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CoiniBank Review – Why You Would Love Trading Forex and CFD(s) Through CoiniBank

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The platform developed by CoiniBank offers its clients one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly trading interface. It is equipped with features such as live trading news, price alerts, latest trading charts/graphs, algo-trading, and historical reports. When using CoiniBank, you have access to numerous Forex trading markets from around the globe to choose and trade from.

CoiniBank Review


CoiniBank ReviewImagine that one day you end up winning a lottery and find yourself claiming a huge prize money. What would you do after that? It is obvious that the first thing in your mind would be to upgrade your basic needs such accommodation, mode of transportation, and lifestyle etc.

So what are you going to do with all the money that you are left with? Are you going to spend all of it only to find yourself back to the point of the beginning or are you going to make it worth your lifetime?

If you ask me, I would make sure that I invest the money I have left at the right place and be tension-free for the rest of my life. Fortunately, it is not mandatory for you to invest money only when you have won a prize or a lottery. You can even invest even a small amount of money and earn the fortunes yourself.

Why Trade in Forex?

If you are reading this, then it means that you are interested in investing your savings and make extra money, and I can assure you that you have come to the right place.

At present, Forex Trading is at the top of its game as it currently experiences a daily transaction volume of more than $6.4 Trillion. It involves the buying and selling of foreign currency-pairs, and currently ranks as the most liquid and volatile market with respect to capitalization.

However, all the potential of this trading instrument would go to waste if you ended up entrusting your savings and investments with the wrong brokerage. There are many brokerages that offer promising and attractive services only to lure innocent investors and deprive them of their hard-earned money. Which is why it has now become extremely important for investors to make sure that they are investing through a legit brokerage.

When trading with CoiniBank, you also get the opportunity to choose from 70+ currencies pairs to trade in. As a cherry on top, you also have the option of performing Forex trading in crypto-pairs or crypto-fiat pairs that are in really high demand these days.

Now is the Time I Mention CoiniBank

If you have been searching for the right brokerage, then your search ends here as CoiniBank is the perfect choice. Even with the smallest of investments, you have high chances of making fortunes. The reason behind this claim is because the team working at CoiniBank is not after your money. The experts at CoiniBank believe in empowering their customers. They believe in providing customers with opportunities to increase their chances of making profits and change their lifestyles.

To ensure that they keep up with the top brokerages from around the world, CoiniBank employs some of the most talented, experienced and highly skilled individuals. Their job is to make sure that the investors not only get to trade but learn more than the basics of trading.

In order to achieve this, Coinibank has made sure that their investors are provided with the best trading tools, academic programs, numerous trading options, and guidance from the best account managers along the trading journey.

CoiniBank’s Trading Accounts

If you wish to trade with CoiniBank, then you have a variety of trading accounts offered by CoiniBank at your disposal. All you are required to do is make a minimum deposit based on the type of the trading account you wish to have and you can avail the services offered by CoiniBank.

Types of Trading Accounts

At CoiniBank, you get to choose from six different trading accounts. Each account is created to cater the needs of investors based on their experience level in Forex Trading.

The six trading accounts set up by CoiniBank include Basic, Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP trading accounts. The services’ catalogue in the CoiniBank trading account keeps growing higher from Basic trading account all the way up to VIP. You can make minimum deposits ranging from $250 to $50,000 to get your hands on either of the accounts.

Services Offered through CoiniBank’s Trading Accounts

Based on the type of the trading account, you can get up to 50% Welcome Bonus. The accounts include services such as education center, trading alerts, no withdrawal fees (account based), VIP services (account based), and free savings account.

On top of this, CoiniBank offers following services to groom and polish the trading skills of their clients. These services include expert analyst trading sessions, live webinars, and daily personal trading sessions.

CoiniBank Trading Platform

CoiniBank’s Own Trading Platform

While majority of the brokerages depend upon third party trading platforms, CoiniBank has decided to take a different road as it has developed its own trading platform. With this, CoiniBank ensures that their technology and tools remain top-notch as well as updated to match the requirements of the upcoming challenges.

The platform developed by CoiniBank offers its clients one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly trading interface. It is equipped with features such as live trading news, price alerts, latest trading charts/graphs, algo-trading, and historical reports. When using CoiniBank, you have access to numerous Forex trading markets from around the globe to choose and trade from.

On top of this, the platform also allows you to perform sell starts/stops and trade stars/stops meaning that you make profits even when you are not around the trading platform. Currently, CoiniBank’s trading platform is available through an independent operating system, web, and smartphones, and the firm is currently working to develop an application for tablet users as well.

CFD Trading Through CoiniBank

I could have mentioned CFD trading when I was talking about Forex but preferred mentioning it separately. The CFD feature has been developed in a way that it can be integrated into any other trading instrument such as Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks and Indices trading.

In CFD trading, all a person needs to do is predict the price of an instrument at a pre-decided date/time where one party acts as a buyer and the other as the seller. If the ball goes into the investor’s court, the profit is investor’s to take, and if it goes south, it is the broker (acting seller).

The best thing about CFD trading is that it does not require the investors to actually purchase the product but replicate a real-time trading market and bet on the product’s price there.

Together with the help of the services, facilities, tools, and guidance provided by CoiniBank and your own skills, your chances of winning large profits are very high.

CoiniBank’s 24/7 Customer Support at Your Service

With aims to provide customers with the most efficient and friendly trading environment, CoiniBank has put together a team of highly skilled individuals. These individuals have ample amount of experience in customer satisfaction sector so your issues and queries will never be delayed or go unanswered.

CoiniBank’s Compliance Related Efforts

Similar to some of the major online brokerages, CoiniBank prides itself in mentioning its efforts in the compliance sector. CoiniBank believes in complete transparency and compliant infrastructure. This is why CoiniBank makes constant efforts to ensure that it is fully compliant with the two most important policies that are the ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ & ‘Know-Your-Customer’ policies.

To make sure that all its clients adhere to this policy, CoiniBank has made it mandatory for its users to provide their identification details at the time of signing up.

Online Trading May Not Be Your Gig

At the end, I would like to tell you that I have had a wonderful experience in online trading since the day I joined. However, I cannot say the same about you because I cannot assess what your profile is. Remember, it is true that trading requires investment but what it requires the most is dedication and lots of patience. At times, you may want to drop the idea of putting up with the losses that you might be facing at a particular moment. However, if you put up a bit longer and spend some more time, success will come your way.

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