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Stock Price Movement of Capital One, Enphase Energy, and more Companies

Capital One

Capital One ended up losing a significant percentage of share prices in the premarket trading. The report suggests that the share prices for Capital One ended up experiencing a 5.4% dip. Although the company had shared promising earnings results for the first quarter of 2022, it still ended up experiencing a dip in the share prices. The company reported it successfully beat all bottom and top earnings estimations for the first quarter of 2022.

Enphase Energy

The share prices of Enphase Energy experienced a 6% surge in premarket trading. Enphase Energy experienced a surge after sharing its earnings report for the first quarter of 2022. It reported that for the first quarter, it generated earnings worth 79 cents per share. The earnings Enphase Energy generated were much higher than the expected earnings of 67 cents per share. The analysts who shared their estimations about Enphase Energy’s earnings were from Refinitiv.

Meta Platforms

The share prices of Meta experienced a 4% dip in the premarket trading. One of the major reasons behind the dip in the share prices of Meta was the sharp decline that has been recorded on the Nasdaq Composite. Another major reason behind the dip is Big Tech which has also experienced a sharp decline. These platforms are managed by Meta and these platforms experiencing the dip mean Meta platform’s overall performance will be impacted.


Share prices of Qualcomm experienced a dip in the premarket trading. The report suggests that the semiconducting manufacturing giant experienced a 1.8% dip in premarket trading. The company has reported that it is going to share its earnings report in the upcoming week.

The investors do not have many expectations from Qualcomm as it may report a weak performance for the first quarter of 2022. Therefore, some of the investors have already started acting upon their own analysis and are withdrawing from their investments.


Share prices of Visa experienced a 4.8% surge in the premarket trading. Visa’s share prices experienced the rise after the payment services platform shared its promising earnings results for Q1 2022. Visa revealed it successfully beat the earnings and revenue estimations made by the analysts.

The officials at Visa also confirmed that it is benefiting greatly from the recovery of the traveling sector. In the upcoming days, Visa is expected to boost its growth due to a significant rise in travel.


The share prices of Twitter have experienced a 0.18% dip in premarket trading. Twitter experiences the dip as the effect of Elon Musk buying the company starts to wear off. At present, the trading price of Twitter shares is worth $49.02 per share and it is predicted that Twitter’s stock may become stagnant for some time.

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