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Calo App (CALO) and Emirex Token (EMRX) Plunge Deeper into Bearish Zone

It is time to go through the performances of Calo App (CALO) and Emirex Token (EMRX) whose investors are currently having an extremely bad time. The prices for both cryptocurrencies have plummeted at a high rate and the investors want to know where they may fall in the upcoming days.

Therefore, the analysts have shared their findings on the performances of both cryptocurrencies, predicting how deep they may fall.

Calo App Price Dips 40.30%

On March 18, the price of Calo App was at a high of $0.02934 per CALO and that is when the bears started with their rally. They pulled the price of Calo App down to $0.02516 per CALO and wanted to sink it even lower.

However, the bulls kept supporting the $0.02516 per CALO mark by buying all the dips the bears created. Despite showing a lot of determination, the bulls were outperformed by the bears, who pulled their price in the past 24-hours.

The bears have reportedly pulled the price of Calo App all the way down to $0.01567 per CALO. Even now, the bears are showing no signs of slowing down as they intend to sell Calo App at an even higher rate.

The bears currently have all the technical factors such as the RSI and the moving averages going in their favor. This means that the investors are also leaning towards a particular trend.

With the support of the technical factors, the bears may continue selling Calo App, which would bring it down to $0.01410 per CALO.

As the bears keep pushing the bulls out of the competition, Calo App’s value may dip to $0.01269 due to their strong selling power.

If the selling spree continues, then the bulls will not be able to fight any more against the bears. The bears may then proceed with hitting and crossing the breakdown mark for Calo App, bringing it down to $0.01142 per CALO.

Emirex Token Price Dips 38.79%

The current trend being observed by Emirex Token is bad news for the investors. This is because the bulls seem to have lost their confidence against the bears in the past 24-hours, due to a 38.79% plummet.

At the time of writing, the value of Emirex Token is at a low figure of $0.2118 per EMRX. The bears are currently very strong against the bulls and the bulls may pose no challenge. Therefore, the bulls may use such market sentiments to their benefit and push its price lower.

The first low mark Emirex Token may hit in the upcoming days would be $0.1906 per EMRX. With bears constantly leading the trend, Emirex Token may continue falling more into the support channel. The next high support mark the bears may achieve would be $0.1544 per EMRX.

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