Review – Is A Good Choice For Your Trading Needs?

International Trading Revenue Broker Rating
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International Trading Revenue is ranking as one of the best online brokers in the financial market for all the right reasons. The benefits offered by this platform to its clients ensure that traders get the best out of their trading and can use the vast trading tools provided on the platform to minimize losses.

International Trading Revenue REVIEW

International Trading Revenue logoThe financial market has gone through positive and negative phases over the years that have developed it in many ways. New investors continually enter the market despite the many risks attached to trading in the financial market; they understand that with risks come to a whole lot of gain. Before entering the financial market, one has to understand that the market is not a place for illogical people. A lot of thought and assessments go into investments and trading and a trader has to avoid trading at a level of risk he/she is not prepared for.

Although the aim of investors and traders when entering the financial market is making ample profits from their trades, it doesn’t always come easy. A trader or investor that wants to truly profit from the financial market must make out time to understand the way the financial market works. Such a trader needs to understand the market trends, risks and how to utilize trading tools at his disposal to increase profits.

Despite the many risks and high volatility of the trading market, the high rate of profits that can be made from the market has drawn a lot of skeptical people into the financial market. The best part is that the financial market is wide enough to accommodate everyone; the various exchange markets and trading platforms that are emerging daily widens the market and creates room for more people to invest. Brokerage firms are popping up by the hundreds every day to help investors.

Brokers can be said to be the backbone of the financial market as they help investors and traders all over the world make deals; these deals help the traders make profits by trading on the right assets. The problem however is the increasing number of scam brokers in the market, it has become difficult to tell the real brokers from the fake due to the similarity of profit-making promises.

Traders and investors want to be able to rely on their chosen broker to make the right decision for them in terms of trade. However, a lot of fake brokerage firms have come into the financial market just to scam traders and take their money away. You would agree with me that such action causes a lot of skepticism and distrust among traders when any new brokerage firm arises.

This is a bad trend as there are well-meaning brokerage firms out there among the scamming ones and they are there to help investors explore the profitable opportunities laid out for them. Brokers help traders recognize the best exchange market to invest in and the right trades to partake in; these tasks can be difficult for traders wanting to take it on themselves. Brokerage firms help traders recognize if the right path for them is a single trade or diversification.

While having a broker is important, choosing the right one is even more important. Trying to find out everything about every broker you come across can be pretty difficult; this is what reviews are there for. We expose you to every function and aspect of online brokers to make it easier for you to choose the right fit for you. International Trading Revenue is one such brokerage firm and we’ll be reviewing this online broker comprehensively.

General Introduction to International Trading Revenue

International Trading Revenue is a brokerage firm online that caters to traders and investors worldwide, it is a company that fosters financial freedom amongst its clients. It was formed by expert traders who came today to create a firm that was devoid of greed and made ethics a top priority.

These traders had experiences with many companies who were out to profit in any way they can, they wanted to create a firm that traders could stand proudly and boast of being a part of. They achieved their aim efficiently and created a brokerage firm that gave traders and investors access to thousands of markets around the world. Its goal of impacting the world’s productivity positively is probably one of the reasons it is so successful.

This trading platform doesn’t boast of what it cannot do and allows its reputation in the brokerage world speak for itself. It sufficiently assists traders to make lots of profit in whatever market they dabble in by providing a variety of trading tools to assist traders in trades. This business has a reputation for high values due to its actions based on transparency, fairness and stellar services to customers. They give traders many options when it comes to platforms to trade from, becoming a International Trading Revenue client is the best thing a trader can do and its many features will tell you why.

Shining Features of International Trading Revenue

There are so many features that International Trading Revenue offers its customers to give them maximum leverage in the financial market. These features are all put in place strategically to give traders and investors the best experience when they choose International Trading Revenue as their broker.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

The mission of this brokerage firm revolves around their customers; their goal is to serve its customers in whichever way they can. Customer support is an important aspect to consider when choosing the right firm to broker deals for you in the financial market. Problems can arise at any time and you want to be sure that your broker will be available to solve your problems for you and not leave you on a cliffhanger; this is what the International Trading Revenue offers.

This brokerage firm is dedicated to giving customers stellar services in every area of the platform and they achieve this efficiently in their customer support. The customer support team of this brokerage firm is made up of professional traders who are available at any time of the day to answer questions and solve issues from clients. Their enthusiastic account managers who are available to customers personally assist customers to perform better in trades; they tailor trades made to the need of the customer.

Their team is smart and efficient when it comes to answering queries and solving the problems of every client. They reply to questions as quickly as they can at any hour of any day to ensure that customers do not miss out on profit-making opportunities. They advise traders on steps they can take to get higher profits in the financial market, which trader doesn’t want that?

  • First-rate Security Standard

When choosing a broker, security is one of the first things to consider. It is essential as the safety of your money and personal information provided on any platform can be retrieved by hackers if there is no adequate security protocol put in place. If your chosen brokerage firm cannot protect your information and funds, then what’s the whole point of being with them?

International Trading Revenue recognizes the importance of protecting client’s private information and funds and so, have provided great protection to assure clients of their safety on the platform. They separate the customer’s account from that of the brokerage; this ensures that every clients’ funds will only be used for trading and never for the personal use of the broker. This is to make sure that the client knows that even when the brokerage firm goes bankrupt, their funds are secure.

In addition to this separation of accounts, every data on the platform is encrypted with high-end encryption. This makes sure that every data in this platform is protected from hackers and rendered useless to cyber-attacks.

  • Firm Verification Method

As part of the security measures put in place by International Trading Revenue, a trader or investor looking to register on the platform needs to pass through their strict verification processes. This is to ensure that hackers don’t gain easy entry to the platform. Once a trader successfully passes through all the steps required to verify the account, then the platform and all the benefits that come with it are available at the customer’s disposal.

To verify a new account and become a part of the International Trading Revenue family, a trader needs to provide a proof of residence such as a utility bill or a credit card statement. A trader will also need to provide proof of their identity. Once this is provided, a trader will then answer a few questions that will help the broker determine their economic profile. The whole process is fast and documents are easily uploaded on the platform.

  • Prominent Trading Platform

To ensure excellent trading on the platform, this brokerage firm provides the number one trading platform to traders on the platform. This leading platform in addition to International Trading Revenue’s cutting-edge technology provides traders with a friendly user interface to carry out trades. The Meta Trader platform was created for traders interested strictly in online financial market trading. It provides traders with every tool they need to make the most out of their trading.

The platform provides users with updates and news about market trends daily, it also offers several analyses and charting options. Traders can use the tools made available to analyze market trends to be able to make the best deal. This terminal exposes traders to a growing trading community online; beginners and experienced traders can all benefit from the platform.

A trader can also use the pattern recognition tool made available on the platform. It will find new market trends and spot opportunities in the investment market for the trader. With this information, the trader can then strategize when to enter and when to leave a trade. There is also the customized indicators feature which helps traders use auto trading. After registration, an email is sent with a link to download the software.

International Trading Revenue Account Types

This brokerage firm has a selection of accounts every trader has access to and can benefit exponentially from. These accounts are tailored to the needs of traders to ensure maximum trading benefits for traders of all levels.

  • Demo Account

This is an account available to every trader on the platform; it was developed to help traders get acquainted with how trading goes on in the platform. New traders in the financial market especially benefit from this platform as it helps them understand how trading works. A new trader will find the financial market very confusing if not understood beforehand; this is the problem solved by the platform. The demo account helps traders learn by giving the aura of a live trading room.

Trading on the demo account does not require any funds whatsoever, the trader gets to trade freely without incurring any real loss. The demo account gives the feel of a real account by carrying out trades based on historical data gathered. A trader can make use of strategies they might use in a live trading account to find out if it is right or wrong. The purpose of a demo account is to ensure that a trader understands the risks involved in trading before entering a live trading room.

New traders are advised to try out the demo account before trading on the real account, no deposit is required in the demo account. As a result, losses do not affect the trader’s deposit and profits cannot be withdrawn. It helps educate traders while giving them the necessary experience to thrive in a live trading room.

  • Real Account

The second account offered by International Trading Revenue is the real account, this is as real as trading gets. After getting acquainted with the platform on the demo account and you’re ready to start trading with all the risk involved, then you can switch to the real account to start live trading. This account requires a deposit as real funds are used to trade in this account, the feeling becomes real. There is a significant distinction between demo trading and live trading; live trading comes with all the risk and a whole new feeling.

Your money is at stake in this account, so you cannot afford to make trades and deals carelessly. You have to be strategic so as not to lose a lot of money, losing daily can kill your confidence in the financial market. International Trading Revenue still has you covered though, there are account managers attached to each account to help you make strategic profit-making trades in the live trading room. You can also set a stop-loss limit to mitigate losses.

  • Islamic Account

This is an account that is available to traders on demand, it caters specifically to a specific religion making it a unique type of account. It is to ensure that Islamic traders can successfully trade as the account follows all the laws of Islam. Per Sharia laws that states that Islamic traders cannot trade with accounts that have swap rates; this account has no form of interest. This shows that International Trading Revenue cares about the beliefs and faith of clients.

This account also closes at 22:00:00 GMT and opens right at 22:00:01 GMT. The Islamic account holders still get to enjoy all the benefits attached to the real account like leverages and hedging positions. They also benefit from all the trading tools the platform offers in the real accounts to maximize profit for the account holders.

Deposit And Withdrawal Process of International Trading Revenue

Making deposits and withdrawals on the International Trading Revenue platform is essential to every trader. This is because traders would be depositing and withdrawing frequently to facilitate trades and wouldn’t want the whole process to be complex. International Trading Revenue offers a simple and easy deposit and withdrawal process to traders on its platform.

  • Stress-Free Deposit Process

International Trading Revenue partners with payment providers that are very safe to ensure customers can make an easy deposit online. Traders are presented with various deposit options to make trading easy and convenient for traders. The various payment option is secured with high-end encryption so that the funds of clients are kept safe from hackers.

A trader must make deposits from an account that holds the same name as the account to which he/she is making deposits. This is for safety processes and to avoid confusion of any kind.

  • Hassle-free Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process of International Trading Revenue follows the same process as the deposit process. Once the trader puts in a request for a withdrawal, it is processed within 24 hours. To make withdrawals on the platform however, a trader must have passed through the verification process successfully. The account from which deposits were made is the same account which the withdrawn funds will be paid into

Final Verdict

International Trading Revenue is ranking as one of the best online brokers in the financial market for all the right reasons. The benefits offered by this platform to its clients ensure that traders get the best out of their trading and can use the vast trading tools provided on the platform to minimize losses.

When you consider the features of this online brokerage firm, you would realize that you really can’t do better than International Trading Revenue when choosing an online broker for your trading.

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