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Price Analysis of UzumakiInu (UZUMAKI) and Kitten Coin (KITTENS)

If you think that the cryptocurrency industry comprises of cryptocurrencies such as BNB, DOGE, BTC, or ETH, then you are mistaken. The crypto-verse has more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies and this number keeps rising every hour, as more cryptocurrencies keep debuting into the system.

Among the new cryptocurrencies is UzumakiInu which has become a high attraction asset for investors in the past 24-hours. It has earned itself a strong rally in the past 24-hours, which has elevated its price greatly.

Similarly, Kitten Coin has also made its way to the list of top-performing cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours. Let us go through the performance reports for both UZUMAKI and KITTENS and see what the data predict about their future performances.


UzumakiInu has been performing really well in the past 24-hours, which reflects through the rally that the buyers have formed in the past 24-hours. On March 23, the value of UzumakiInu was at a low of $0.000000000009034 per UZUMAKI, which was a low trading price.

The bulls did manage to elevate the price of UzumakiInu to $0.00000000001264 per UZUMAKI on March 26. However, their rally was soon met with a stronger selling spree achieved by the bears the same day.

Still, the bulls had succeeded in launching a trend that was about to achieve a huge rally. Therefore, in the past 24-hours, a 75.25% rally came into being, which reportedly pushed the trading price of UzumakiInu up to $0.00000000001705 per UZUMAKI.

Even now, the bulls are confident that they will be able to achieve a higher price for UzumakiInu. If the bulls keep on gathering as much UzumakiInu as possible, then the price of UzumakiInu may surge to $0.00000000002346 per UZUMAKI.

If now, the bulls may stop as they may continue with their constant acquisition of UzumakiInu. This would result in pushing the price of UzumakiInu over the $0.00000000002778 per line, bringing it closer to the third resistance mark of $0.00000000003050 per UZUMOKI.

Kitten Coin

Kitten Coin is also growing higher in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have achieved a 74.07% rally, which has brought it up to $0.0000000008007 per UZUMAKI. If the bulls keep supporting the high trend for Kitten Coin in the upcoming days, then the price of Kitten Coin may start pushing higher.

As the momentum builds and more investors join the bulls, then the price of Kitten Coin may grow up to $0.000000001097 per KITTENS.

If the moving averages and other technical factors start moving towards the positive track, then Kitten Coin’s value may grow up to $0.000000001097 per KITTENS.

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