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Myanmar’s Internet Shutdown by the Generals Following Protest Coup

According to the latest reports, the junta from Myanmar has shut down the internet service in the entire country. The internet service was taken down by the generals of Myanmar on February 6, 2021. The internet service was taken down as thousands of people from Myanmar gathered to protest against the coup.

The citizens of Myanmar also took to the streets of the country to protest against the generals for their recent coup. The majority of the citizens around the country are on the roads denouncing the coup and putting their demands forward. As part of their protest, the Myanmar citizens also demanded the release of the lead Aung San Suu Kyi, who was elected by the citizens.

On the first day of the protest (February 1, 2021) after the generals’ takeover of the leadership, the citizens protested against the generals. The citizens of Myanmar chanted that the generals fail and the democracy should win. The citizens also held banners that spoke against the generals and their coup against the elected leadership.

The citizens protested against the generals stating how they misused their power to get control of the country and dictate the people of Myanmar.

The protestors received unconditional support from the Myanmar public who handed the protestors food and water. This went on the show that the general public from Myanmar detest the recent coup by the generals and are supporting their leadership.

The entire crowd demonstrated their loyalty and support for the National League for Democracy (NLD). The majority of the crowd wore red in support of Suu Kyi whose NLD party won the elections on November 8, 2020. In the Myanmar elections, the NLD won with a landslide and the result was clear what the people of Myanmar wanted.

However, the generals and the military of Myanmar refused the decision and called the elections nothing but a fraud. Since the elections, the generals have completely denied the decision and talking against the National League for Democracy (NLD).

In order to gather more protestors and supporters for the movement, the people of Myanmar took it upon themselves to make their voices heard. The protestors started movements through social media platforms and started gathering support from the entire country.

The protestors urged the population of Myanmar to come forth and support the movement against the Myanmar generals. Following the movements through social media, the people of Myanmar were deprived of internet service. It was reported that the internet in the entire country crashed.

One of the monitoring groups known as NetBlocks Internet Observatory reported that the internet crash has been experienced in the entire country.

The firm also reported through the Twitter platform that the internet connectivity across the country has fallen down to 54% of the ordinary levels.

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