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Stock Price Movement of Coca-Cola, Twitter, and more Companies

Coca-Cola Shares Surged by 1%

The share prices of Coca-Cola have experienced a 1% surge in premarket trading. The share prices of Coca-Cola experienced a surge after its executives shared its earnings for the first quarter of the running year.

In the report, the Coca-Cola executives claimed that they generated earnings higher than the analysts’ expectations. They successfully beat all the bottom and top-line expectations that the analysts had set for the beverage manufacturing giant.

For the respective quarter, the Coca-Cola executives confirmed that the analysts had predicted they would generate revenue worth $9.83 billion. They also confirmed that the earnings Coca-Cola would generate would be $58 cents per share.

The executives claimed that compared to the estimations, the revenue Coca-Cola generated was worth $10.5 billion. Whereas, the earnings they generated for the same quarter were 64 cents per share.

Twitter Shares Surged by 5%

The share prices for Twitter experienced a 5% surge in premarket trading. The share prices for the social media giant rose after it was revealed that its executives were closing in on the deal of letting Elon Musk take over the company.

It was reported that the board members at Twitter were to discuss and come to a conclusion about Elon Musk’s deal last Sunday. It had been confirmed that the teams looking after the bid on Elon Musk’s behalf had already secured a huge amount of $46.5 billion for the deal.

Oil Stocks Experience Dips

The share prices of oil companies have started dipping due to the recent global developments. At first, it was the Russia-Ukraine war conflict that resulted in pulling the oil prices down. Now, it is the COVID-19 situation in Shanghai that may get worse in the upcoming days.

It is feared that the COVID-19 situation may arise again and result in global lockdowns. Therefore, there is a fear in the market that has caused the oil prices to dip.

As a result, the share prices of Marathon Oil have experienced a 2.8% dip, ConocoPhillips has experienced a 2.6% dip, and Chevron has experienced a 2.2% dip.

Kellogg Stocks Dipped by 1.8%

The share prices for Kellogg experienced a 1.8% dip in the premarket trading. The share prices of Kellogg experienced a dip after the analysts at the Deutsche Bank downgraded its stock status.

The reports have confirmed that the stock status for Kellogg was downgraded by the Deutsche Bank analysts to “hold”.

According to the analysts, there are many reasons that have put Kellogg in a bad position. The first major problem is the constant supply chain constraints, rise in inflation rates, and worker strikes.

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