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Stock Price Movement of FedEx, GameStop, and more Companies

FedEx Stocks Dip by 3.1%

The share prices for FedEx have experienced a dip in premarket trading. According to the report, the stock prices for FedEx have dipped after it shared its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021. The officials revealed that the analysts had estimated that the delivery company would generate earnings worth $4.64 per share.

However, the actual earnings FedEx generated for the respective quarter were $4.59 per share. The report confirmed that the revenue they generated for the fourth quarter was also higher than the estimations.

As a result, the share prices for FedEx have dipped by 3.1% in premarket trading.

GameStop Stocks Slid by 7.6%

The stock prices for GameStop have reportedly experienced a dip in post-market action. The videogame retailer has experienced a loss despite sharing promising earnings results for the fourth quarter of 2021.

For the fourth quarter, GameStop announced it generated revenue that was much higher than the expectations set by the analysts. However, the videogame retailer revealed that it ended up experiencing a quarterly loss, which was not accounted for.

The officials revealed that the results they generated were impacted by omicron (a variant of COVID-19). It was mainly during the holiday season that the impact elevated. Following the announcement, the share prices for GameStop have dipped by 7.6%.

US Steel Stocks Dip by 3.6%

The stock prices for US Steel have plummeted by 3.6% in the premarket action. The reason behind the loss was lower-than-expected earnings generated by US Steel in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to the steel manufacturing giant, the earnings were low due to the increasing costs for the raw material.

Moderna Stocks Surge by 1%

The stock prices for Moderna have experienced a slight gain in the premarket trading. The rise was experienced following an announcement by Moderna revealing that it has recently submitted an application for the approval of the booster shot.

The second booster shot would be for the COVID-19 vaccine and the request has been submitted to the FDA. The particular shots would be for people at the age of 18 ad over.

Apart from Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech have also submitted approval requests for the second booster shots for people aged 65 and over. Following the announcement, the share prices for the pharmaceuticals company have surged by 1%.

Boeing Stocks Expected to Surge Tremendously

The stock prices for the aircraft manufacturing company are expected to surge in the upcoming days. This is because Boeing has revealed it is currently in talks with one of the major US airlines “Delta Air Lines” and may soon finalize a deal. If the deal is finalized, it would see Boeing delivering 100 or more 737 MAX 10 jets to Delta Air Lines.

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