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Freeport, Penn National Gaming, and more Companies Making Stock Movements

Among the list of companies making stock price movements, the first company on the list is Freeport-McMoRan. The data from the stock market report shows that Freeport-McMoRan has experienced an over 8% rise in stock prices. The data also shows that the growth demonstrated by the company was the highest on the S&P 500 index for the premarket trading. The reason behind the rise in the share prices for the company was the increase in the prices for copper.

Then there are share prices for Penn National Gaming that have also experienced a significant rise. The data shows that the share prices for Penn National Gaming have experienced a 5% rise. The rise in the share prices for the casino and sports betting companies is due to the recent approval it has received from the Canadian regulators. The sources have revealed that Penn National Gaming has received approval from the regulatory authorities of Canada to acquire TheScore, a major sports media company. It is being expected that the deal between the two firms will come to an end by the 19th of October. The information has been confirmed by the executives of both companies.

Then there is Levi Strauss & Co that has experienced a huge rise in its share prices. The denim maker is currently among the highest and top-performing clothing and apparel companies in the entire world. The data shows that Levi Strauss & Co’s stock prices have experienced an 8.4% increase. The company has experienced a rise in share prices after sharing its earnings report for the recently completed quarter. In the earnings report, Levi Strauss & Co has revealed that the analysts from Refinitiv had estimated its fiscal third-quarter earnings to be 37 cents per share. However, the company has successfully achieved earnings worth 48 cents per share for the particular quarter.

The denim maker revealed that it has also experienced a significant rise in its revenues as the consumer demand for the company’s products experienced a significant rise. The rise was experienced following the re-opening of schools and educational institutions. Therefore, shoppers have started visiting the shops, looking for the latest articles and trends in the denim wear sections. According to the executives, the revenue is also higher than what was estimated by the analysts in the first place.

Lamb Weston is the next company on the list that has experienced an over 6% drop in share prices. The company has experienced the drop after it shared its earnings report for the recent quarter. The company revealed that in the last quarter, it ended up recording a 20 cents per share loss. However, the analysts had estimated that the loss for the particular quarter would be 38 cents per share. This information was based on the consensus by the Refinitiv analysts.

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