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Stock Price Movement of Teva, Honest Company, and more Companies

It is time to go through the stock price movement of companies such as Teva, Honest, Fortinet, and more companies that have made the biggest movements.

Teva Stocks Uplift by 5.5%

The stock prices for Teva have experienced a 5.5% increase in premarket trading. According to the report, the stock prices for the drugmaker surged after the analysts at Bernstein changed their stock status.

The analysts at Bernstein reportedly upgraded the stock status for Teva to “outperform”. Previously, the stock status for Teva was set to “market perform” by the investment firm.

The reason behind Bernstein analysts sharing their remarks about Teva is the promising performance it has delivered in recent quarters. The company has delivered a very promising performance it is expected to do the same in the upcoming quarters.

The analysts predicted that Teva may soon launch many products in the same field. Going forward, Teva may also make an attempt to deal with and settle the litigation for opioids.

Honest Company Stocks Dip by 22.5%

The stock prices for Honest Company have experienced an alarming dip in premarket trading. The stocks for the consumer goods company have dipped 22.5% as it shared its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021.

The earnings results shared by Honest Company were mixed and did not please the investors and the major shareholders. For the respective quarter, Honest Company revealed that the analysts had made revenue estimations of $84.6 million. The losses that the Refinitiv analysts had predicted for the fourth quarter of 2021 for Honest Company were 6 cents per share.

Honest Company officials have revealed that against the estimations, they generated revenue worth $80.4 million. On top of that, the loss they faced for the fourth quarter of 2021 was 6 cents per share.

Fortinet Stocks Dip by 1%

The stock prices for Fortinet have reportedly dipped by 1% in the premarket trading. The dip was recorded after the analysts at the Bank of America changed the stock status of the cybersecurity company.

The reports have confirmed that the stock status of Fortinet has been upgraded by the Bank of America analysts to “buy”. Previously, the stock status for the cybersecurity company was “neutral”.

The analysts revealed that they have been closely monitoring the global performance and growth of Fortinet. They stated that Fortinet has already started generating very high growths and it may continue experiencing the same trend in the running year.

Stocks for Alibaba,, and Didi Global Experience Dips

Online technology firms such as Alibaba,, and Didi Global continue experiencing stock price dips. The dips are due to the scrutiny being launched by the Chinese authorities against information gathering and operations of these companies.

In the premarket trading, the stocks for Alibaba,, and Didi Global have dipped by 1.9%, 2.6%, and 14% respectively.

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