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Merck, Tempur Sealy, and more Companies Making Stock Price Moves

In the list of companies experiencing highs and lows in the stock markets, Merck is first on the list. The report reveals that the stock prices for Merck have experienced a 2.2% surge in the premarket trading action. Merck, a major drugmaker recently publicly shared its earnings report for the third quarter of 2021. In the report, Merck revealed that it generated 20 cents more earnings per share compared to the estimations made by analysts.

Merck revealed that for the third quarter of 2021, the analysts had predicted its earnings to be $1.55 per share. However, drugmakers successfully raised earnings worth $1.75 per share. The firm has announced that it was due to high demand and sales for the cancer drugs as well as vaccines for Covid. The firm has revealed that it has been recording stronger sales and strong demand for its drugs in recent months.

Then it is Tempur Sealy in the list that has also demonstrated a positive trend in terms of its share prices. The mattress company has reportedly experienced a rise in its share prices after sharing its earnings report for the third quarter of 2021. For the particular quarter, Tempur has experienced a 2.5% rise in share prices in the premarket action.

In the earnings report, Tempur Sealy has reported that it has generated earnings worth 85 cents per share. These earnings are 3 cents higher than the predictions made by the analysts. As far as the revenue is concerned, even the revenue generation has been higher than the estimations made by the analysts. The firm has revealed that it has been recording a strong and high volume of sales in the international markets. This is what has led the company to be able to generate high revenue and earnings for the respective quarter.

Ford is next on the list of companies making significant progress in terms of their share prices in the stock markets. The reports show that Ford has observed a significant and strong growth in terms of share prices in the premarket trading. According to data, the share prices for the automotive maker experienced a 9.5% surge in the premarket trading action.

Ford’s stock price surge was due to the earnings report it recently made public that had positive and strong results. The report Ford shared was for the third quarter of 2021. For the particular quarter, Ford revealed that it had generated earnings worth 51 cents per share. It is quite surprising to see that for the particular quarter, the analysts had set the earnings estimations to 27 cents per share.

Therefore, Ford has achieved almost double the consensus made by the analysts for the particular quarter of 2021. Based on the company’s performance, the analysts at Ford have upgraded the guidance for the entire year. The company has revealed that it has done it due to the high demand it has witnessed in the recent quarters.

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