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Stock Price Movement of Netflix, Tesla, MongoDB, and more Companies


The stock market seems to be going against Netflix, as the user base of the online streaming platform has been falling. This is because after the pandemic and the global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination, the offices are re-opening for employees.

As a result, Netflix has been losing its ground in the stock market. Furthermore, other competitors have also succeeded in pulling a tremendous user base to their side. As a result, the share prices for Netflix are constantly losing their ground in the stock market.

According to the stock market data, the share prices for Netflix have dipped almost 3% in the premarket trading. This is the highest stock price dip Netflix has recorded in the month of March since 2020.


The share prices for Tesla have experienced a significant surge in the premarket trading. It as the analysts at Morgan Stanley who helped Tesla in gaining a rally in the stock market. The report suggests that the analysts at Morgan Stanley are still supporting the “overweight” status for Tesla.

According to the analysts at Morgan Stanley, the electric vehicle manufacturing giant is expected to make a lot of progress in the upcoming years. It is moving really fast towards mass industrialization. They remarked there are many other factors that would continue making Tesla’s stocks one of the top picks.

Tesla has been dealing constantly with any kinds of regulatory concerns being raised in regards to the operations of the EV manufacturer. So far, Tesla has delivered a strong performance and it may continue growing in future. As for today, Tesla’s stocks have experienced a 4% surge in the stock market.


The stock prices for MongoDB have experienced a significant push in the premarket trading. According to reports, the stock prices for MongoDB experienced the surge after the analysts at UBS made a change to the stock status of the tech company.

The UBS analysts shared very positive remarks for MongoDB while upgrading its stock status. They reportedly upgraded the status of MongoDB’s stock to “buy”. Prior to the change, the stock status for MongoDB was “neutral”.

The analysts at the investment firm stated that the tech firm has been gaining huge recognition in the market. Over time, the customer volume for MongoDB has grown tremendously. The recent change made by UBS has helped push MongoDB’s stocks by 7%.


The stock prices for Garmin have experienced a 2.7% surge in the premarket trading.  The stocks for the consumer electronics experienced a surge after the analysts at Bank of America upgraded its stock to “buy”. Prior to the change, Garmin’s stock was “neutral”. However, looking at the promising performance and future growth of Garmin, Bank of America has upgraded its stock status.

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