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Achieving a Market Valuation Over $500 Million is Target Set by ASML

Just recently, a high-tech machines maker from Dutch, ASML is aiming for a significant rise in its market valuation. ASML is prominently known for manufacturing machinery that is used for the manufacturing of semiconductors.

As the company continues to grow in size and valuation, the investors have started showing bullish sentiments about the company. The investors are also confident that the company is going to perform really well in terms of its sales and productions in the upcoming quarters.

Above all, the investors are confident that ASML is going to demonstrate figures that would be in all-greens in the upcoming year. Therefore, they are keeping their hopes high for the company and are confident that the company will eventually hit a new milestone in terms of market capitalization

The two major investors closely monitoring ASML have predicted that the company is going to cross the $500 billion benchmark in the year 2022. As of now, the market capitalization of ASML is roughly around $302 billion.

Therefore, the investors are hopeful that the company will eventually hit and cross the $500 billion market capitalization in the upcoming year.

The two major investors include Ian Hogarth and the second major investor is Nathan Benaich. Ian Hogarth is prominently known as the seller of his startup, which it reportedly sold to Warner Music Group. The name of the startup Hogarth sold to Warner Music Group is known as Songkick, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup.

On the other hand, Nathan Benaich is prominently known as the partner and founder of Air Street Capital, which is a major boutique venture capital firm.

Both investors shared their views with the rest of the investors and the entire industry through the State of AI report that is published annually. The particular report was published by both the investors on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

The investors have revealed that despite being the largest tech company in the entire European region, ASML has a very small presence in the international semiconductor industry.

ASML was founded back in 1984 and since then, it has been providing services, software, and essential hardware for patterns on silicon for mass production. The company has been involved in doing it through lithography, a method used for manufacturing semiconductors.

At present, ASML has the crown for being the online company that is offering machines that are providing extreme ultraviolet lithography. TSMC has been using similar kinds of machines in order to manufacture chips that are sophisticated and are the smallest in size.

The price of each EUV machine is over $150 million and every single machine has more than 100,000 parts. Even the delivery of these machines are a huge task. In order to ship a single EUV machine, four jumbo jets or 40 freight containers are used.

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