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Stock Price Movement of Wynn Resorts, GameStop, BlackBerry, and more Companies

Wynn Resorts Shares Surge by 1.1%

In the premarket trading, the share prices for Wynn Resorts have experienced a 1.1% surge. The casino and resort operator experienced the surge after the analysts at Citi upgraded its stock status.

The Citi analysts reportedly upgraded the stock status for Wynn Resorts to “buy”. Before the upgrade, the stock status for Wynn Resorts was “neutral”.

The Citi analysts stated that over time, Wynn Resorts has cleared its reputation of all kinds of regulatory concerns. The operator has been very transparent about their regulatory adherences lately. The operator has also renewed its licenses in Macao, making itself more and more eligible for different customers from the surrounding areas.

Over time, the valuation of Wynn Resorts has also elevated and it is now among the top-performing casino and resort operators. Following the surge, Wynn Resorts’ share is now worth $80.63 per share.

GameStop Shares Grow Over 4%

The share prices for GameStop have experienced a more than a 4% surge in premarket trading. The rise has come after the videogame retailer made an announcement in regards to the stock split. In the announcement, GameStop officials have announced that they will be holding a shareholder meeting, where they will discuss the stock split.

While at the shareholder meeting, they will ask the shareholders to make a decision and see, if the stock split can be approved. The surge in the share prices has brought GameStop’s share price up to $165 per share.

BlackBerry Stocks Dip by 9.5%

The share prices for the communications software company have experienced a huge dip in premarket trading. The dip is due to the disappointing earnings results shared by the executives at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry executives revealed that the estimations made by the StreetAccount analysts for its cybersecurity revenues were $126 million. However, BlackBerry was only able to generate $122 million in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021.

According to calculations, BlackBerry has generated $4 million less revenue than the estimations made by the analysts. Following the announcement, the share prices for BlackBerry experienced a 9.5% plummet. At the time of writing, the share prices of BlackBerry are trading at $6.75 per share.

Snap Shares Rose by 3.8%

The share prices for Snap experienced a noticeable surge in premarket trading. The share prices for the media giant experienced the rise after the analysts at Piper Sandler their satisfaction with their decision of keeping Snap’s stock status at “overweight”.

The analysts remarked on the recent performance demonstration by Snap. They also talked about the growth of the social media giant and its potential to build an enormous user base in Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico.

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