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Stock Price Movement of Synchrony Financial, Didi Global, and more Companies

Synchrony Financial Added 1% to Stock Price Value

The share prices for Synchrony Financial reportedly experienced a 1% rise in post-market action. The financial services company experienced a rise in its stock prices after sharing its earnings for the recent quarter of 2022.

In the earnings report, Synchrony Financial executives revealed that they successfully hit and crossed the estimations set by the analysts. For the particular quarter, the analysts predicted Synchrony Financial would hit earnings worth $1.54 per share.

Against the consensus, the actual earnings Synchrony Financial generated were $1.77 per share. Synchrony Financial executives confirmed that they also succeeded in meeting the revenue estimations for the respective quarter.

Furthermore, Synchrony Financial announced that it had increased the quarterly dividend by 5%. With the current share prices of Synchrony Financial, each share is eligible to earn 23 cents in the form of a quarterly dividend.

Additionally, Synchrony Financial executives confirmed that they have received the go from the directors for the stock buyback program. Following the approval, Synchrony Financial will be buying back stocks worth $2.8 billion throughout the program.

Didi Global Shares Dipped by 18.3%

The share prices of Didi Global experienced an 18.3% dip in the post-market action. The reports suggest that Didi Global experienced the dip after sharing its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021. Didi Global confirmed that it recorded a 12.7% drop in its market demand compared to the same quarter of 2020.

Following the announcement of its earnings, Didi Global has announced that they are going to hold a shareholder meeting. The meeting will be held on May 23 where they will carry out voting in regards to making a very crucial business decision.

According to Didi Global, the voting will decide whether they will remain listed on the US-based stock exchange or delist themselves. DidiGlobal’s stock currently trades through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Wendy’s Shares Dipped by 1.8%

The share prices for Wendy’s have experienced a 1.8% dip in the premarket trading. The share prices for Wendy’s experienced a dip after the analysts at BMO Capital reportedly downgraded its stock status.

Following the downgraded, the stock status for Wendy’s is now “market perform”. Prior to the change, the stock status for Wendy’s was “outperform”.

According to the BMO Capital analysts, Wendy’s is not well-positioned to face the consumers with tighter spending situations. However, some of its rivals do have the ability to face such situations.

Progressive Shares Dipped by 1.6%

In the premarket trading, the share prices for Progressive experienced a 1.6% dip. The dip was recorded following the stock status downgrade by Piper Sandler. Prior to the change, the stock status for Progressive was “neutral” and now, it is “underweight”.

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