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Intuit, AT&T, Moderna, and more Major Companies with Worst Performances in Today’s Market


The stock price situation of companies is constantly changing. It is an everyday occurrence that a new company takes the stage of either being the highest/worst performer in the trading market. While most of the investors want to look at their investments in greens, the majority of the senior investors look for companies in red.

The veteran investors keep a close check on the stock price losses of most of the companies. The companies having the potential to grow but inhabiting a plummet have the ability to rise back from the ashes. This is the reason why the corporate investors’ community is always interested to know about the worst-performing cryptocurrencies.

In the list of worst performers in today’s market, the company that has made it to the top is Intuit. The software and tech company has observed a share price dip that is worth 6.10%, which is dropped its share price to $652.30 per share. As of now, the company’s overall valuation is $184.70 billion making it the 66th largest company in the world. In the past 12-months, Intuit has experienced an overall growth that is worth 85.30%.

Coming up next in the list of worst performers in the past 24-hours is AT&T. In today’s market, the telecommunication company’s stock is trading at a price of $22.83 per share after experiencing a .44% dip. The company currently has a valuation that is worth over $163 billion. The valuation has reportedly granted the telecommunication company 79th position in the overall market. Being one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, it is alarming to know that AT&T has plunged by 20.59% in valuation in the past 12-months.

The company that has found itself in hot water after AT&T due to its negative stock price gains in the past 24-hours is Moderna. The biotech company has reportedly experienced a 4.36% dip in its stock prices in today’s market and currently has its stock trading at $352.43 per share. In the past 12-months, the company has inhabited 130.74% growth in the stock market, bringing its valuation up to $142.89 billion. As of now, Moderna is at the 89th spot in terms of the highest-valued companies.

Jingdong Mall is next on the list being one of the worst performers in today’s market. The data from the stock market shows that the e-commerce giant’s stock price and valuation have dipped by 4.32% in the past 24-hours. As of now, the company’s stock is trading at a price of $84.11 and the performance graph shows that the price may dip further. The company currently has a valuation that is worth over $135 billion, which also makes it the 97th largest company in the world. In the past 12-months, Moderna has observed a 1.45% dip in its valuation and stock price.

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