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Iraq, Egypt and Jordan Tripartite Summit to Bolster Economic and Security Cooperation

As the Iraqi administration attempts to move closer to Arab allies of the US, leaders of Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan convene for a meeting. The tripartite summit marks the first time an Egyptian head of the state visited Iraq in three decades since things have dramatically changed.

The summit has been focused on building economic and political cooperation between the nations involved. Warm words were exchanged by leaders in pursuit of that end. Particularly from the Iraqi point of view, the bigger takeaway is the attempt to get closer to allies of the US in the region. This is part of a broader strategy to counterbalance the influence of Iran in the region and in this country where it’s hugely dominant.

The Tripartite meeting which was held in Iraq was attended by the Egyptian President, Iraqi Prime Minister, and Jordanian King. The summit also marks the first visit by a leader of Egypt since the first Gulf War in the 90s.

The three countries agreed to bolster security and economic cooperation while also discussing the political solution to the civil war in Syria. They concluded that the solution would be based on the UN resolutions and provision of adequate conditions. It was also discussed how hundreds and thousands of people were left dead and millions displaced because of the conflict in Syria. Many of the refugees escaped to Jordan where they were faced with economic hardships.

The three leaders welcomed efforts to restore stability in Libya and Yemen. The countries also called for renewed efforts to establish peace between Israel and Palestine while stressing upon creation of an independent Palestinian state.

The leaders hailed Egypt for its role in negotiating Israel and the Gaza Strip when tensions escalated back in May this year.

Al-Khadimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister set the tone of the summit by saying that the three countries would try to shape a common vision through cooperation and coordination. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the first leader to visit Baghdad since 1990 now that relations between Cairo and Baghdad have improved. Relations had deteriorated back then when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Iraq is also trying to act as the mediator between Arab nations and Iran so as to mend Iran’s ties with Gulf Arab states. It’s worth noting that the Iraqi government also hosted talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran who’ve been embroiled in a regional proxy war. So this all part of an attempt by the current Iraqi administration to portray Iraq as a regional mediator.

In recent years the Jordanian King Abdullah II had visited Iraq in early 2019 for the first time in ten years. According to experts, the summit is a message for the US that Iraq won’t have relations with Iran at the expense of Arab countries. The US State Department called the summit historic. The US called it an important step in strengthening regional economic security ties in Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan to advance regional stability.

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