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Crypto Exchange Kraken Introduces Crypto Mobile App in the United States

The rising demand in the crypto space has the famous American exchange, Kraken, launch a new mobile app in the country.

In another news of the development of the American Crypto Exchanges in the crypto space, Coinbase has integrated its debit card with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The Kraken Mobile App Launched in the United States

Established about ten years ago, Kraken has grown to be one of the popular and recognized trading platforms for cryptocurrencies. The latest expansion idea of the firm comes through the development of a mobile application that will make investors that based in the United States interact with BTC and over 50 other cryptocurrencies.

Jeremy Welch, the Chief Product Officer of Kraken, commented that “the consumer app is the major initiative from the firm to handle the increasing adoption in a more simplified, user-friendly interface.”

The executive also mentioned the recent growth in the US Dollar prices in the market that led to the increase in demands and users as a consequence of the exchange.

The application, which is the first in Europe, will offer the lowest fees possible in the industry, as claimed by Kraken. However, debit and credit cards will not be allowed on them yet. But this service will be introduced on the app later this year.

It is noteworthy to mention that the app will not be available to New York’s residents and Washington DC because of the compliance with the cost of maintenance regulation.

Coinbase Debit Card can be used with Google Pay and Apple Pay

The main rival of Kraken in the United States, Coinbase has mentioned an important milestone earlier this week. The firm revealed that its users would be able to link Google Pay and Apple Pay with their Coinbase Cards to spend crypto on the go at home more easily.

The exchange will send invites to some selected customers on their watchlist for their debit card to start receiving up to 4% cashback in different crypto. Those selected will be able to make payments and purchases through Google Pay and Apple Pay, including home office goods, groceries and any other thing. The previous cashback will be 1% in BTC and 4% in XLM (Stellar Lumens).

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