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Stock Price Movement of HP Inc. and Dell Technologies

HP Inc. Stocks Dipped by 4.5%

The stock prices for HP Inc. have experienced a noticeable dip in premarket trading. The share prices for HP Inc. experienced a dip following an action taken by analysts at Morgan Stanley on HP Inc.’s stock status.

The report has confirmed that the analysts at Morgan Stanley have downgraded the stock status for the computer equipment maker. Initially, the stock status for HP Inc. was set to “equal-weight” at Morgan Stanley.

However, the analysts at Morgan Stanley have now downgraded the status to “underweight”. This is a negative signal for the investors are Morgan Stanley, which means they need to be extra careful making investments in HP Inc.

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, there is currently a lot of uncertainty about the growth of the computer hardware industry. This is because the macroeconomic situation is not as firm as it used to be in the past. Due to the uncertainty, they have decided to downgrade the stock status for HP Inc. Following the announcement, the stock prices for HP Inc. have dipped by 4.5%.

After the dip, the share prices for HP Inc. are now at $35.60 per share and its valuation has dropped to $37.49 billion.

Dell Technologies Stocks Dipped by 2.6%

The stock prices for Dell Technologies have experienced a dip just like HP Inc. The reports have revealed that the loss was recorded in the premarket trading. Dell Technologies’ shares have dived because of the involvement of Morgan Stanley.

Just like HP Inc., Morgan Staley has also downgraded the stock status for Dell Technologies. Before the downgrade, the stock status for Dell Technologies was “equal-weight”. After the downgrade, the stock status for Dell Technologies is “underweight”.

The downgrade has put Dell Technologies in the same situation as HP Inc. as the investors are not willing to invest in the computer equipment maker. Morgan Analysts have given the same reason for Dell Technologies that they have given for the stock status downgrade for HP Inc. In the premarket trading, Dell Technologies’ stocks have dipped by 2.6%.

Following the dip, the share prices for the computer equipment manufacturing company have dipped to $48.80 per share.

For now, the analysts have decided not to make a move on the stocks for both companies. If both the companies start showing positive gains and growth, then their stock statuses may get upgraded by Morgan Stanley.

Another major problem that the technology companies, especially the ones using microchips, are facing is semiconductors. The shortage of the semiconductors is global and they have impacted almost every major company. Even companies such as HP Inc. and Dell Technologies are not exempt from such a major downfall.

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