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Price Analysis of SMART SHIBA (SMARTSHIB) and Luna Inu ($LUNAINU)

SMART SHIBA (SMARTSHIB) Observes a Strong Rally

SMART SHIBA has been performing really well in the past 24-hours as the investors have rallied, pushing it into positive territory. So far, the bears are out of the competition, otherwise, a rally as strong as 123.73% couldn’t be formed by the bulls.

At the time of publication, the value of SMART SHIBA stands at $0.0001518 per SMARTSHIB. Surprisingly, the value of SMART SHIBA was at a low of $0.00006357 per SMARTSHIB for the past few days. The value kept fluctuating between the $0.00006300 and $0.00006900 range for a while.

However, the bulls finally took the matter into their own hands and pushed SMART SHIBA to its current high price. It is very promising for the bulls that the price of SMART SHIBA may continue rising, given the current growth rate for SMART SHIBA.

The trading volume monitoring for SMART SHIBA shows it has surged by 11273.48% in the past 24-hours. This means that the investors are very invested in SMART SHIBA’s bullish run and they are accumulating SMART SHIBA to push its value higher.

In the upcoming days, the value of SMART SHIBA may experience a huge jump, which would reflect the strong contribution of the investors.

It is being expected that soon, the value of SMART SHIBA may get pushed up to $0.0002457 per SMARTSHIB. As the bulls keep going for stronger acquisitions, the demand for SMART SHIBA may continue rising.

The strong acquisition may push SMART SHIBA up to the second resistance mark ($0.0003217 per SMARTSHIB). The bulls may continue with their rally, which may also attract many neutral investors to their side. This would eventually push the value of SMART SHIBA up to the third resistance mark ($0.0003715 per SMARTSHIB)

Luna Inu ($LUNAINU) Observes a Strong Rally

Luna Inu is also one of the top performers as it has experienced a huge push in its value and demand due to the strong input of the investors. The Luna Inu investors have built up a strong (112.99%) rally that has witnessed a huge rise in demand and value.

As of now, the value of the $LUNAINU/USDT pair translates to $0.0004745 and its further price increment is imminent. For now, the bears are powerless against the bulls, as they have pulled the majority of the neutral investors to their side.

If the trend continues, then the value of Luna Inu may get pushed up to higher resistance marks. The bulls may eye a strong rally in order to hit the first strong resistance mark at $0.0007425 per $LUNAINU.

The second strong resistance mark the bulls may attempt would be $0.0009523 followed by the third resistance mark worth $0.001086 per $LUNAINU

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