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PayPal, Pinterest, and more Companies Making Stock Price Movements

PayPal is the first company in the list that is making a noticeable move in the stock markets. The data shows that the price of PayPal’s stocks have experienced over 3% rise in the premarket trading. PayPal’s share prices rose when reports emerged around PayPal being in the process of acquiring the social media giant, Pinterest. However, PayPal has released a statement confirming that they are going after no such deal and there is nothing related to acquisition of Pinterest in their agenda.

When the news started emerging initially last week, PayPal’s share prices experienced a drop while share prices of Pinterest experienced a rise. There are speculations that it is indeed the drop in PayPal’s share prices that compelled it to issue a statement providing clarification. Since the clarification statement, PayPal’s share prices have surged while Pinterest’s share prices have plunged by 12%.

Then it is Tesla that has experienced a huge rise in its share prices. The data shows that the share prices of Tesla have experienced 9% surge in the stock price markets. This is the all-time high surge that Tesla has experienced since its launch. The rise to the company’s share prices came after it made an announcement in regards to an order of rental fleets for electric vehicles. Tesla announced that Hertz has made a deal of acquiring 100,000 electric vehicles for its rental fleet for electric vehicles. Tesla revealed that it is going to deliver these vehicles by the end of 2022.

Tesla has announced that the particular deal is going to bring in over $4 billion for the company. At present, it is the largest deal that has been made between any companies for electric vehicles. As a result of Tesla’s stock performance, the analysts at Morgan Stanley have also raised the stock price target of the company.

Then it is Kimberly-Clark that has experienced a drop in its share prices in the premarket trading. The data shows that the stock prices of Kimberly-Clark have experienced over 3.2% drop. This happened after the consumer products maker revealed its earnings report for the third quarter of 2021. In the earnings report, Kimberly-Clark revealed that it managed to generate earnings worth $1.62 per share, performing lower than expectations.

The company revealed that according to the analysts, the company’s earnings would have been $1.59 per share. Whereas, the company ended up achieving 3 cents per share less than what was expected by analysts. The estimations for the share prices for the company were made by the analysts at Refinitiv. While sharing earnings report, Kimberly-Clark revealed that their earnings figures were hurt due to the supply chain delays and inflation rates.

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