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$150 Million Fund Raise Announced by Mythical Games

As per the latest reports, Mythical Games has made an announcement of recently carrying out a funding round. Mythical Games has announced that from the fundraiser, it has successfully raised $150 million. The development team behind Mythical Games is really excited that the funding round has helped raise the market valuation of the company.

According to data, the market capitalization of Mythical Games has gone all the way up to $1.25 billion. The announcement in regards to the successful funding round was made by Mythical Games on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Mythical Games has announced that the entity that led the funding round was Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz is a major venture capital firm that is prominently known globally.

Mythical Games has revealed what it aims to do with the $150 million worth of funds it has raised through the funding round. The firm has announced that the funds raised will be applied towards the advancement of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They will be working thoroughly on the creation of non-fungible tokens.

They will be working to enhance the technology and mechanisms for the creation of non-fungible tokens. They aim to infuse and integrate these non-fungible tokens into games.

Arianna Simpson, the General Partner of Andreessen made a statement in regards to the conclusion of the funding round and its significance. Arianna stated that the team behind Mythical Games is phenomenal and highly experienced in the gaming sector.

She stated that Rudy, Jamie, and John, the co-founders of Mythical Games have gained a lot of experience in the gaming world. They have used their experience and a vast amount of knowledge in the particular sector for developing Mythical Games.

She remarked on the hard work and dedication of all the founders of Mythical Games and the efforts they have made in putting together a world-class team. These team members also have a lot of experience in the gaming sector and have carried the vision of the founders of Mythical Games.

She stated that they are extremely excited and thrilled that their partnership and collaboration with Mythical Games is going to go a long way. They will be able to become part of the non-fungible token gaming technology that Mythical Gaming is currently working to perfect.

By making investments in the non-fungible token sector, the team is getting to the next stage of gaming. This way, they will be attracting more users and gamers to their platform and build a strong community.

The funding round also saw the contribution of several investors in the funding round. Some of the major investment firms include Binance Labs, FTX Exchange, The Raine Group, Com2Us, RedBird Capital, 32 Equity, and D1 Capital.

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