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A $415 5G Enabled Smartphone Launched by Nokia’s Mobile Brand

As per the latest reports, the company that backs Nokia mobile brand has made a huge announcement for the Nokia enthusiasts. The company made the announcement on Thursday, April 5, 2021, that it has refreshed the lineup of its smartphones.

The company has announced that it has launched a lineup of new smartphones, which would be the new budget models. The company has announced that with the launch of these smartphones, it plans to challenge the largest mobile manufacturers in the entire world.

At present, the two major companies that conquer almost 70% of the entire mobile/smartphone industry are Apple and Samsung.

The company that is behind the making of the Nokia mobile brand smartphones is HMD Global, which is a startup company of Finnish. It was back in 2016 when HMD Global had acquired the license for the designing and selling of the Nokia handsets division. HMD Global reportedly managed to do this after it successfully had Microsoft sell it to the mobile phone division for the telecom group.

Ever since the acquisition, HMD Global has been involved in the designing and development of many smartphones as well as dumbphones. On top of that, the company has also been revamping versions of some of the most nostalgic devices. The most prominent and most nostalgic devices ever revamped by HMD Global include the 2720 flip phones and banana phones.

Following the announcement of the new smartphones, HMD Global confirmed on Thursday, April 8, 2021 that it has launched six new smartphones. The company has revealed that these six new smartphones have been divided into three different series.

The first division launched by HMD Global is the C Series that will be the cheapest of all three and will be the most affordable. The second division would be the G Series smartphones that would have the standard price as well as standard specifications. The third division would be the X Series smartphones, which would be the expensive series, will have high-end phones, with high specifications.

The company has revealed that the price range of the Nokia C10 would be set around $89. On the other hand, the Nokia X20 smartphone, which is the most expensive class out of all the smartphones would cost around $415.

The Nokia X20 smartphone comes with a 6.67-inch screen, comes enabled with a 5G network, and has four cameras on the back of the phone. The main camera installed at the back of the smartphone is reportedly 64-megapixel.

The other phone launched by Nokia in the X series is the Nokia X10 smartphone, which is less expensive than Nokia X20. The Nokia phones still come supported by Android and the chipset in both X10 and X20 models are the 480 5G Snapdragon Qualcomm ones.

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