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PayBack Ltd Review – Recovery Of Stolen Funds Is Now Possible

Payback Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd logoPayback Ltd is a name that online traders should quickly become familiar with, mainly due to the fact that we have seen an outrageous surge in the number of scams, hacks, cyber-crimes, and other attacks that continue to plague the trading industry. To make matters worse, due to the nature of certain digital assets (most notably cryptocurrencies), it is often an extremely difficult task to recover your funds after being the victim of a scam or hack. This is why our Payback Ltd review is here to help you with that exact goal, namely to recover what has been lost.

The company prides itself on being able to satisfy customers from a wide variety of trading backgrounds, as is made evident by not only Payback Ltd’s list of recovery options but also its success rate (which is, in fact, one of the highest in the entire industry). The direct, no-nonsense, and systematic approach adopted by Payback Ltd has helped the company be able to recover funds for numerous clients in the past, and this is the precise reason why you need to be made aware of such a company as nobody is completely safe from being scammed nowadays.

PayBack Ltd website


We understand that traders who have unfortunately been scammed will be hesitant and often unwilling to trust anyone, but we encourage those individuals to give Payback Ltd a shot anyway. This is partly because the company has a ‘Testimonials’ section on its site, which exists mainly to help unsure and hesitant scam victims know about what a lot of the previous clients of the company have to say about the company’s success rate.

Video and written format-based reviews, comments and feedback are all available here, so feel free to take your time and sift through everything as it is crucial that you be able and willing to completely trust such an entity before it begins representing you.

Free consultation

While the abovementioned testimonials might be enough to convince a sizable portion of scam victims, others may still be paranoid and unsure. Again, this is understandable, and so Payback Ltd offers its potential clients the chance to have a free initial consultation with the company where you can talk about what is bothering you, including your lingering doubts and queries, questions about fees and the recovery procedure, and anything else that you may want to know.

We recommend that you take advantage of this service as not only does not actually cost you anything (all you would be required to do is enter your personal information such as a registered and working phone number, email address, an outline of your case, and your full name), but as we stated earlier, it is absolutely critical that you be willing to trust Payback Ltd prior to the company accepting you as a client. This is because if you do not completely trust the company to get your money back, then this is sure to create unnecessary complications later on.

Recovery options

Now that we have told you about how willing Payback Ltd is to listen to your problems and convince you that it is indeed a trustworthy, capable, experienced, and reliable money recovery institution, let us now discuss the list of recovery options available to the company’s clients. There are four main categories that Payback Ltd has directed its primary focus towards, namely ‘Forex’, ‘Stock Trading’, “Cryptocurrencies’, and lastly ‘Binary Options’.

In addition to providing detailed explanations of what each category entails and how scammers tend to operate in each one, such as how with cryptocurrencies if a broker promises massive profits in a short amount of time, or how for stock trading, you should try your best to avoid anything that has several advertisements and high-pressure sale strategies. Apart from these in-depth explanations, Payback Ltd has also provided a general outline for how it goes about recovering your funds.

Firstly, there will be a review of your specific case, which will entail preliminary checks that must be conducted to ascertain the possibility of your case being a winnable one. If it is not winnable and the odds are not in your favour, then Payback Ltd will inform you accordingly. Next, all of the evidence, documentation, and information relevant to the case will be gathered. Payback Ltd will need your help with this as you should provide all of the details regarding your case, which may include phone conversations, text messages, email addresses, advertisements, which fraudulent entity you dealt with when the scam took place, and so on. After this, Payback Ltd will confront the entity responsible for stealing your funds and taking advantage of you, which will also include the threatening of legal action if the funds are not immediately returned. Finally, you will then get your money back if all goes well.


After Payback Ltd has decided to officially represent you, there will be the subject of fees. Payback Ltd’s services, while certainly beneficial, are not free and so you need to know how much would it cost you to receive help in getting your money back. This is important as naturally, you wouldn’t want to spend too much (nor might you be able to, in fact) after already being scammed.

Straight away (after the initial free consultation), there will be a fee of between $600 to $1,200, which will vary for different clients and also largely depend on the urgency of the case and its nature. This might seem a bit high, but remember that the endgame here is to get your money back, which we would assume is quite a considerable sum. Furthermore, you would want the criminals to face justice for what has been done, and so it is worth it to pay this fee in order for things to get started and for the company to begin working on your case.

Once the case has been finished and ruled in your favour, Payback Ltd will then make a small commission in exchange for its efforts, which is in a very reasonable range and well-deserved as the company went above and beyond to get your money back for you (which was the main goal, to begin with). Once more, keep in mind that the fees will vary on a case-by-case basis, as the pricing formula tends to be highly case-specific.

Customer support

There is an extremely helpful customer support team available when you choose Payback Ltd, as is often needed when you are dealing with any entity that specializes in recovering lost funds. We found the team to be very reliable and proactive, so no matter what issue you might face during your recovery process, it will be solved quickly and efficiently.

The support team can be reached in a few ways depending on your needs, availability and preference, which includes contact via email and direct phone call. The office hours for Payback Ltd are 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM GMT from Monday till Friday and 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM GMT on Sunday. The office is closed on Saturdays, so you might need to adjust accordingly.


More often than not, there are a lot of questions that are asked on a frequent basis, which usually concern topics centred around fees, the recovery process and its expected duration, the legal status of the company (Payback Ltd is regulated and authorised to function both in Israel and globally by regulatory authorities such as the United Kingdom’s FCA), location-specific issues, and more.

We highly recommend reading through all of these aforementioned frequently asked questions on the company’s site before going through with the free consultation as this will save a lot of time, and you shall additionally be in a more informed and comfortable position when dealing with Payback Ltd.


You may feel the need to pass the time while you eagerly await updates on the progress pertaining to your case. In the meantime, you can hence go and read plenty of articles detailing the latest updates and events in the world of trading, scams, and other general but relevant information.

Traders often read helpful blogs such as this as it assists them in adopting a proactive approach when it comes to avoiding scams or any endeavour that might seem too good to be true (which it usually is). You can even read all of these articles on the website’s ‘Blog’ section prior to contacting Payback Ltd, as all of the information there is completely free to read for everyone.


In summary, traders would definitely have to consider plenty of different factors, services, and features before being comfortable enough to trust any money recovery agency or company. This is applicable to Payback Ltd as well, but thankfully the company is indeed trustworthy, and its success rate regarding being able to recover lost funds for its previous customers tends to speak for itself. The free consultation service is a nice touch as, once again, it does not really cost you anything and is a great way to know if Payback Ltd can indeed help you or not.

It is, therefore, a culmination of all of the previously mentioned information that we feel comfortable recommending Payback Ltd to act on behalf of online scam victims everywhere. Traders worldwide can contact the company thanks to the different phone numbers available, and we noticed that there usually aren’t any significant delays when it comes to answering questions or fixing issues either. Payback Ltd is hence a fantastic choice should you ever require such an organization’s services.

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