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Decentralized Social (DESO) Observes a 66.68% Rally and May Surge to $79.02

The bulls have reportedly increased their buying power in the past 24-hours to cause huge ripples to the entire Decentralized Social community. The bulls have become really active in the past 24-hours, which has also worked as a wake-up call for the investors with neutral sentiments.

Even the neutral investors have now started supporting Decentralized Social and they are moving towards the uptrend. This is a very promising situation for the bulls as they may continue pushing further with the price of Decentralized Social.

Surprisingly, the situation for Decentralized Social wasn’t the same a few days back as it was at a low of $30.81 per DESO on March 22. The bulls did try and increase the buying power on March 23, which helped them push Decentralized Social up to $35.25 per DESO.

However, the bulls did not let the rally continue as they soon demonstrated their strong selling power, bringing Decentralized Social down to $31.39 per DESO by the end of the day.

The Bulls Kicked In a 66.68% Rally

In the past 24-hours, the bulls showed their true potential as they launched a 66.68% rally. The result of the rally was that the price of Decentralized Social ended up growing up to its current high price of $57.71 per DESO.

This is a huge victory for the bulls who are eager to witness a great surge in the price of Decentralized Social in the upcoming days. If the bulls continue with their strong buying power, then the trend for a Decentralized Social may change completely.

So far, the trading volume for Decentralized Social has recorded a 2249.99% surge in the past 24-hours. Given the current sentiments of the bulls, the volume may continue surging, becoming more favorable for the investors with positive sentiments.

RSI and Moving Averages are Bullish

At the moment, the RSI and the moving averages for Decentralized Social are moving in the bullish zone. The ratio of the bullish investors versus the bearish investors is 8:2. This means that almost 80% of the total investors are willing to buy Decentralized Social while hardly 20% of the investors are willing to sell it.

The RSI for Decentralized Social is currently at 71.61 and the summary scary scale is pointing towards “buy” sentiments of the investors.

If the factors keep growing bullish, Decentralized Social may continue ascending within the bullish channel. The first high price the bulls may achieve would be $67.33 per DESO.

As the rally builds up and the confidence level of the neutral investors rises in claiming more Decentralized Social, then the price of Decentralized Social may surge to $72.94 per DESO.

With even stronger preferences towards the bullish march, the buyers may go on to hit a new high price ($79.02) for Decentralized Social.

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