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Stock Price Movement of Planet Fitness, Toast, and more Companies

Planet Fitness Stock Soars 2.5%

Stock prices for Planet Fitness have experienced a 2.5% surge in premarket trading. The stock prices for Planet Fitness experienced a surge after the analysts at Evercore ISI made a change to the stock price target for Planet Fitness.

The analysts at Evercore ISI announced that they have upgraded the stock price target for Planet Fitness to $130 per share. The analysts have also upgraded the stock status for Planet Fitness to “outperform”. The report shows that the analysts have upgraded the stock rating for Planet Fitness by 60%.

Toast Stock Prices Surge by 6.6%

The stock prices for Toast have also experienced a significant push in the premarket trading. The share prices for the restaurant software company have soared after the analysts at Baird upgraded its stock status. The Baird analysts upgraded its stock status to “outperform”. Prior to the upgrade, the stock status for Toast was at “neutral”.

According to the analysts at Baird, Toast has the ability to hit higher targets in near future. The analysts have predicted that in near future, the share prices for Toast may observe a significant rally. The high rally is expected to elevate the share prices for Toast by 54%.

The analysts at Baird also predicted that the profits for Toast may continue rising and the major factor behind its growth would be the rise in GDP. This would eventually result in the expansion of the restaurant industry and also provide more opportunities to people linked with the particular sector. Due to the announcement and stock status change, the share prices for Toast have surged by 6.6%.

GoodRx Shares Soar by 10.4%

The share prices for GoodRx have reportedly surged in the premarket trading. According to stock market data, the share prices for GoodRx have moved up by 10.4%, and the rise was witnessed following the involvement of analysts at Baird.

The Baird analysts reportedly upgraded the stock status for GoodRx to “outperform”. Previously, the stock status for Baird was at “perform”.

The analysts at Baird stated that going forward, GoodRx may proceed with initiating a sell-off for its offers in the running year. Such elevation would prove to be full of attraction for the investors. Therefore, the share prices for GoodRx would continue growing higher, becoming more profitable for the investors.

eBay Stocks Surge by 3.6%

The share prices for eBay have experienced a surge after the analysts at the Deutsche Bank changed the status rating for the e-commerce and online bidding platform. The share prices for eBay have skyrocketed by 3.6% after the Deutsche Bank analysts shared their remarks about the e-commerce platform.

According to the Deutsche Bank analysts, eBay’s stock has been underrated and the investors are not making any investments in eBay. The analysts stated that eBay’s luxury resale market is also growing and it may continue growing larger in time. Therefore, they have high hopes that eBay would experience a surge in its share prices in near future.

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