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Google is Updating its Ad Policy for the Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

Google is the only tech company out there that runs the digital ads for businesses and brands on the web, it has been doing that for so long, and there is no other fierce competition right now. Since the world is taking a shine to the cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is about time that Google revamped its ad policy; some great improvements and advancements are being made to the current Google ad policy. Almost all businesses out there that use the internet to reach out to their intended audience and sell their products or services use Google ads to maximize customer engagement. So, why should cryptocurrencies and wallets be left behind? Why shouldn’t they have the right to advertise their products and services?

That is why the sudden change is being rolled out to the Google ads, and according to a statement that is being put out, the cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the US would be able to advertise their products and services if they comply with certain rules and requirements that are certified by Google. 

Google has Initiated very Strict Requirements for Crypto Exchanges and Wallets Wanting to Work with Google Ads

The qualifying requirements are not only simple, thorough, and pristine to make sure that the non-accredited exchanges and wallets are not given a platform to lure people into a financial trap. To be able to qualify for Google ads, these crypto exchanges and wallets need to be registered with a FinCEN as a money service business, and on top of that, they should also be accredited with at least one state as a money transmitter. If not that, then with a state or federally chartered bank entity, they must comply with the local legal requirements and other legal requirements that are part of the sign-up process with Google ads. 

The landing pages and the ads put out by the crypto exchanges and wallets should comply with Google Ad policies through and through. In the year 2018, Google made a series of waves of banning the crypto-related advertisement from its platform, a move that came around Facebook doing the same. But now, given the extensive market adoption with crypto, Google is back with an improved way of running crypto-based ads.

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