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Biden’s 3 Trillion Dollar Stimulus May Boost Bitcoin’s Value To Go Through The Ceiling

Biden’s 3 Trillion Dollar Stimulus May Boost Bitcoin’s Value To Go Through The Ceiling

Baiden might soon be announcing stimulus comprising of 3 trillion dollars as relief package for Covid-19 and development of infrastructure. US Administration under Biden’s supervision has ensured crypto protagonists and fans that stimulus will greatly benefit Bitcoin.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic had struck the US economy, the US Government has had to give away trillions of dollars. These massive amounts of monies were taken out from Federal Reserve and distributed amongst several trading houses of Wall Street along with special interests.

Most recent stimulus packages were public packages in which Americans were firstly given US$ 1,200 and then US$ 600 per head.

It was further reported that trillions of dollars had also been spent and put in reserve for the Covid-19 vaccination. It was revealed that 25% of the total Federal Reserve was spent during the times of crisis in the year 2020 alone. However, when the 2020 US Presidential Elections took place and Joe Biden came out as successful President, he said that a further package of 3 Trillion Dollars would be issued. He also said that the stimulus package will be launched when his administration would be taking over the charge.

Hans Nichols, a contributor at Axios, found stating that Biden would be lending two kinds of financial support to needy Americans soon. First, he stated that Americans would be able to receive US$ 2,000 as a pandemic relief package. In addition, Americans would be exempted from certain taxes and infrastructure development packages will be provided as well. He added that this package would be comprised of US$ 3 Trillion under the package name “Build Back Better”.

Nichols also said that through this package, wealthy Americans would be entitled to increase their CGT (Capital Gain Tax) along with marginal tax. 

Meanwhile, when the 3 Trillion Dollar stimulus package’s news had surfaced, crypto protagonists and fans had grown their estimations. According to them, the package will further create a more beneficial environment for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

It was noted on 10th January that when Trump announced a US$ 3 Trillion stimulus in July, Bitcoin’s value surged by +35%. It is expected within the crypto industry that if another 3 trillion dollars is induced then it would further increase Bitcoin’s value. Bitcoin may go over US$ 55,000 immediately, explained crypto experts and analysts. The announcement of Joe Biden’s stimulus package is expected on the 14th of January, 2021.

One of the famous Youtuber, Ivan on Tech, also discussed the 3 million dollar package from his official Twitter account. In his tweet, Youtuber said that the package will substantially benefit Bitcoin as well as the stock market wherein both will rise steeply. Lark Davis, another Youtuber, also stated that the package will allow Bitcoin’s value to go through the ceiling.

Somewhat similar views also noted from Bitcoin holders and investors. They said that they don’t need to sell any of their Bitcoins because Biden’s US$3 stimulus is just around the corner.

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